13 Helpful Hacks To Beat The Heat This Summer

I can't believe it's already July. Where did the time go? But you better get used to it because it's going to get hot. Some places are already boiling, and people have a hard time staying cool.

So I thought it would be helpful to share some brilliant hacks that will help you beat the heat today. Let's get to it.

1. This Fan-Tastic Solution

To stay cool on a hot day, dampen a 100% cotton T-shirt with water and put it on. Then, lay down with a fan blowing over it. It will suck the heat out of your body like a boss.

2. This Sink Trick

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

Did you know there is a way to cool your body down. Oh yes, I'm about to tell you how to do it. Go to your sink and put the cold water on. Then, put your wrist under it. The cold water will start to cool off your arteries and the rest of your body. OMG!

3. This Smoothie Idea

One of the best ways to quickly cool off is to drink something cold. However, I think you can do better. Instead of a glass of water, make yourself a nourishing and refreshing smoothie. Yum, I want one now, too.

4. This Gloomy Idea

So as much as you want relief from the heat, you shouldn't open the windows. The temperature outside is too hot to do you any good. Instead, close the blinds, and the darkness will cool your house.

5. This Instant Treat

How do you beat the heat while also having a treat? This is how. Get yourself some frozen fruits like juicy watermelon to help you stay cool. It's not only delicious but so good for you, too.

6. This Driving Hack

I can't even imagine what it must be like to drive during a heatwave. Your AC might even clonk out when it's so hot. So, that steering wheel must not be fun to drive with, huh? Thank goodness oven mitts can come in handy.

7. This Obvious Hack

Unsplash | Yomex Owo

I think it goes without saying that the easiest way to stay cool is to hydrate. So this means drinking fluids. Have some water or add cucumber and lime to it, and drink it up often.

8. This Cool Shower

Unsplash | The Creative Exchange

Let's face it no one can sleep when you feel hot and sweaty. Am I right? So take a quick cool shower, to instantly bring your body temperature down. You will have such a better time falling asleep.

9. This Feminine Trick

Unsplash | Katherine Kromberg

Ladies, we have our own sources of problems during a heatwave. And one of them is boob sweat. So how do you prevent it? Attach a small sanitary pad to the inside of your bra, and it will create a sweat barrier. Okay, what? How did I not know about that?

10. This Sleep Hack

When the temperature reaches really high, it might be difficult to sleep. That's especially true of those without air conditioning. So, in this case, put a hot water bottle in the freezer. Then take it out and use it to cool your bed.

11. This Pillow Talk

Unsplash | Isabella and Zsa Fischer

On the same token, you can cool your pillow. Put it in the freezer for about an hour. Then take it out before going to bed, and you'll definitely notice a difference. You'll fall asleep like a baby.

12. This Cool Hack

I don't know how people survive without AC during a heatwave. It must be so difficult. But, here's one solution some kind soul shared. Take your freezer packs, put them in front of the fan and enjoy some cool air.

13. This Life-Saving Solution

If I haven't watched Better Call Saul, I would have never thought of putting emergency foil blankets over the windows. However, this person is using it for an entirely different purpose. They are using them to help regulate the temp of their house during a heatwave. Amazing!

It's amazing that there are so many tips out there you can do to say cooler this summer.

Unsplash | Thomas Park

I have to admit I've learned a thing or two here myself. And I'm sure these hacks will be life-savers for many people in need.

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