20 Unusual Photos That Left Us With More Questions Than Answers

Do you ever see something that's so hard to explain, you can only stop and stare at it? I can't be the only one who does this. It feels like all these strange things exist just to confuse us.

These photos offer little explanation. So even though I have about a thousand questions for each one, I'm probably never going to get an answer.

Cowboy sneakers?

Some people like cowboy boots. Some people like sneakers. And apparently, there was at least one person out there who liked both so much, they had to combine the two.

And I dunno, something about it just looks so wrong, like we weren't supposed to see this ever.

The tree that sees.

I don't know about you, but I would not feel comfortable walking down that street. I'd always feel like someone was watching me...which is technically true (even if it's a tree).

Do you think trees judge us when we're walking down the street? Am I thinking into this too much?

Chicken Run.

I guess theoretically a chicken's foot could fit into a baby bootie. But just because it can, doesn't mean you should be outfitting your chickens in sneakers. I feel like if you did, they'd make a run for it. And you'd be down a few feathery friends as a result.

The Mercedes of sandals.

How do you tell people you have money without telling them you have money? Apparently, you wear ugly sandals with Mercedes hood ornaments on them.

To be clear, the hood ornaments don't make the sandals ugly (they already were). But they don't make them look any better, either.

They...they know it's a flood, right?

I guess if you can't beat it, join it? The people in this building don't seem to mind (or notice) the fact that it's a food, not a public pool. I wouldn't be caught dead swimming in that water, though; who knows what kind of gunk is hiding in there.

A total cat-astrophe!

It's hard to tell if the cat got in there when the car was already tipped over, or if it got in there and then tipped it over. But the look on that cat's face is a look of regret. You almost have to feel bad for it.

That's not milk...

Uhhh, excuse me? This is an abomination. I know everyone has a different opinion on milk, and what kind is the best. And whether you should put the milk or the cereal in first (The cereal, obviously.).

But I think we can all agree that orange juice in cereal is the most disgusting thing on the planet. So why...?

A different kind of water bed.

It would be one thing to have a pool-themed bed set (even though I'd be judging it so hard). But that looks like pool lining. Or a tarp. Either way, it can't be comfortable. It just can't

I really hope no one is actually so obsessed with swimming that they'd do this.

Sword, knife, same thing really.

I mean, a sword is basically a super long knife, right? They do the same things; cutting, slicing, etc. And they're both sharp objects. So obviously, it makes perfect sense to keep your swords in the same place you keep your knives.

(...Do people actually own swords and keep them around the house like this?)

No! Don't drink that!

Cats defy most logic, but they tend to live by one rule: if I fits, I sits. And somehow, this cat fits perfectly in this garbage can.

I kind of hate the fact that the garbage is perfectly clear like that. It looks like a drinking glass. And with the cat inside, it almost looks like a glass of milk. Almost.

Just sell it...

Yeah, see, at this point, I wouldn't even bother. Even if you managed to get the spider out, knowing that it was there at one point is enough. You have two options from here: sell the car, or burn it.

It's so gross, but I can't stop staring!

Forbidden Coke Zero.

I really want to know what happened here. Is this a manufacturing error? Some kind of air-pressure-physics thing? Did... did someone do this on purpose? I would honestly be kind of scared to drink from that bottle. I don't know why, it just feels really unlucky or something.

This spot is occupied.

I mean, it's within the lines, so we can't argue here. I think.

I'm actually not sure if there are rules against non-vehicles using parking spots (there probably are). Unless...is the squid a vehicle? Did people, like, use it to travel somehow? I'm going to stop thinking about this.

Soft rock.

Either the rock hard a zip-tie-shaped impression in it, or this isn't a rock at all. I guess that doesn't really matter, though. The real question is: why is it on there like that? Is this part of some weird ritual or something?

But which came first?

Why do I feel like this is one of those weird art installations? There's no other explanation for this that makes sense. Then again, would that explanation even make sense?

The more I look at this, the more I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing anymore.

The meat fields.

Even though this looks like a terrifying amount of carnage, it's not animal-related at all (thankfully). It's Himalayan pink rock salt. It just so happens to look like chunks of meat for some reason. At least that means it won't smell if it's left in the sun for too long.

''Image of diver generated by processing the sonar signals of a dolphin. Basically, a liquid holograph."

...Is this really how dolphins see divers when they're underwater? If so, I feel bad for the dolphins. This is absolutely terrifying!

But if this is the only thing the dolphins know, then they probably won't think there's anything wrong here. That thought actually might be scarier.

Standing desk.

I guess that's one way to get a standing desk? I feel like it would probably be better to just raise the desk, though.

Also, if this guy can stand in a hole in the ground, what's underneath the rest of the floors? Do I want to know?

I see you!

Surveillance cameras are useful security features. Of course, they'd actually have to face whatever they're surveilling. I don't really think that two of them staring longingly at one another is going to be much of a crime deterrent.

"Very tall door in gym."

The more I look at this tall door, the more it makes my head hurt. Do you think that the door is, like, super heavy? Like, can you even open that door without throwing your back out? I feel like we may never know.