30 Viral Pics People Had Some Questions About, To Say The Least

Let's be honest, we've all seen some questionable things on the internet every now and then that have left us completely puzzled.

Whether it be a cute cherry pitter that turns murderous in seconds or a knock-off soda bottle that makes you want to laugh and then consequentially cry at its lack of authenticity, there are so many photos out there that have yet to make you scratch your head in confusion.

"My full cup of milk that made the cup look upside down." — PapaMutt

We've been going back and forth trying to decide whether or not this mug is actually full of milk. And we aren't alone.

Plenty of Reddit users were just as baffled by this trippy photo as we were. That is...until one Redditor raised a very compelling point that seemed to suggest the mug is, in fact, right side up.

"If it was upside down, the rim would be all scuffed up and rougher," says user winniethethiccpooh.

And just like that, case closed.

"The sand dispersed on this new bike lane make *[sic]* it look as though the sun is shining…" — Technotronsky

Who knew sand thrown on fresh asphalt could create such an illusion? We certainly didn't, and by the looks of it, neither did many Redditors who vocalized their amazement of the faux sun rays.

But this astonishment came with its share of equal concern for the safety of bicyclists cycling through the dust which reduces traction.

"Is that a beautiful sunset up ahead?" asks Redditor LizardWizardx rhetorically. "Oh no, it’s just skinned knees and uncomfortable sleeps."

"This tree I found that has a metal crutch to support it." — docmagoo2

Yup, even a tree needs some physical support every now and then.

And by physical support, we mean a metal brace that literally holds an entire tree trunk, its branches, and all from plummeting to the ground.

"This bee that stung my croc, but died before it could leave its stinger." — Mike_SP-

Clearly, this little bee had some sort of vendetta against the iconic foam clogs that first took the world by storm in the early 2000s. And Redditors were quick to run with this idea, but escalate it on a larger scale.

"Wait a minute here! Is people wearing crocs the real reason the bees are dying???" asks user PleaseDontTossMeOut, who raises a valid point.

We can certainly respect the insect's hatred towards the shoes but it's unfortunate that this bitterness led to its demise.

"This cherry pitter went from cute to creepy real fast." — SuperfluousOwls

Pitting a cherry by hand more often than results in purple-stained fingers and a kitchen table that looks a little too much like a crime scene.

So when the kitchen gadget design company Talisman Designs created the adorable Cherry Chomper, which provides an easy and mess-free way to remove cherry pits, we assumed the murderous remnants of eating the red fruits would be a thing of the past.

Or so we thought...until feasting our eyes upon the once cute chomper who after pitting a few cherries, resembles fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan. Yikes!

"A tiny milk carton holder my friend 3D printed for me." — Jebinam

We're not sure why someone would 3D print a teeny tiny milk carton, and honestly, we don't care to find out the reason.

Instead, we'll simply bask in the carton's adorableness and imagine little milk bottles being stored in the box. Or as Redditor YouAllNeedToChillOut suggests, picture the cube being used as an outdoor seat in the back of a minuscule restaurant, "So the mice can take a smoke break."

"The intersection of three rooms at my new place." — spsajewski13

While this bizarre intersection in a home certainly garnered some serious internet buzz, it was surprisingly not the different colored flooring or triangular angle that caused a stir. It was actually the original poster's duct-taped slippers that peaked the interests of Redditors.

"Personally I'm more interested in the duct tape slipper," writes user klhoa.

The comment received plenty of positive support, even from the original poster themselves.

"They're my favorite pair of slippers from when I did Peace Corps in Morocco," the Redditor explains. "I plan on wearing them for the rest of my life."

How sweet!

"I found this leaf with only it's 'veins' remaining." — spechlfriedrice

Well, this skeletonized leaf sure isn't something you see every day. But while it's quite peculiar to us and the majority of the internet, for one Redditor, this sight was actually quite common.

"I saw this a lot a few years ago when we had a Japanese beetle invasion," user DoodleTM explains. "They eat all the green but leave the veins."

Wowza, how spooky!

"The way these candles melted in the heat today." — supplyncommand

Raise your hand if you feel oddly uncomfortable while gazing at these melted wax candles. Yeah, us too.

