30 Simple Ideas That Ended Up Being Pretty Impressive

I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for some cool new ideas. Even if they're small or simple, I just love seeing them.

Sure, not every idea is going to apply to my life, but you know what? They're just really cool to think about. If you can agree with that, then you'll probably love all the secretly brilliant ideas in this list.

"A message telling me to change my tires appears when the tire is worn down enough to be replaced."

I don't think I've owned a car long enough to see something like this on the tires, so I wouldn't know if this happens with most vehicles. Hopefully this is on most tires. It's such a good reminder for basically everyone.

"This ad in the Parisian subway to promote Fast 9."

I'm not really big on the Fast and the Furious franchise, but I have to admit that this is probably the best ad I've ever seen. I feel like I have no choice but to go and see the movie now.

"This fine-dining Italian restaurant has a painting of classic hip hop cassettes in their restroom."

To be honest, this would be a really great thing to put in any restroom. But the fact that it's in an Italian fine dining place makes it even better. It somehow makes the idea of the restaurant feel a bit more inviting, if that makes any sense.

"Facts about Uranus while taking a poo at my local burger joint."

Well. If you're gonna be stuck on the toilet for a while, you might as well have something to read. And this is in a decent spot for anyone who's sitting on the toilet. And it's about Uranus, which sounds a lot like — you know what, I'm not going to finish that.

"My dog's vet gave him a Certificate of Bravery after his neuter."

Every single dog should get one of these. Even if they can't read (and I would be impressed to find a dog that could), they still deserve proof of how good they are. And as we know, every dog is a good boy or girl, so it only makes sense.

"A stick "library" for dogs."

Every single dog deserves something like this. We all know that most dogs love to get their jaws on a nice stick to run around with, and this would take so much of the guesswork out of which one to choose.

Plus, it's just really cute and neighborly, and how can you hate that?

"This hand washing reminder at my local library."

It's crazy what it took for people to finally start washing their hands in public...Even though it can be a bit boring, this sign at least made it interesting. I guess I have to read Dune now, so I can understand the reference.

"A coffee cup purchased at the zoo will be gone in 60 days!"

Sometimes I think about how wasteful plastic cups are, and it makes me a little nervous. But I wouldn't have to worry if I had a compostable cup like this one. Here today, gone tomorrow (or 59 days after tomorrow).

"Concrete that looks like wood due to the imprints on it."

I bet you it's a lot easier to pour concrete on a floor, and then stamp in some hardwood plank designs on them, than to install hardwood flooring. Like, lining up those planks and nailing them in takes forever!

I dunno about concrete, but it has to at least be a little bit easier.

"I found a vending machine with skincare products at the airport."

This is making me excited and angry at the same time. Excited because it'd be so helpful when traveling by air (since they have so many restrictions on skincare items). But angry because it makes me think of all the things I couldn't bring with me on an airplane.

I really hope every airport adopts this kind of thing.

"This parcel receptacle set up to look like a vintage gas pump."

Okay, this one is just cute. It's one of those design ideas that makes a lot of sense on paper, and when you go to do it in real life...it also makes sense. Like, I just can't stop staring at it. It's pretty much the perfect mailbox.

"These parking lot lines outside of a fish & sport supply store."

Talk about committing to a theme. You know exactly what kind of shopping experience you're about to have just from being in the parking lot! I mean, the fish lines may be a bit harder to see than actual lines, but it's a price to pay to keep the theme going.

"Clever use of signage in New Zealand."

Is this a super simple idea? Sure, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate how perfectly it's used in this instance. I mean, how else would you show off the mirror-like reflection of a lake?

"This sign I attached to a door in my house to keep the guests curious."

This would totally work on me. I'd be way too curious for my own good, and want to check out what's on the other side of that door. Then again, since it has a chain, it looks like the kind of place you can enter, but never leave...

"Clever T-shirt design."

I am not the target audience for workout gear (or maybe that makes me the correct audience...) but I can appreciate this simple, yet fun design idea.

Still don't like the idea of being that sweaty, though. Ew.

