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30 Times People Realized They'd Been Played For Suckers

If you've lived a little, you've probably been ripped off before. Somehow, the worst part isn't the money you've lost, but the simple knowledge that, well, you've been thoroughly ripped off.

If there's any consolation, it's that you're not the first person who's been played for a sucker, nor will you be the last.

"Neighbor got a new candle."

Reddit | GamerZWorld_YT

As someone who owns a few candles, this pic makes me very anxious. BRB, I need to make sure I'm not getting ripped off.

"Our new milkman doesn’t put the milk bottles in the container after taking the empty ones out. Absolutely barbaric behavior."

Reddit | eggo3664

I didn't realize that milkmen still existed, or that a household might need five (!) bottles of milk in a day.

"Coworkers who do this to my dry erase markers."

I know OP is angry at their coworkers for wearing the markers down, but they really should be mad at Big Marker for making such shoddy products.

"I found out one of my socks is missing one color."

Reddit | jkonka

When you pay for six colors, you're paying for six colors on both socks. This is one of those principles that I live by.

"We’ve had this 'home' sign for 7 years, new friend comes over and points out it actually says 'hame.'"

Reddit | mcgillibuddy

On the bright side, a little bit of cutting would turn this sign into a loving tribute to ham.

"You had one job."

Reddit | level5metapod

This reminds me of the old riddle: how many nuts would a nutcracker crack if a nutcracker couldn't crack jack?

"Bro, what do you mean?"

Reddit | dededragoi123456

Junk food has shrunk its products and supersized its products so many times that I don't even know what's what anymore.

"Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on VHS."

Reddit | Yashkamr

I get that this company probably has a surplus of old VHS tapes, but nobody has VCRs anymore. Could they put the instructions on YouTube or something?

"Neighborhood pool put up COVID-safe barriers between the urinals."

Reddit | nudave

I like how this barrier still allows urinal neighbors to see each other, because that's what people want in a public washroom.

"Red Robin has pizza now, but when you customize the order it defaults to no cheese and no sauce."

On the plus side, this is great news for people who love a bunch of dry-looking pepperoni on a flatbread, with literally nothing else.

"Renovations done to 500-year-old Caldwell Tower in Scotland."

Reddit | WaferDisastrous

This makes me think that the heritage society hired the first person they found in the Yellow Pages to do the job.

"USPS delivery person putting failed to deliver notice on my door before knocking. Wife and I were both home."

Reddit | ExclusiveBrad

Part of the experience of ordering things online is staying home so you won't miss the delivery, then somehow missing the delivery anyway.

"Raccoons climbed in my garage window and ate all my raccoon repellant."

Reddit | HighQualityH20h

I'm really curious what's in this raccoon repellant that's supposed to repel raccoons, but instead makes them go wild with hunger.

"She spent $7 on an ice cream cone for an Instagram picture then threw it away."

Reddit | saonlayn

If you didn't know it already, your favorite Instagram influencers are most likely playing you, and everyone else who follows them, for suckers.

"In case of emergency."

Reddit | marilyn_mansonv2

This seems kind of negligent, but at least the sign politely requests that you take your emergencies elsewhere.

"Look at this jerk of a landlord."

Yes, the landlord is most likely a deceptive jerk. On the other hand, maybe they thought this is how thermostats get installed.

"Automatic soap dispenser…. That can’t handle water."

Reddit | ryan12439

If this soap dispenser handles water this badly, I'd hate to see how it handles soap.

"I knew the box felt a little light"

Weird, it doesn't say anything on the box about it being a diet meal, or even a "lite" dinner. Somebody left the meat out of the "Mega Meats," leaving only disappointment behind.

"The 'colour coded' resistors in my textbook."

You sure do save money by not printing in color, but you know, sometimes it's really worth the few extra bucks. I feel like electrical resistance is not the sort of thing you want to do a lot of guesswork with.

"Hello Fresh sent my carrots for one meal in 8 separately sealed plastic bags."

Guess you can't say they didn't lock in the freshness with those carrots, but come on. And to think, somebody took the time to do that, on purpose.

"Box says 90°, yet it’s a 45°"

There might only be a select few circumstances when the wrong angle on a cord will be a huge hindrance, but when you really need that 90°, a 45° isn't going to cut it. You can't even get two of them and add 'em up!

"This is why I have trust issues."

Yep, either the ruler is slightly off, or the graph paper is — and I don't even know how to begin figuring out which one is wrong. You could try another ruler, but what if that one is wrong, too?

"You could get these necklaces for $0.25 as a kid from the spinny candy machines."

I don't know if this is an example of inflation or shrinkflation or some other kind of -flation, but at the very least it's inspiring some infuriation because $37 is just ridiculous. The audacity.

"The amount of ice I got at this restaurant."

Reddit | Dolbez

This ice quantity is great for people who only want to fit fifty millilitres into their glass at a time.

"When u pay 500$ for 2 nights and u find this in ur hotel room."

I get it, bugs are going to go wherever they want to, basically. But when you're shelling out $500 a night, you kind of expect a bug-free experience, don't you?

"My mother took up a hair cutting course nine years ago. With just little practice she confidently lured my brother in for a haircut."

Reddit | GuccimyBoi

The ineptitude of this haircut is downright breathtaking. Why did she take off so much around his ears?

"When you finally win family bingo and your prize is gefilte fish."

And you just know that incredibly disappointing "prize" came with a side of guilt, along the lines of, "There are kids starving in Asia who would love a nice jar of gefilte fish." Ugh.

"I paid $23 for a “small” (not personal) sized pizza to feed my girlfriend and young daughter."

Putting aside the pathetic size of this pizza, I also have a big gripe with the crust-to-toppings ration on display here.

"The price of this large soda at Six Flags."

Wow, $7 for some syrupy, fizzy water that's just going to attack your pancreas. And let's not forget the $4 bottle of Dasani on there, too! Markups like that ought to be criminal.

"Ordered 'very berry hibiscus' from Starbucks. When she gave me my order I said it didn’t look the same and she said they ran out of berries"

Hmmm, usually when a store runs out of something, they stop selling it until it's back in stock. Weird approach by this Starbucks, and I don't think it's going to work out for them in the long run.

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