20 Pretty Obvious Declarations Of War

Roommates, partners, friends, and the general world around us can all find ways to wind us up from time to time.

And so, from people who threw Malbec as a way to solve their problems to individuals who don't understand how dishwashers work, here are 20 pretty obvious declarations of war!

"Roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though. He replaced it."

Now I just feel as though this toilet is gawping at me, which is a really creepy thing for a toilet to do.

"My friend had a family emergency so I agreed to watch his dog (who looks like mine). Mine was extremely unimpressed by her doppleganger."

She looks like an 18th century villain captured in oil-painting form! Truly unsettling.

"A plaque commemorating this wine stain on the wall of a local restaurant."

You have all been warned! It does seem like a tragic waste of Malbec though...

"My nephew locked himself in the kennel with my dog Chili. Chili seemed concerned."

The baby has clearly invaded Chili's homeland, which is naturally a worrying time for Chili. Also, "Chili" is just the best name for a dog ever.

"Our cookout in Gatlinburg, TN was interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food."

I don't know actually, this kind of looks like he is just looking for someone to eat his lunch with. It's oddly sad.

"There was a massive pirate ship driving around my neighborhood."

It looks like the captain of this vessel is just looking for places to raid and plunder, no harm in it...sort of.

"Coworkers who do this to my dry erase markers:"

I think that this is a pretty accurate description of myself before and after lockdown hit.

"My roommate can't read."

This is so skin-flaringly irritating. Everyone has lived with someone like this at one point or another.

"This damn clock in my boyfriend's parents' kitchen."

Why would anyone hang this clock, aside from wilful belligerence?

"This McDonald’s wallpaper from the 70s in a local home for sale."

This is so odd, and weirdly creepy, but I just do not think that I could bring myself to get rid of this slice of history.

"My cousin's roommate makes her check marks backwards..."

I have never known anyone to do this. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that they are left-handed?

"My wife is a monster and takes pills from blister packs completely at random."

This is somehow even more annoying than taking ice cubes from the tray at random, and I cannot figure out exactly why.

"The Scene Of The Crime."

There are no prizes for guessing what went on here. I think that even the worst detective on the planet could put these clues together.

"KFC puts up a huge advert on one of McDonald's most recognizable outlets in Karachi, Pakistan."

This is meant to make people want to go to KFC and yet they have chosen a truly disgusting picture for the advert.

You Have Been Warned...

I bet he really is a wizard and he's just trying to throw you off so you let your guard down. It's the oldest trick in the book.

"The last straw..."

I am certain that, armed with this picture, any judge would be sympathetic to you during the divorce proceedings.

"Do I just throw out the whole roommate?"

I mean, if you don't throw him out then you need to really work on training him a bit better!

"My wife doesn't get all the ice out of one tray before using another."

One devious person did suggest, "She is unsubtly telling you to buy a fridge with a built in ice maker and dispenser."

"My friend's girlfriend moved out and took everything, including the drawer handles."

That is top-tier pettiness! I kind of love just how mildly infuriating this behaviour is.

"S21 Ultra in my wife's jeans vs my 18 month old Son's joggers."

I guess it looks like they will be using this toddler as their resident pack mule for the foreseeable future!

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