"The bathroom of a finger-food bar has scented and unscented soap for before/after eating."

Not only is this really helpful for eating finger food (you absolutely do not want to put food in your mouth if some of the scented soap rubs off on it), but it's also a kind of nice idea for people with scent allergies.

You can just choose what kind of soap you want to use.

"My Grandma found a clever way to incorporate her walker into her Halloween costume."

See? This is how you turn a mobility aid into a perfect prop.

And this grandma didn't half-ass the job, either. That cardboard stove is really nicely made.

"Clever tattoo."

As a former dinosaur addict, I love this idea for a tattoo. Most ink is just a static image, but this one actually takes the movement of a human arm into account to bring the dino to life.

"When a hurricane/tropical storm approaches some billboards get rolled up so they don't get damaged by the wind."

I guess this one is kind of a no-brainer. But since I live somewhere that doesn't get a lot of hurricane-like storms, I wouldn't think of this. It'd definitely be better than losing the whole billboard, that's for sure.

I wonder when they roll it up, and how long it takes until they unravel it.

"The cat learned how the fridge worked and now only drinks fresh, crisp water."

Smart kitty.

On one hand, this is hilarious and adorable, but on the other hand, I'm not sure I want to share my freshly filtered water with an animal that licks their own butt.

"I recycled a free trampoline into a quail coop on my hobby farm."

Now this is some seriously clever recycling. A trampoline frame is basically a giant metal circle, so by cutting it in half, this farmer got the base for a pretty sizeable enclosure at no cost.

And yes, they shared a video of the quail and yes, they're adorable.

"My son's Star Wars Wall. (No idea how long it took me to paint)"

Well, this is just plan rad. Plenty of kids ask their parents' for a Star Wars-themed bedroom, but this parent took that idea and elevated it.

For now, the three-year-old adores it, and hopefully they don't change their obsession to dinosaurs any time soon.

"Rubber mat that allows animals who have fallen into your pool be able to escape safely. Saving lives."

My sister and I once saved a pair of baby bunnies from the backyard pool and felt very proud of ourselves. It wasn't until years later that our dad revealed that the very same bunbuns had fallen into the pool again later and drowned.

Now my parents have a similar set-up to this one. It doesn't save every animal, but it gives them a chance.

"Sign in a ladies room. Great idea."

I'm seeing more and more establishments with services like this in place and it's awesome to see.

Some have argued that by advertising these signs exist, it'll make the bad dates more aware too, but you know what? I'm okay with that. If your date orders an Angel Shot and then ghosts, you should know it was your fault and learn from it.

"The components for my new vacuum are all packaged in paper instead of plastic."

I feel like we probably use too much plastic in really random places. Like wrapping for packaged items. When it comes to something like this, paper makes so much more sense. And it's a lot easier to recycle, too.

"Clever Two-Legged Chairs."

Physics is so cool and so are these chairs. The "shadow" is actually a solid piece of the chair, and it's what keeps it safe to sit upon, but the illusion is really strong.

"This Tesla charger set up to look like a vintage gas pump."

What's old is new again, I guess. Some people really miss the way gas pumps used to look. And I think there may come a time where we don't even use gas anymore, so bringing back vintage-style pumps in charging stations seems like a really fun alternative.

"My vintage dress has a small weight sewn into the collar to keep it from flipping over."

I have shirts with collars that are constantly flipping over, just because the fabric is so thin. Something like this would really help out. Then again, on most clothes, the weight might be visible from the outside...

Still, I think this is a really cool idea that should be on more clothing items.

"If you miss your delivery the postman can put it through your window."

I'm a little torn on this idea. I think that having your packages delivered to your window would keep them a lot safer than just leaving them on the porch for anyone to steal.

But I also feel like it would be weird to let a mail person deliver things inside your house...

"The capital of Macedonia is so overbuilt that it has its perks during the Euros."

Ah, yes. The one really good thing about living in a building that faces another building. Who needs a picturesque view, when you could project the soccer game instead? Get your neighbors in on the fun, too!