There's just something about their strange, deformed shape and gradient color scheme that just seems a little icky.

Okay that's enough uneasy starring, let's move on.

"How well our movers Tetris’d our stuff." — Chrenen

Now this is something we could stare at all day long. The couch, pillows, mattress, dresser, and accompanying boxes were all fitted so perfectly into the back of this moving truck. Dare we say...it's quite aesthetically pleasing.

We're willing to bet that these skilled movers are undeniably killer at Tetris.

"Small town movie theater for sale since the last movie shown." — alan13446

The first live-action Scooby-Doo movie hit theatres in 2002. So if our math is correct, this tiny movie theatre has been on the market for a whopping 19 years!

That's a really long time to be completely vacant. But fortunately, the theatre was lucky to have been shut down with the poster of such a banger movie still intact to its front.

"We found a starfish that had eaten our mussel inside of the shell during dinner." — Angeredlizardguy

This may not have been what the original poster bargained for, but it was a surprise nonetheless. One that other Redditors couldn't help but poke fun at.

"So, how did the starfish taste?" asks one user who was understandably curious.

"Stellar," responds another.

While this wasn't the serious answer we were hoping for, it's the one we truly deserved.

"These knockoff brands in a 3rd world country." — odrink

The bottles are undeniably close to their original soda brand counterparts, but somehow still so far away. Let's compare, shall we!

Coca-Cola has three variants: Thiso Cola, That Cola, and Cold-Cola. Fanta has two alternatives: Fantu and Funny. Mountain Dew also has two adapted versions: Maintain Dew and Unique (?) Dew. Finally, Sprite has two imitations: Sport and Strite.

Wow, that's certainly quite the counterfeit collection.

"Hit 111,111 miles on my car while it was 111°F." — VysmundGoliath

What are the chances of hitting 111,111 miles on a vehicle while the temperature outside reads 111°F? We're willing to bet that the odds certainly aren't stacked in your favor.

But for this Redditor, luck was certainly on their side when they snapped the photo of the surreal coincidence that some more spiritually inclined folks may believe was due in part to divine intervention.

Either way, we're just glad the user posted the photo to the internet so we could marvel at the rarity.

"The sticker on my high school hat I’ve had for 10 years fell off showing the original color." — Toxic_Don

We've always wondered why people keep the sticker on their hats. Apparently, Reddit users wondered the same thing, too.

"I kept my New Era sticker on my hats in middle school/high school cause it was a fad to just have them on. Legit no logistical reason other than it looked cool and everyone was doing it haha," Redditor Gareesuhn comments. So that's one reason.

But after ten years, why would you take it off?

"This cat that lives at the parking lot at my job has extra toes." — neon_noire

What an adorable cat! We say that if a cat has a bunch of extra toes, that just means there's more to love.

It looks like the comments went crazy for this cat, too. Scared_Refuse_7997 comments, "[Sailors] used to think these cats were good luck because they thought they were better climbers and could catch more mice." So it seems that everyone loves cats with extra toes.

"Curious George getting high in a children's book that I have." — iknownuting

Well then... it looks like even children's books have some rather questionable content in them. We never expected to see Curious George learn about the effects of...illicit substances.

We can't be the only ones concerned for poor Curious George, though. It looks like he's going through it.

Luckily, Reddit user shalomamigos came to the rescue: "I have these pages blown up and hung on my office wall (am an anesthesiologist); man in the yellow hat eventually finds him and wakes him up after some effort." Case closed.

"Shrivelled garlic that kind of looks like bird with no legs." — Matt12771

We looked at that and saw a duck with no legs. But the Reddit comments saw a completely different bird. Most people were seeing a kiwi bird.

"The pointed beak did it for me. And the part where kiwis already look like they have no wings," Reddit user pirhanaconda points out.

"This pretty large dragonfly we found." — ailurius

That's one big dragonfly... Are we sure they're supposed to come that size? Because we've never seen any that big before.

Reddit user ailurius found this big fly in Norway, and Redditors were quick to point out its species.

pmp22 identifies it as a Starrlibelle, which translates to common hawker from Norwegian.

