20 People Whose Schemes Didn’t Exactly Work Out

We all have strange and somewhat insane ideas from time to time, with some of these ideas becoming a reality to varying degrees of success.

So, from soulless children who devour the blood of humanity to individuals who tried to make their own million dollar notes, here are 20 people whose schemes were only dreams.

"There was an attempt to make a blood donation campaign..."

That child's eyes, obsidian black, betray a hunger for flesh that has never before been seen on Earth. Fear them.

"What is Burger King's job?"

One person did quite aptly point out, "I am more concerned about 'Burgers' being in quotes."

"Just like the picture bro..."

This is some incredible artistry in all fairness. Voldemort has never looked better as well.

The Perfect Face-Swap!

The Silver-Eyed Cyclops is quite a good look actually, it's like something out of the reboot of the Odyssey.

"Spreading the benefits of drinking water!"

I mean, if your urine looks any shade of grey then you probably do need to seek medical attention.

"When you hate the government so much, you pay them extra to show them how much you hate them."

I guess the important thing for them is sending the message, no matter what the cost is!

Ed Solomon wrote *Men in Black*.

Twitter | @ed_solomon

I wonder if the people who were arguing in that cafe ever figured out what had happened that day?

"They tried to immortalize the wife."

They really wanted to do something pleasant for their wife, but they really got let down by that artist!

Ingenuity At Its Finest...

That guy is flexing pretty hard on whoever put those poles in place!

"Is that meant to encourage students?"

No matter how long I look at this for, I just cannot work out what the original intention was with this?

"Is that really what it's called?"

What a truly bizarre selection of chocolate bars. I don't want to know what a "SICKERS" tastes like.

"Found at the store and immediately purchased."

Trying to read that out loud made me feel as though I was speaking some ancient, hideous language which was inadvertently summoning a God, "FLESHSH THE TOETET! WSHSH YOUR HADSDS!"

"10$ an hur."

I guess that if you want people to be paying more attention to their job, pay them more than this.

"Thinking of an 'I' animal was too hard."

It was almost as though the word "insect" was right there in front of them for the taking!

"The plaque says 'In Loving Memory.'"

Maybe this plaque was supposed to be remembering the person who installed this pipe.

"Counterfeit bill received at my job."

"Excuse me, but where are my hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of change?"

"Please leave."

"This isn't gonna prevent anyone from getting into the private pool."

"You know what this gate needs?"

"Please, Dave, not another big hole in the middle for people to crawl through..."

"A big hole in the middle!"

He Tried!

You know that in that cat's head it is thinking, "I am completely invisible, they'll never know I'm here!"

"Best best for for..."

Maybe this is a pair of keychains for people who think that fists are the best for punching people with?

"I finished putting the glass on the ceiling, boss."

Someone needs to have a stern word with the creepy person who decided on this design choice!

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