20 People Who Missed An Important Step

No matter how seemingly simple a job may be, there are people out there who can still manage to drop the ball quite spectacularly.

So, from people who didn't know a taco from a taquito to individuals who tried to grill themselves, here are 20 times someone missed an important step!

"Useless ramp."

Well that first step must be where the majority of people have a lot of trouble!

"Some things just don't translate onto paper gracefully."

Whatever you do, don't press it with your finger. If you do, you'll be sucked into the internet and be trapped there forever.

"This bench near where I live is very hot and is impossible to sit on."

This must be what the benches are designed like in Hell. Sitting on this in summer would be like sitting on a grill!

"That's not how palindromes work."

Is it really? I thought that it was O C A T T A C, but I must be just having a slow-brain day.

"My new sandal has a built-in bottle opener."

This seems like a great idea, all except for the fact that you would never want something that you're drinking from to be pressed against the sole of your shoe!

"This is on top of a mountain on my village, really annoying to look at."

It is as though this house was designed by some sort of trickster God, just to piss off the locals.

"This 7/8 sized basketball court."

They even had the space to make it a full court, but just wilfully chose not to...why?!

"This maze solution."

The somewhat important step that they missed here was...well, making this maze in any way an actual maze.

"My watch has luminescence on the hour markers but not on the actual hands."

They were so close to making this the perfect watch for working in the dark, they just fell at the last, and most important, hurdle.

"This one was a real brain teaser…"

Christ, I didn't realise that mazes were getting so much easier in recent years. This also doesn't reflect well on Firefighter Kevin.

"A bag of apples with a character on it that got poisoned by an apple."

The person who green-lit this advertising campaign really needs to read up on their Disney princess lore.

"These barriers designed to prevent cyclists from passing through..."

As someone else also pointed out, this terrible design also looks like it would be a nightmare for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters to get past.

"Seems like perfect placement for a gate to me."

"Oh what? Am I just meant to make sure that the gate lines up with the pathway?!"

"Well...yes, that is your job."

"Uhhh…those are burritos."

One person did posit, "It goes taco, taquito, burrito. Burritos require folded ends, those are taquitos sir." However, I don't know enough about taquito logistics myself to confirm or deny that hypothesis.

"These benches at my university are tilted back and have no drainage system, so the water just sits there for up to days after a rainstorm."

I didn't realise that benches were such a hard thing to design, what between this and the previous grill-themed bench!

"This electric heater can melt its plastic casing when at full power."

"Who knew that a heater would need to be able to withstand high temperatures, eh?"

"Dave, you're fired."

"Sub-par atm placement. Way sub-par..."

There is nothing like some top-quality lumbar support whenever you are checking your balance!

"Bike stand at the local metro station is too narrow to fit a normal wheel."

They had one very simple job, to make sure that a bike could fit into the bike rack, and they have failed. Incredible stuff.

"Just hit the tree, cyclist, just hit it."

If you ram into that tree it might take you to another world, or just give a really bad headache.

"Went to the park to shoot some hoops today..."

But what do we think came first, the paintwork or the hoop? It's that classic age-old question.

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