20 Cool Pics That Left An Impression Online

I honestly can't get over how many cool things there are out there. Even something small, like a chance encounter, or a random object someone finds, can be so exciting.

And there's a lot of excitement to find in these cool pics. It looks like I'm not alone in this, because all of these pictures ended up being pretty popular. So check 'em out here and bring just a bit of excitement to your busy day.

When the rainbow chips line up juuuust right.

Rainbow chocolate chip cookies are so much better than regular chocolate chip cookies, even if it's just because they're a lot more colorful.

And if you bite into one and find that it looks like a traffic light, then that just makes it even better.

"Someone in my town is crocheting little hats for postboxes. Dorset, UK."

So cute! I love that someone's taken the time to beautify their neighborhood like this. Well, either that, or they're just bored and have wayyy more yarn than they know what to do with. I'm starting to lean to the latter, to be honest.

"This GameStop next to this Smashburger really highlight the similarities between both of their logos."

I have been to many a GameStop (I have hobbies!), so their logo is kind of iconic in my mind. I haven't been to a Smashburger, but if I had, I'd probably notice the similarities right away.

The fact that the two signs are right next to each other makes them look like they're part of the same store!

Remote control shoes.

These shoes would make the absolute coolest footprints, like in mud or snow or something. I kind of want a pair, if only because of the treads. I don't even care if the shoe itself is ugly.

I mean, if the shoe is nice and has these treads? That's a winning combination right there.

"This arthritis relief cream now comes with an easy open cap for those with…well… arthritis."

I don't know why, but this kind of reminds me of the child safety locks on medicine bottles (which I can finally open without a struggle, so I must be a real adult now!).

At least the goal of these caps is to make it easier to open, since they're meant for people who have joint trouble.

"Made my first copper wire tree."

Wire art looks like so much fun. You can make the prettiest trees with copper wire. For a first-time wire tree maker, this is really impressive. It almost makes me want to quit my day job and become a professional wire tree artist. Almost.

"The chipped paint on this car looks like the Air Jordan logo."

Okay, hear me out: Air Jordan cars. Since the shoes already cost you an arm and a leg, it's not like buying a car would be any different.

You kind of have to wonder if this is a crazy coincidence, or if someone got bored one day and made that chip on purpose...

"My wife had her x-ray taken by a Giraffe!"

X-rays aren't pleasant. They aren't really unpleasant, though, just a bit boring. But I have to admit, if my x-ray was being taken by a giraffe, it would be a lot more fun. Can they put these up in dentist offices, please?

Old vs. new lawnmower filter.

This picture has me kind of stressed. I didn't even know lawnmowers had filters to begin with, let alone filters that need changing. I feel like I should go outside and check my lawnmower now, just in case the filter looks like the one in this image.

"I saved $2.11 on 2.11lbs of salmon that was packaged at 2:11."

The person who packaged this salmon was probably having a really good day. They definitely waited until 2:11pm just so that they could do this. And honestly? I respect that.

I'm glad that this person's efforts got to be shared with the world, though.

Oreos are gluten free... and they let you know.

I was today years old when I learned that Oreos had a gluten free option — don't come for me, but I'm not much of an Oreo person to begin with. It's kind of cool that that's literally stamped on the cookie, and it shows up so well when it's dunked in milk.

"PURIFIED WATER looks like URINATE from where I'm sitting."

I mean. When you think about it, if you drink enough water, you'll have to urinate at some point. So it's kind of fitting that, from certain angles, "purified water" reads as "urinate." It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy or something.

Some very explosive spray foam.

That's... a lot of wasted spray foam. Foam that could've been used for sealing, insulating, or making weird mirrors. It's kind of funny how it all exploded in the box, so it makes an almost perfect rectangle. It's like a really strange art piece.

"I found the shadow from my sculpture more interesting than the sculpture."

Sometimes, the shadow a statue makes is just cooler than the statue itself. Especially if the statue is made out of something transparent or translucent, so that a bit of light passes through it. Art is really weird sometimes.

"The banisters at my hotel were held up by little metal men."

Oh man, look at them go! Those little men look like they're working hard, but keeping those bannisters up well. It's both really cute, and a really nice art piece. And it's functional, so it's like, win-win-win.

Whoever designed this needs a medal.

"My pen ran out of ink on the last page of this notepad."

I love the fact that someone had a notepad that was almost out, and a pen that was almost out, and decided to use both up at the same time. If you read the text, it's both melodramatic and kind of sad ("The light is leaving its eyes"?).

Floating lemons, sinking limes.

This might sound bad, but I've always thought of lemons and limes as the same thing. They're obviously not the same, though, since they look different, taste different, and apparently react to water differently. Who knew that lemon slices would float, but lime slices wouldn't?

"A cat just randomly decided to lay on my shoes. I do not know this cat."

I'm...so jealous. Street cats can range from feral to friendly, and the person who took this photo clearly lucked out. I bet you this cat has made a lot of friends.

I wish a random cat would come to me and lay on my shoes. Sigh...

"My mom’s friend found someone who completed her ensemble."

I guess blue and white tie-dye maxi dresses are in? Like, what are the odds of two people wearing the exact same pattern in public? It's kind of like they were meant to be, like they were bound to run into each other like this.

"Ball of salt that I took out of the dead sea."

See, this is why it's called "saltwater." Literally. There's salt in the water (I don't think I needed to tell you that, but you get my point). I don't think I've ever seen such a big chunk of salt come out of any sea before, though.