20 Fascinating Pics That Got The Internet's Attention Recently

There are so many cool things out there. Things we'd probably never know about if people didn't have the sense to take photos and post them online.

It looks like a lot of people found these particular pics fascinating, since they've been garnering a lot of attention online. And if thousands of people are liking and sharing them, they have to be at least a little bit interesting, right?

"I came across these theropod tracks while fly fishing in Leander, Texas."

It must be amazing to live in a place where you can see actual dinosaur tracks. Apparently, one such place exists in Texas called dinosaur valley. Real, actual footprints preserved in the ground for tens of millions of years has got to be a real tourist draw.

"We found a starfish that had eaten our mussel inside of the shell during dinner."

On one hand, they missed out on one mussel they could've eaten. On the other hand, it makes for a pretty cool pic. That poor starfish, though; it probably never would've thought that it would be part of someone's dinner just because it invaded a mussel shell.

"My wife has eyeliner I keep mistaking for a battery."

I can't lie, this eyeliner looks exactly like a Duracell battery, down to the copper-colored end. Luckily, it looks different enough from an actual battery that it's unlikely anyone would accidentally stick it in the back of a remote or something.

Still, I wonder if the makeup brand knew what they were doing when they made that packaging.

"My full cup of milk that made the cup look upside down."

Now that is one full mug of milk. It really does look like the mug is upside down. I know for a fact that, if I ever had a cup or mug that full, I wouldn't be able to drink from it without spilling the contents everywhere. Maybe a straw would help.

"A tiny milk carton holder my friend 3D printed for me."

It's. So. Tiny! A milk crate that small is just too adorable. I can't really think of any practical use for this, though — unless this person is going to store incredibly tiny milk cartons in there. Maybe it would look good in one of those miniature houses.

"Tesla’s support van runs on gasoline."

It's pretty ironic that a brand that's based its identity on electric cars has support vehicles that don't even make use of that technology. It seems like such a huge missed opportunity. Or maybe it's a clever marketing trick? Either way, it's definitely gotten a lot of attention online.

"This cherry pitter went from cute to creepy real fast."

On one hand, a cherry pitter is probably really useful to have around (especially if you make pies, or if you just really love cherries). But having one that looks like a happy little cartoon character might not be the best choice.

I mean, unless you like the murderous face it makes after processing a few cherries.

"How the Michelin Man looked in 1915."

There's a lot going on here that's questionable, to say the least. The way the Michelin Man looks a little too human, paired with the cigar in his mouth and the fact that someone is just removing a tire from his body is really creepy.

And the way the ad is titled "The Rib of Life." It's just so weird.

"1,800 year old Roman leather sandals on display at Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England."

It's amazing that these Roman sandals were able to last nearly two thousand years! It's so cool being able to see some of the things our ancestors wore way, way back in the day. I'm not going to lie, though — those sandals don't really look that comfortable.

"A plaque commemorating this wine stain on the wall of a local restaurant."

The best thing about this plaque is how overly dramatic it is. A woman threw her drink at her partner after finding out that he was cheating on her (on Valentine's Day!), and some of the wine from the glass stained the wall. I wonder how long ago this happened.

"The intersection of three rooms at my new place."

This is one busy house. It has at least three different kinds of flooring, all of which are just one room over from the next. Hopefully they can at least get rid of the weird blue floor, because that's the one that stands out the most. The wood and tile floors are fine.

"My mother wrote to the Queen after Philip died to give her condolences, and they actually replied!"

I'm sure the Queen didn't actually reply to every individual letter she undoubtedly received after Prince Phillip's death, but it's still a nice gesture. I'm sure the Queen was grateful for all of the kind words people sent to her.

And hey, it makes for an interesting story, too.

"About 15 years worth of dead lighters, most were donated by friends."

That's... definitely a lot of lighters. What would you even do with all of those? You could probably make some sort of artwork out of them, but I wouldn't know what. I guess I'm just not imaginative enough to understand why anyone would want to keep so many old lighters.

"This tree I found that has a metal crutch to support it."

Some trees grow at such weird angles, it's a wonder they don't end up toppling down. This tree, though, probably would've fallen over if that brace wasn't there. It may have been easier to just cut the tree down, but someone out there saw the value in preserving a little part of nature.

"Sand collected from various beaches we’ve travelled to."

Just in case you needed some visual confirmation that beaches around the world have different sand. Since sand is made from tiny rocks, it would make sense that it takes on the color of the kinds of rocks and minerals found in the area.

I just hope no one decides to shake that container.

"Mike Wazowski in my morning matcha."

The one eye. The big smile. The fact that it's round and green. Yep, that matcha cup definitely looks like Mike Wazowski. It's so funny how we can just look at shapes and associate it with something totally different.

I like to think that Mike Wazowski would be excited to be part of a viral image online.

"The stairs in my school lead to nothing."

You always have to wonder how staircases like these get built. Were there plans for this to extend to another floor or hallway, only for it to be scrapped last minute due to budget restraints?

Did someone make a very large, very expensive mistake? We probably won't ever know.

"My 92 y.o. grandma got an infinity tattoo when she was 18."

Who would've thought that infinity tattoos were popular even back in the 1940s/50s? That's so long ago. It's also such a long time to have a tattoo, so it's no wonder that it's pretty faded now. It's like a glimpse into the future when we're all elderly and tatted up.

"My son inherited my joined together toes."

Next time I ever hear the phrase, "like father, like son," I'm going to think of this. How crazy is it that not only did a man have fused toes on both feet, but he passed them to his son as well? That's one story they'll always be able to tell.

"Parking lines go up the wall so you can properly park your car."

Why isn't this a thing in every parking garage? I know I'm not alone in thinking that trying to park in a garage is the worst; the spaces are usually narrow, and it's so hard to tell if you're in the lines.

Extending the lines up to the walls would take so much guesswork out of it.