20 Things That Need To Go Back To The Hellscape They Came From

No matter how many design meetings products and general creations go through, there are some things that end up getting made which beggar belief.

So, from clocktowers that will leave you scratching your head to mugs that are impossible to drink from, here are 20 things that need to go back to the hellscape they came from.

"The positioning of this clock on the tower."

"There, what a lovely church."

"Where's the clock?"

"Crap, just stick it on the side. I mean, how bad can it really look?"

Not The Best Phrasing!

Unless this is exactly what they intended to write, in which case they need to maybe re-think their menu.

"The placement of this baby's head wasn't quite thought through..."

Why do I feel as though this baby is going to ask me to complete a series of quests in order to free its soul from the unending torment it has found itself in?

"A Very Useful Cupholder."

You can only put empty cups in here, if it's got a beverage in it then you can get that cup the hell out of here!

"The clock hands don't glow..."

"Hey love, what time is it?"

"Well... It is definitely a time that's for sure."

"A beautiful image of a panda on this sign."

I suppose that this is sort of like an Australian Panda? There are gonna be some very disappointed customers though when they order some Panda meat and get Koala instead.

Climb Into The Horse Kids!

Actually, where are you meant to climb into this monstrosity? Is there a small hole to crawl through at the base of its neck?

"You look like a real giraffe!"

"Hi Mr. Giraffe, how're you doing today? Did you... Oh my God there's a face in your neck!"

"Hi, I'm Dave!"

"Jesus Christ, Mr. Giraffe, the face in your neck is talking!"


Just...why? What possible purpose did they have behind laying this sentence out like that?

"It's not..."

I knew someone who always said "x for extra" when they were trying to remember the phonetic alphabet on the phone. No matter how many times we corrected them they'd keep saying it.

"This sounds like a secretive way to tell me to poison someone."

These are some of the most ominous quotation marks I've seen since I saw a sign advertising "fresh 'meat'."

"I've got a 'Clue' these designers have no idea what they're talking about!"

"You wanna play Russian roulette with my revolver?"


"Is that because it's not a real revolver?"


"Our new milkman doesn't put the milk bottles in the container after taking the empty ones out. Absolutely barbaric behaviour."

I'm sure that there were many of you who thought that milkmen had gone extinct, but apparently not.

"Exactly what I want on my shirt: someone else wearing a similar shirt."

It annoys me that the shirt within a shirt doesn't have a picture of another woman wearing a similar shirt and so forth.

"This 'premium' scale has white LED numbers on a white background, impossible to see under bright lights."

They also added, "Also, it doesn't tell you if the numbers mean grams or ounces." So, prize for the worst scale goes to...

"The unsolvable maze."

If the person who designed this maze also designed the maze in The Goblet Of Fire then everything would have turned out a lot better in the Harry Potter universe.

This Llama Mug...

At least it is only poking you in one eye, you just have to choose your worse eye and let that be the one that you're constantly bashing with a llama's head.

"This is legitimately how my coworker puts money in the register."

This makes me feel like there are one hundred wasps living underneath my skin, writhing to escape.

"The pillowcases at our hotel have a 'palm tree' stitched on..."

Are you an arachnophobe who loves being scared awake in the mornings? Then these are the pillowcases for you!

"A new park opened in my city, pretty lovely! Except for this..."

It took me a while to notice the secret bidet that they had installed underneath. What a great way to ruin anyone's day!

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