People Share The Immature Things They'll Never Stop Doing

While most of us have embraced adulthood, there are many who consider themselves kids at heart.

They may catch Saturday morning cartoons every weekend or still laugh at a fart joke.

Is it immature? Yep. Will they ever stop doing it? Nope!

So if your childlike wonder has gone astray, come get some ideas with these immature things people will never stop doing!

"That's what she said" jokes


If it's good enough for Michael Scott from The Office, it's good enough for us.

Besides, trying to come up with new and interesting jokes takes too much brainpower. It's just too hard. That's what she said.

Laughing when people fall.

Unsplash | Denis Agati

"I dunno about you but when I see someone falling on their [expletive] while riding an electric scooter, I will always laugh." - Redditor Musician-Round

Let's just hope this person didn't become a paramedic.

Turning an orange peel into a phallic shape.

How else are you supposed to peel an orange? Like a normal person? Pfft.

It was actually this TikTok user who first asked people to share the immature thing they'll never stop doing, like creating penis peels. giggles.

Wearing a ton of different colors that don't match.

"I love colour in my clothing but have no sense of fashion. I still dress like a child would pick my clothes: all colour but nothing matches really. I feel dull and sad when I have to dress properly for work." - Redditor deleted

Waking up with a huge stretch.

Did you even wake up if you didn't stretch out your arms and leg, do a little shake, and scream?

We didn't think so, which is why it's still a habit of TikTok user, @aakash.jagdale.

Making blanket forts.


"My husband and I build blanket forts in the winter. Any time there is a snow storm on a weekend, the blanket fort goes up. Then we play board games and drink hot cocoa." - InfamousAmbassador

Riding on the grocery cart.

Unsplash | Eduardo Soares

Don't you miss the days when you were small and your mom would push you around everywhere?

Well, you can relive a small piece of this by riding on the grocery cart. It's fun and gets shopping done faster.

Watching cartoons.

"I watch cartoons all the time. I watch cartoons while I work. Right now Zootopia, Yellow Submarine, and Spirited Away DVDS are sitting on the desk, ready to play when my break is over." - Redditor pro_ajumma

Saying "no" immediately when someone asks you to do something.

Tik Tok user, @ivykai_ ju, shared this one.

She has every intention to do what people asked her to do, but that doesn't mean she will miss an opportunity to say "no" at first.

Cuddling something to fall asleep.


"I slept holding a teddy bear as a kid... like for a LONG time. It just felt comfortable to cuddle with something in my arm. I don't have a teddy bear anymore, but I still do it with a pillow." - Redditor RuPaulver

Refusing to wish someone "Happy Birthday" if they didn't wish you the same.

It's like when we were kids and someone didn't show up to our party.

Were we going to go to theirs? No. They're basically dead to us now.

Sitting on the floor.

We did a lot of this as kids in school.

"If I stay too long its hard to get up and I have to stretch or risk a cramp but there's something comforting to me about sitting on the floor." - Redditor Glamtrashglitz

Going on swings at the park.

Unsplash | Bewakoof.com Official

"I'm a 38yr old woman, but anytime I see a swing set, I have to take at least 5 mins to swing on them. I feel so much joy when I do, I feel so wonderfully free...I don't even care who looks at me funny when I do either, because I'm in my own little happy place when I swing." - Redditor tmama333

Playing with food.


"I still break my food apart like kids do. I'll pull my oreo apart, I'll lick it and then I dunk it. I'll eat things layer by layer or section by section. It makes me enjoy it longer, but I only do this when I'm alone and not when I'm supposed to be adulting." - Redditor Wieliewalie

Making fart noises.

"I still make fart noises when people bend over near me. I’ve developed a technique where I can make the most beautiful sound of flatulence between my finger and thumb; most people don’t know I do it. And yes, somehow I am employed." - Redditor pigscarer

Running upstairs on all fours.

Yes, like a bear

Not only is this more fun than regular walking, but it makes you faster to outrun the monsters in your basement. You know, the ones that chase you up the stairs after you turn off the lights!

Laughing at the number "69."

Unsplash | Vicky Hladynets

"I still bring up 69. Someone says, 69, I laugh and repeat, 69. I set the thermostat in the house to 69 degrees. Do the same in the car. Then will point it out to my wife, smile and nod...69." - Redditor DudeFalcone

Playing tag.

Unsplash | MI PHAM

This Redditor wrote that they still play with their 53-year-old mother when they're waiting for something, like a flight at the airport.

This would make those dreaded delays a lot more fun and it's a great workout!

Bothering their siblings.

What's the point of having a sibling if you can't annoy them?

"I don't care if you got two kids and a husband, I'm still going to pull your hair," said TikTok user, @adamhart90.