20 Troubling Pictures That Left Me With Too Many Questions

Do you ever see a picture that's so weird, it leaves you with more questions than answers? And no matter how hard you try, you just can't look away? Well, that's pretty much all you'll find in this list.

From the bizarre to the downright creepy, these pictures have thrown me for a loop. And if I had to look at these, then you do, too.

"Saw this on a highway in Missouri. I think it’s an old truck turned into a boat…?"

I don't know if I should be concerned, but I'm concerned. I don't really know how a car would hold up in water, even if it is one that's been fitted into a boat. It's just, like, really weird. And it doesn't seem very safe to drive...

Chainsaw sword.

My biggest problem with this is the fact that it doesn't make any sense. When you really think about it, any chainsaw could be used as a sword (just from how you have to hold it). So was this really necessary? Absolutely not.

It doesn't seem very safe, either.

Because that's totally safe (it isn't).

Looking at this makes my head hurt. I know this is a joke (I hope this is a joke.), but it's stressing me out. It's an accident waiting to happen.

I also feel like I don't need to say this, but please never do this at home. It's really dumb and unsafe.

"This guys fence is made from random doors."

I would like to know where this person got so many old doors from. And also, why did this person decide to go with old doors? I mean, I guess you don't really need a gate if your whole fence is the gate?

I... what?

I don't even know what I'm looking at here. It's like a ceiling light made out of some kind of concrete slab that was once in the ground? It even has the metal framing still in it? It doesn't even look nice, so why would you want to put this up in your house?

"I went to the bathroom at a work party and found this."

I would feel so uncomfortable using this toilet. It would feel like a bunch of dead presidents are watching me while I do my business, which is just not fun.

Also, why? It looks like this toilet seat and cover took at least some effort, all to make something so ugly and weird.

The new face of footwear.

At least the faces look face, so we don't have to call the FBI on whoever made these shoes.

But still... how do you walk in them? Why would you walk in them? Like, not only are these the most horrifying shoes I've ever seen, but they don't seem like they would go with any outfit.

"A dining chair that’s had the legs cut off and haphazardly affixed to an office chair base, donated to my ReStore."

Why do things like this exist? It's so obvious that the chair and the base didn't originally go together, so why would anyone do this. And then, they had the nerve to take it to a second hand store, as if someone would want to take it home.

Onion claw machine.

I guess this is one claw machine where getting the prize doesn't actually matter. I wonder, since everything in there is an onion, would it be easier to grab a hold of one of them, or harder?

I really don't want to know what would happen if those onions went bad.

This cat has a secret.

Is this, like, Photoshop or something? Because I just don't see how that cat could have a shadow like that. I mean, unless the cat is secretly a demon, and its true form can only be seen in its shadow. But nah, that couldn't possibly be true.

Mystery Machine mystery.

It's weird enough to see one van designed to look like Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine. But three? THREE? How...why...I don't even know what to ask here.

I guess there must be a Scooby Doo convention somewhere nearby.

Fearsome creature.

What an unfortunate angle. It makes both the ostrich and the person riding it look ridiculous. But like, in a really funny way. Even though it's kind of terrifying if you look at it for too long, you can't not be entertained by it.

It hurts just to look at it...

I can't tell if this is amusing or uncomfortable. It's very obviously Photoshop, since that's physically impossible (I think), and no ones thumbs look like that (I hope).

Like, I just can't stop staring at it. And I really don't know how to feel.

Nice office.

I wonder how long this absolutely ridiculous office will last. How do you even get in or out of there without the whole thing falling apart? Cardboard isn't really that sturdy, so I can't imagine it staying up for that long.

But hey, it provides a bit of privacy, which I guess was the goal?

"Which doorbell do I press?"

The correct answer here is to press every button. Preferably at once. If someone has this many doorbells on their porch, then you kind of have to press them all. It's basically, like, the number one rule.

If those are all hooked up to different bells, then ringing them all at once must make a horrible sound.

Role reversal.

I know cats are good jumpers, and they can fit into pretty small spaces. But how does a cat get into a cage that's hanging on the wall like that? At least the bird was smart enough to stay out of it.

"Smiling pomegranate."

Okay, that's pure nightmare fuel right there. I guess it's not the most impossible thing I've ever seen, since pomegranate seeds really do look like that, and fruits tend to split when they get overripe. But I still don't like the look it's giving me. It's way too freaky!

"Is the person naming these yarns doing alright?"

I'm not sure if the person who named each color was having a bad day, or an unusually good one. Like, these names are kind of creepy. But I also sort of want to steal "Rain in a graveyard" and start a heavy metal band, so.

"Florida man in his natural habitat making the storm surge worse."

Um, with that kind of flooding, this is probably the last thing you should be doing. Getting inside, or like, to a higher elevation would probably be better. And safer. Then again, people don't always make sense, so I guess it is what it is.

"Department store wax mannequins melting during a heatwave in 1929."

Old mannequins are really creepy in general. Melting to the point where their heads are about to fall off definitely doesn't help in that. This is definitely the weirdest thing I've seen all day.