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30 Things That Needed A Second Opinion

Everyone likes to take pride in our work, as we should with most things, but being proud of it and believing it to be good doesn't mean it needs no review.

Getting a second opinion on any decision we make provides insightful, constructive advice that will only make our work better. The people featured on this list could have done with some of that advice.

'The new school in my community has a wheel chair access button for the door, but no way for a person in a wheel chair to reach it."

The fact that the departments that design and implement these aren't all fronted by people who actually use wheelchairs will forever be baffling to me.

"Seen at Crate & Barrel: cutting boards with a fake split sawn into the board, with patching wedges that don't actually fix the split."

The uploader went on to roast the boards even further. "Not only is it ugly, the gaps are perfect for trapping food residue so as to be impossible to clean."

"Welcome Shorpers."

It really makes you feel special when stores give you cute little pet names like this.

"So this is how the teenager in my house softens butter."

That's also how the teenager in your house is about to start a fire, so watch out.

"I can see into the main hallway of the building standing at the urinal."

Privacy is overrated anyway, it's about time we all started being more open with each other.

"Found in a Kansas truck stop bathroom."

The fact that a truck stop bathroom thought to decorate at all is...actually pretty nice.

"This fake $100 bill that a cashier ACTUALLY accepted."

Even the bill itself is judging them! "Really? You fell for this? Wow."

'Only enter. There is no exit."

Didn't expect to walk into a building and enter an existential nightmare today, but here we are.

"What is overspray?"

Seems they didn't know, and by the time they figured it out, it was too late to care.

"I just wanted a normal sonic figure but got whatever this is instead (From a mystery [surprise] toy box)."

You didn't get what you wanted, but maybe, somehow, this is what you needed.

"Installed the sink boss."

You can use this bathroom only if you can take down the mighty Door. Be it through head-to-head battle or a test of stealth, you must escape its grip to enter and exit.

"These doors open into each other and get stuck together."

They're holding hands! Months go by where they can't see each other, let them enjoy their time together.

"Buff Dinosaurs."

Dinosaurs are frightening animals, but somehow these are the scariest renditions of them I've ever seen.

"I'm [at] a friend's house [and] saw this. Unbelievable."

What a lovely view! Both inside and out, just beautiful shades of white, truly inspiring.

Those With Glass Ceilings...

Well, metal ceilings, I guess, but they're reflective enough that they might as well be mirrors.

'How big the gaps are in this stall."

This existence of stall gaps at all leads to this. Check out my new political campaign where my entire platform is advocating for the eradication of stall gaps.

"Finger licking good."

The context does make this worse, yes, but I think it's just a bad picture. Use literally anything else, please.


Peak style, peak performance. Comfort and function. This is what fashion should strive to be.

"My friend's kid made this at school."

Wow, that is harsh from this kid. I reckon his mom will be having words with him at some point!

"Jesus is working hard today."

"I'll make shure that'sh water! *hic..."

"For God's sake we don't need any more second opinions!"

"I pass this billboard everyday and everyday I think he's a vampire."

"I vant to suck your blood... Err, I mean, I vant to represent your legal interests!"

"Yeah, I'm gonna look elsewhere."

"This guy's tattoo..."

I admire his commitment to this look! I hope to God he doesn't get sick of it at any point.

"Spotted at a local petting zoo."

"Cluck cluck... Oh, I mean, moo! Moo!"

"Both of those are wrong, you're busted!"

"I think it is supposed to be a bull, but all I see is a diagram of the female reproductive system."

Hmmm, yeah that's definitely not a bull's head. I don't know how no one saw this before they printed it.

"This clarification on all the 'Conrads'..."

I don't think that I would be able to watch that show again without hearing "Conrad" now.

"With all these windows, why put the letter right on a beam..?"

Because whoever put it there loves to cause chaos and confuse people just like you.

"Installed the new door, boss!"

"I'd like to see the property you've got advertised if possible?"

"Depends, how high can you jump?"

"These 'beach towels' look like ground beef."

Dry off after a dip and grill up a hamburger all in one convenient location.

"This monstrous paper mache chair that someone understandably threw away."

I think that the big question here is why did they make this in the first place?

"They tried to make this hair tonic look pirate-y, but it only looks like poison when you put a Jolly Roger on a bottle."

One very astute person did highlight the fact that, "I probably shouldn't be drinking hair product regardless."

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