"This skinny loaf of bread looks terrified." — one_metalbat_man

We kind of feel bad for this loaf of bread. It just looks so terrified. We aren't sure what caused this bread to get so scared, but whatever it was probably isn't good.

Maybe it's gained sentience, and understands its role as part of someone's dinner? That could be a possibility.

"The way this plate broke." — Crawlerado

We have plenty of questions about this plate. The most important question is, of course, what happened to make this plate break this way? How did it break in such a specific way?

Reddit commenters wondered about the brand of the dish. "Is it Corelle? Those things are nigh indestructible until they’re not. I saw one crumble into dust once after breaking sort of like this," Redditor Avestrial asked. The general consensus seems to confirm this.

"My next door neighbor (who I just met) is returning the same TV stand on the same day." — stl05

We're sure this can't be just a coincidence. What are the odds that two next door neighbors just so happen to have the same TV stand, and decide to return it on the exact same day?

We also find it kind of strange that the stands were left out on the front porch like this. But Reddit user stl05, who posted the image, further clarifies: "Usually I just drop off packages at UPS for returns, but this time they (Amazon) told me to leave it out front for pick up between 12-3."

"I was leaving work and noticed that a squirrel had fallen on my car at some point." — pristinewindowpane

We really want to know what happened to that squirrel to make an indent like that. It looks as if it... fell onto the car? Rather than jumping down, at least. But seeing as there are no other footprints in the dust... how did the squirrel get off of the car?

"My cat is black but underneath is white." — natzw

This is super interesting! We've never seen a kitty cat with gray/white fur underneath their black coat before. We wonder if this is common.

At the very least, it doesn't seem rare. Redditor SleepyLabRat comments, "This is called “smoke” coloring in cats. One of mine is also a smoke. He looks like he’s balding in spots, but it’s just the white bases of the hairs showing through. Never seen one shaved, though! Pretty interesting."

"How the Michelin Man looked in 1915." — RipperSplitter

Do we even have to go over all the reasons we're horrified by this drawing?

For starters, this early 20th Century depiction of the mascot for Michelin Tires looks like a cross between John Wayne Gacy and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Need we say more?

Fortunately, the tire mascot would eventually be given a much more modern, and way less creepy, update.

"My wife has eyeliner I keep mistaking for a battery." — GiveNoVulpix

Was it an honest coincidence that this mini mascara bottle resembles a AA Duracell battery? Or was there thoughtful intent behind the notable shiny copper and black design?

Reddit seems to believe the latter.

"Nothing like brand recognition; even if [it's] someone else's brand, it helps," writes user Zero0mega, who certainly makes a compelling case.

"The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wild flowers so the bees can use them." — Gaddanger

If only the little bee from above had not let his anger towards crocs end its life, he could have been pollinating in this rectangular strip of uncut flowers.

Sure, the box may seem quite a bit out of place in the middle of this well-trimmed grass area. But its sweet intent of giving insects a better environment certainly outweighs its eyesore of a design.

"This GameStop next to this Smashburger really highlight the similarities between both of their logos." — jfhdot

Not only do the two logos share the same font (Impact, as one Redditor pointed out), but they also feature the same color scheme — white for the first word and red for the second.

The only noticeable difference is that Smashburger is completely lowercase, where GameStop features the capitalization of the first letters in each word.

"The amount of rolls I used in 6 years." — Ist_das_Ding_an

Posting a picture of empty toilet paper rolls stored in a cabinet for more than half a decade is an understandable oddity that riled up Reddit.

At first, users questioned why the original poster was collecting the cardboard tubes in the first place. But then that curiosity morphed into confusion as to how someone could use that little toilet paper in the span of six years.

"THAT'S ALL?!?! I can use all of her toilet papers in just two days!" says Redditor Cubanormal.

Okay, maybe two days is a bit of a gross exaggeration. But surely, the average person uses more than 111 rolls in six years.

"This new knife holder I got for my girlfriend." — colossus2699

Well, this is certainly...interesting. It's perhaps a little violent, but hey if it gets the job done and holds up a set of kitchen knives, then there's no harm done.

Of course, there's a bit of harm happening to this little guy. However, he doesn't seem to be complaining.