13 Times Designers Actually Gave Us A Helping Hand With Their Ideas

Creating a great product design is a tall glass of water. Not only does the product need to look good, but it has to serve a purpose, too.

Designers all over the world compete to create products that do just that and attract the right audience. Let's take a look at some of these masters at work who created helpful products for all of us.

1. This Spatula

How cool is this spatula that comes with a built-in stand? The company that made it didn't want the spatula to touch the counter. Wow, what a thoughtful thing to do! I wish I had one like that.

2. This Bathroom Step Stool

No, this isn't a drawer, it's actually a step stool built into this cabinet. What a handy feature for anyone who's got small kids, huh? I can honestly say this is the first time I've seen something like this before.

3. This Toilet/Sink Combo

Did you know that many Japanese toilets have the hand wash sink attached? That way, you can wash your hands and reuse the water for the next flush. Japan saves millions of liters of water every year doing this. Wow!

4. This Manhole

Wouldn't it be so helpful if manholes had maps on them? Well, this one in Oklahoma does just that, and the blue dot shows you exactly where you are. I wish all cities did this especially for people who are direction-challenged like me, ha, ha!

5. This Toilet Paper Holder

How fantastic that this toilet paper holder was created with the user in mind? Changing out your roll of toilet paper has never been easier than with this intuitive design here. I need one of these for our house.

6. This Supermarket Trolley

If you've ever been to an unfamiliar supermarket, you know it's not easy to navigate through it. So, this super cool trolley has a store map built into it. You no longer have to waste time wandering the aisles aimlessly looking for what you need to buy.

7. This Car Battery Charger

This old car battery charger has the polarity of the terminals on the clips to make sure you get them on the right ones. Isn't that such a great feature for anybody wanting to charge their battery?

8. This Detachable Flashlight

If you ever need to work on your car, but you forgot your flashlight, you might appreciate this one. This car's dome has a flashlight you can detach and use as you like. How sweet, huh?

9. These Car Ports

Wouldn't it be cool if the USB and Aux ports in your car had the glow-in-the-night feature? This car has it, and you can plug them in without much hassle. Why don't all cars have this?

10. This Remote Control

I often have a dilemma in my house. I want to watch TV, and my fiancé wants to play music. So, this remote with a headphone jack would come in very handy. Now, I can watch TV without disturbing my man.

11. This Hand Cream Jar

It's not easy to close the lid on a hand cream jar once you put the cream on, right? So how awesome that this one comes with dotted rubber edges you can grab onto?

12. This Baby Onesie

The middle snap on this baby onesie is a different color to help align the buttons. I bet sleep-deprived parents would find this super helpful. Now, they can put on their baby's clothes with very little effort.

13. This Protein Powder

Isn't it annoying whenever you need to dig the spoon out of your favorite protein powder? Well, this brand thought of this problem and designed it to sit on the top. It's so helpful, and I love it.

It's really cool to see that companies are starting to listen to people's concerns.

If only all of them could design their products more intuitively, they would make all of our lives that much easier. Don't you think it's about time they did that?