30 Funny People Who Can't Be Reined In

In these dark times, anything that can put a smile on your face is more than welcome. If you're not feeling particularly funny today, no worries — the people in this list are more than willing to do the heavy lifting when it comes to humor. Thank goodness there are still people out there who just want to make us laugh!

"Classic tire company."

Reddit | BoozeSlinger32

Automotive-adjacent businesses with funny, punny signs are one of life's delights. I don't know what I'd do without them.

"You're welcome kiddo."

Reddit | NBA_MSG

Covid babies are proof positive that while everyone was trying to stay six feet apart, bored couples were getting closer.

"This is why no one likes you Bing..."

Reddit | gyph256

It would take less time to drive from England to France, but this is still a good way to see something English and something French.

"I present the best picture of myself that will ever exist."

Reddit | Primadoxx_

This picture, frozen in time, is almost too perfect for this world. It's like a Renaissance painting, only slightly better.

"Imagine falling asleep at the start of the flight and waking up to this!"

Reddit | Pyjama-Dan

These pranks never fail to amuse me. They make me want to buy property under a flight path just to troll people.

"My daughter made me this bracelet today."

Reddit | Archaic_Hero

The best part of this is that dad, who's apparently mediocre, is wearing this bracelet as a mark of honor.

"Went to museum, they had this sign

Reddit | OkSurprise7755

The difference between a skilled pianist tickling the ivories and some idiot mashing the piano is stark, so I'm glad this sign exists.

"Father's Day gift from daughter. I must say I AM a great pillow layer."

Reddit | Jpfeife

Give this guy's daughter marks for honesty. Her dad isn't the most spectacular dad out there, but at least he's good at laying on the pillow.

"A notice at my local paint store."

Reddit | j_bone1979

This is kind of dated humor, but I'll allow it. Seriously, there are so many shades of white and I just don't care about choosing.

"Found this cake today."

Reddit | kashmiri-chai

I don't know if it would be funnier if this was intentional, or if someone just forgot how to spell 'father'.

"Didn't care."

Reddit | GloBoyKen

Look, you can judge all you want, but at least the person who put this sign up is being direct.

"Happy birthday, grandma!"

Reddit | elbo112

Considering this is her 90th birthday, I think someone should have bought her a proper cigar to mark the milestone.

"Found this on a bench this weekend."

We've all had friends like this, but usually we don't commemorate them with a plaque on a park bench. Ironically, that's the least likely place for Hayden to find it.

"At the local DQ."

Reddit | PennySniff

I think my favorite part of this, other than the pun, is the fact that the sign is so very low effort.

"This shipping container does not spark joy."

Reddit | 2manyToys

This picture is flawlessly executed. When she saw her chance, she took her shot, and totally delivered.

"My son doing what the sign says."

Reddit | jediclaire

Hey, don't blame the kid. He saw a sign, he obeyed the sign. I don't know what else he's supposed to do.


Reddit | copitamenstrual

To be fair, you'd probably react the same way if you saw a family member put on display like this.

Fun with the DMV.

"I have a long-standing battle with my buddy for the most ridiculous photo ID," the uploader of this pic explained. "My wife suggested I wear my mother's hot pink bathrobe and 'Gary Busey' my hair for my new DRIVER'S LICENSE photo, so I did."

"Celebrating more than just a birthday."

Reddit | TitillatingTofu

This is one of those underrated milestones, kind of like when you turn 18 and know you can no longer be tried as a child. So, definitely cake-worthy.

Is she wrong, though?

"My daughter asked her dad to be launched into my photo where she struck this pose," the uploader of this pic wrote. "Now she is convinced she is a real superhero."

"My granny's statue broke to pieces so I salvaged what I could."

That's some jawa-level salvaging, too. And now, there's zero chance that Granny will ever look at that statue and not think of her resourceful grandchild ever again.

"How some neighbors are dealing with roofing contractors."

Sure, some folks might go the passive-aggressive route, or try to handle things in private, with class — but honestly, if roofers messed up my house so badly another company had to fix it, I'd be tempted to let the world know, too.

"A punny bumper sticker."

Reddit | murfflemethis

Here's a fine example of using a car's name in a funny way. I wonder if they'll sell their Soul someday.

"South Dakota knows what's up."

Highway DoT sign trolls are the best trolls, lighting drivers up in the name of road safety. And, I mean, no lies detected here, amirite? The left lane is the passing lane!

"I bought an off-brand box of corn flakes cereal and my smart-ass roommate sticks this picture he drew on the box."

And that perfectly sums up every experience I've had with store-brand cereal knock-offs. It shouldn't be that hard, it's just sugar and corn, but something's always a bit off about it, and it's so unsettling.

The red hot stranger.

"A few years ago I wrangled my way on stage at a Willie Nelson show to get this pic," the uploader of this pic explained. "A friend toured with Willie a while after this and I asked her to see if he remembered it. His exact quote 'I may get high everyday but there’s no way in hell I’d forget a 6 foot hotdog.'"

"One last ride"

These cluckers might never get as juicy and golden as they would on a rotisserie, but I like to think that they'll be all the more succulent with that sort of a send-off.

"Today is a big day for my husband!"

Reddit | dennis1798

It's important to celebrate those big accomplishments, whether you're starting kindergarten or you're a fully grown adult.

"Forget Florida man….how about Florida plumber"

Well, that sure is one way to grab some attention. I suspect Mike Scott might get some rather different service calls after that billboard, but hey, they might not be entirely unwelcome.

"My son requested for his birthday this year to have a poo party, I always make a cake to go with the theme. According to his Great-Grandmother, it is the best poo she ever tasted!"

Let it be forever known that moms do not do half measures for their kids. If they ask for poo cake, well, they had best get ready for the biggest, poo-iest cake out there.

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