People Who Shared Some Chance Discoveries So We Could All Marvel At Them

The world literally has infinite things to discover. Sometimes, you may just so happen to come across something that isn't all that believable, the kind of thing you know people would think you'd made up if you told them.

Thanks to smartphones, we pretty much always have cameras at the ready. So if you're anything like these people and you happen across something sort of unbelievable and entirely fascinating, make sure you get that pic.

"The pic I took of this fire looks like a deer."

Campfires are so much fun, even if they don't contain random shapes in them. But honestly, when your fire makes an unusual shape, that just makes it even better.

Check out this deer! It even has antlers! This must've been either a chance photo, or the result of some quick reflexes.

"My hydrangea is half pink and half purple."

The coolest thing about nature is how random some things can be. There are probably a million factors that would change the color of a flower — genetics, water, sun, even animals.

But for a bunch of flowers like these hydrangeas to show multiple colors like this? That's just amazing!

"Found the smallest frog I've ever seen today."

There are so many species of frogs and toads out there. Big old bullfrogs, brightly-colored poison frogs. Apparently, there are frogs out there that are smaller than your pinky toe. I didn't even know they came in that size.

The fact that anyone could spot such a small frog is impressive in itself.

"This moth on a tree."

I once read a long time ago that moths look the way they do because it helps them blend into trees and stuff. Looking at this big old moth on this tree, that's probably true. In all honesty, if I were out there, I probably wouldn't give the tree a second glance.

"All cars in front of mine were white!!"

I feel like I don't really see a lot of white cars on the road. That's probably because they're all wherever this picture was taken, stuck in gridlock traffic.

Seriously though, was there a white vehicle convention or something? What are the chances of every single car, truck, and bus being white?

"My door's wood grain kind of looks like Sid the Sloth from 'Ice Age' and it's been bugging me for years!"

Now that I see it, I can't un-see it. Like, it has the big, bulging eyes, the big nose, and even the hands (claws?). It may not be a perfectly identical likeness, but the similarities are pretty uncanny.

It's so funny how our eyes can see shapes and perceive them as something else.

"This massive vapor cone I captured on a rocket."

I literally know nothing about aerospace or astronaut stuff, so I have no idea if that vapor cone is a normal size, or a regular size. Still, it must take a pretty steady hand to be able to take a picture of a rocket mid-launch.

"The light shined through the doorway in an interesting manner."

Is it just me, or does the light through the doorway kind of look like a 2D image? Like, it looks like it's going along the wall instead of shining directly onto that one patch on the ground. I dunno, maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me.

"Found a 5-leaf clover this morning during work."

I've seen plenty of three-leaf clovers and a few four-leaf ones as well. But I can safely say this is my first time seeing one with five leaves. Does that mean it's extra lucky, or does it cap out at four?

"Shooting star, night photography."

This has got to be one of the most impressive photos I've ever seen. Shooting stars fly across the sky so quickly, you miss them if you blink, and yet, this person took a photo of one. Talk about having excellent timing.

"Found a 40 year old Coca cola bottle from a lake. Date on the bottle was 1981."

Yeah, uh, don't drink that. As cool as finding a decades-old bottle of soda is, it's definitely best to leave it sealed forever. I can't imagine all that sugar would hold up 40 years later.

The way the bottle itself looks all moldy from algae and stuff is probably enough to put someone off opening it, though.

"Flat tire via twig."

Tires can drive over the most random things, and yet a tiny twig like this can puncture a hole in them. I guess that makes sense, since the twig was probably pretty sharp and would've hit the tire at just the right angle, but still. What are the odds?

"Crab in a normal scallop sea shell."

Crabs will literally use anything as a shell. And yet, the fact that this one has chosen one of those scallop shells you find scattered all over the beach is just weird to me. It doesn't really seem like it would provide a lot of shelter, even to such a tiny crab.

"My McDonald's was running out of McFlurry cups, and I found ones from 2011 and 2016."

It's kind of cool, being able to see McFlurry cups from five and ten years ago. The funny thing is, though, that any McDonald's could've given me a McFlurry in either of these cups and I probably wouldn't know the difference.

"This pigeon using anti-bird spikes to hold her nest in place."

Because nature always finds a way. I wish we could make more structures specifically for pigeons and other birds to build their nests, because these kinds of deterrents never work. Then again, they'll probably show up on buildings anyway. We're probably going to have to accept this and live with them.

"Pictures taken a few minutes apart when some bad weather blew in."

I can't tell if this is a case of being in the right place at the right time, or the wrong place at the wrong time. It's pretty wild how weather can change on a dime, especially near any large body of water. Hopefully the rainfall wasn't too bad!

"Inky paw prints presumably left by a curious kitty on a 15th century manuscript."

I know that we've had furry companions for thousands of years, but it's still so funny to think about people from 600 years ago having cats in their homes. It looks like the time-old tradition of cats getting into our stuff has been going on for quite some time now.

"The sun was hot pink last night as it set."

I can confidently say that I've never seen a hot pink sunset before. But that's probably the best sunset color ever. It's amazing how a few clouds can drastically change the color of the sun, and even make it dim enough to actually look at.

"I came across these theropod tracks while fly fishing in Leander, Texas."

It's funny, I don't think very many of us think about dinosaurs that often. Like, I know they existed on this planet at some point, but it was such a long time ago that it doesn't really impact me.

...Until someone shows off an actual dinosaur track, preserved in time. So cool.

"The sand dispersed on this new bike lane make it look as though the sun is shining…."

If I didn't know that there was sand all over that bike lane, I would've thought it was the sun. The fact that it looks like a pretty cloudy day does give the illusion away, though.