15 Pics That Might Make Designers Cringe A Little

Designers, turn away. This is going to be very painful.

Whether you enjoy good building, environment, or graphic design, this post will not be for you! But if you enjoy seeing some truly awful design that will make you laugh, come on in. It's about it get cringey up in here.

Is this supposed to be an art piece?

Because there is nothing useful about this mug, unless your goal is to spill coffee all over yourself and get third degree burns. Hey, I don't know your life.

Believe it or not, this is meant to be a bike lane.

Y'all, I am HOWLING. I love that whoever was painting this just went ahead and painted that huge piece of concrete. Is it a curb? A large brick? Anyway, have fun doing some mad jumps off of that, cyclists.

The aesthetic of a design should never trump usability.

Yeah, white text looks better on a lot of things. But if it's against a NEON GREEN, maybe reconsider and go for a black instead. Now this person will never know if their water bottle is dishwasher safe.

This is some incredible fan placement.

I'm obsessed with how absolutely useless this is. Instead of removing the fan, they just removed one blade of it. That seems like more work, no?

I absolutely love memes like this.

I absolutely read it as heal thy burgers. Fun tip for graphic designers: if you don't want to become an internet meme, make sure your text is both cool-looking and readable.

Which treat will you choose?

Will you go for the "BE VA" treat, or maybe the "NE" treat? I know how about the "ALENA" treat. Or maybe "PP TINY" wait — wait. Um. Well, this is awkward.

That's not a wheelchair ramp, that's a skateboard ramp.

I guess they had their hearts in the right place, but lord knows where their brains were. That would be mad fun in the winter, though — it's prime sledding real estate.

Can anyone decipher this?

"Girls is can the therefore change is world brave.."? Girls can the change world? Is therefore is brave? This is a mess, and I totally want it.

Sorry, what kind of pizza?


I am begging designers to keep in mind how the human brain processes text. Otherwise, I'm going to have to picture period pizza, and no one wants that.

Well this is bad.

I can't even sugarcoat this one, guys. This mug is straight-up awful in every sense of the world. Is there even a clue guide, or does it just say nonsense home things? Ugh.

I love when people design things that completely disregard the environment.

"These benches at my university are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for up to days after a rainstorm."

Always design for a city, not in spite of it.

That's the opposite of how we normally do maps, but alright.

Why anyone would design the land to be blue and the ocean to be silver, I'll never know. The black on the blue is also borderline unreadable, as a fun crappy bonus!

That is in no way helpful, thanks.

"The display doesn’t indicate which tire is which. And according to the manual, the numbers are displayed randomly each time you drive."

Good luck figuring out which is which!

That hides nothing.

I'm so confused by the choices made here. Did they love the painting so much they wouldn't remove it? Did they HATE the painting so much they thought it deserved this? What happened?

I have the opposite of this problem.

You know, my apartment doesn't have any lighting in the living room, and I think I still prefer that to whatever is happening here. Whoever wired this must have been laughing the entire time.

Um...so about that whole privacy thing.


Just throw the idea out the window, because this urinal said, "I am here to allow you to show any passersby ALL your business."

God I hope that door doesn't swing inward.

What creature is this?

I would LOVE to know how we're meant to lift this. Is it with one leg up? With our weirdly long arms? Is it only meant to be lifted by apes?

This spoon rest is infuriating.

WHY, for the love of GOD, would you NOT LINE UP ANY OF THE LETTERS. WHY. Guys, I am so heated over this. Use the "n" for both words!

This sure is a bathroom.

"My parents bathroom is on a platform next to an angled ceiling so you hit your head every time... and it has a telephone."

Well, sometimes you need to take a call on the pot, you know?

I gotta tell you, I would not buy this.

The packaging on this cheese is patterned in the company's green logo, which makes it look like that cheese is moldy af. How did anyone approve this?

Why? Just why?

"I texted two zeros multiple times before I realized that was an O."

Why in the fresh hell would you make the code you need to text both a 0 and an o, and then put all of it in uppercase? Fire whoever approved that.

Please stop doing this.

STOP DOING THIS I AM BEGGING YOU. What on earth to the grey letters even say? Why are they even there? "bigsk" "bithegsk" those are not words. Stop it.

Shouldn't these things be waterproof?

If you're going to design something that is constantly near water, maybe make sure that water can't get into the battery area and rust everything it touches.

Fire whoever designed this for the MLB.

I too enjoy mixing fonts, but my god. Do not mix them like this. This is worse than the logo for Loki, and that thing is pretty damn bad.

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