20 Unlucky People Who Are Seeing Dollar Signs

Though, in the moment, any mistake can feel terrible and discouraging, it's still true that not all mistakes are created equal. Some are far, far worse than others.

In this list, we'll explore a number of mistakes that wrung up those who made them quite the bill. Expensive mistakes certainly rank worse than others, so let's see what kind of price tags these ones have.

"My roommate drove into my garage door today! Just a few days before the tropical storm too :)."

What's even funnier than the caption with the passive-aggressive smiley face is the temporary solution the poster updated the post with. "My dad and some of his friends came over and beat it straight then just screwed it to the frame- sealed enough for now!"

"My son teased his sister and she threw a Switch controller at my parent's 75" TV."

Your son needs to leave your daughter alone and your daughter needs some anger management classes.

"Turns out Garage roof clearance is more than just a suggestion."

Farewell, roof rack. You served this truck well, but it's time to separate. That, or risk being crushed under the cruel touch of concrete.

"Pulled up trailer to the dump station to empty black water tank. Hot sauce bottle weaseled out of the cabinet over the stove. Lesson learned, soft items only in cabinet above."

"Oh, that cabinet? That's where we keep our down pillows and loose tissues, as well as a few single marshmallows."

"I guess you shouldn’t put glass windows over grass when it’s 22 degrees Celsius."

I guess not, huh? At least the grass only got burnt in the metaphorical sense and not the literal sense with fire.

"Anytime we have a thunderstorm this happens."

And people are still brave enough to park under trees? Actually, maybe it isn't bravery. Maybe it's something else that's less nice.

"My friend fell down the stairs in our Airbnb."

It couldn't even be in someone's house where they could fix it and be on their way. No, it just had to be in an Airbnb, which has fines and stuff.

"Accidentally made a magnifying glass when rain gathered on crash wrap covering a busted sunroof."

Or your car got superpowers while you were gone and couldn't quite control its newfound heat vision. Either way, it's gotta be a new one for the folks at the fix-it shop.

"My dog's snack this morning."

Last I heard, there weren't a lot of nutrients in these wireless earbuds, but maybe they've been making healthier versions.

"Groundskeeper accidentally sprayed weed killer instead of fertilizer on a schools football field."

The sweet crunching sound of dead grass under the feet of 22 players will surely rouse the crowd.

"Bought my first house 11 months ago. 1 week ago I had an electrical fire under it."

As was pointed out, the fact that the fire was contained under the house is pretty lucky, but that doesn't stop this from being terrible nonetheless.

"My AC exploded on a recording breaking heat wave in Oregon."

It couldn't go out normally, it had to explode. As a final 'screw you and good luck without me' move, just as demand for A/C goes through the roof.

"Fiancee's car wheel just kind of... sheared off as she was turning into work this morning."

Every time my car has a minor problem that I have to get fixed, I remember posts like this and remind myself it could be worse.

"Found this today in a Park & Ride. Someone is gonna have a bad time when they get back to their car..."

Wow, just like the last picture but worse and on purpose! And to think, now they get to deal with insurance on top of everything else!

"Neighbors hired someone to cut some trees down..."

They sure did hire someone. They didn't hire someone good, or possibly even someone who had done this before, but they did hire someone.

"[Was] really excited for some 4th of [July] rain until [I] realized the roofers left the job half done this week..."

On the bright side, your stove gets a free wash! Just rub it down with those towels after and it'll be sparkling.

"My freezer broke 2 days ago and I didn’t notice so now all of the meat we had in it is bad."

I understand the appeal of bulk buying but this is exactly why it scares me, also. Just imagine the smell that must be coming off this thing.

"We left our new dog alone for a half hour. Expensive lesson learned."

Is the lesson learned 'never leave my home ever again'? Because that's probably what the doggy wants, as unrealistic as that may be.

"In ten seconds I'm going to discover the value of lifejackets and renter's insurance."

Is this what people mean when they say they want a lakefront property? This view isn't as nice as they made it seem.

"Friend of mine hid my AirPods in a box of chicken nuggets that I proceeded to microwave without opening the box."

Pranks these days seem so strange. They either do absolutely nothing and feel lackluster or they cause massive amounts of property damage.

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