30 People Whose Habits Are From Another Planet

There are some habits that leave us confused, amazed, and somewhat wanting us to pull out our hair — perhaps it is how someone eats an apple with a spoon or how a person you know peels their hamburgers?

To highlight a few of the most bizarre, and annoying, habits that people have here are 30 people whose habits are from another planet.

"My girlfriend refuses to eat the 'crust' of a pancake."

I wouldn't actually mind someone doing this, as it means that I would just get extra pancake...sorry, "crust"!

"How my family uses a tape-measure."

It is almost as though there is an inbuilt way of storing the tape inside of itself! The kinks this must cause in the line must be horrendous as well.

"She spent $7 on an ice cream cone for an Instagram picture then threw it away."

Ah Instagram influencers, that wonderfully delightful group of people who definitely aren't always the worst.

"My wife found this motorcycle parked in the cart return today."

Well they shouldn't be surprised when they see someone pushing their motorbike around the store covered in produce!

"The way my GF 'puts away the groceries' still in the bag."

Nope, couldn't be having that. This takes laziness to a whole new dimension, a dimension that I don't want existing in my fridge.

His Favourite Chair!

If my cat did this to a chair, I'd just keep the chair and use it as a decoy so that it never attacked any of the other ones.

"Instead of giving my friend £10 for his birthday I gave him 1000 pennies taped into a ball instead."

I always love it when you get a gift that also doubles up as a cannon ball, just in case of a cannon-based emergency.

How Specific...

I hope that they stick rigidly to this schedule, no way would it be acceptable for someone to be getting service at 9:19 on a Wednesday for instance!

"Asked my Nan is I could borrow a pair of earphones, this is what she handed me."

Legend has it that these headphones have been tangled since the dawn of time, not even the dinosaurs could get them untangled.

"This is how they send my contacts...every year."

There is so much that is wrong with this, and I can safely say that it would drive me insane.

"My stuff is circled. The other stuff is my sister's."

Who even needs cupboards and boxes to keep things in? Also, doesn't this just make it needlessly hard to wash your hands?

"My family are psychos."

This is just needlessly irritating. It is like they are going out of their way to never finish a single roll!

"People who take more than one parking space are bad enough, but this guy is next level."

If you're trying to avoid having people damage your car, then maybe don't piss off everyone in an entire parking lot.

"My husband doesn't want the case to get scratched and cause an 'eyesore.'"

Ah yes, because this alternative is infinitely better! I hope he doesn't leave the protective film on everything, his phone must be a nightmare if so.

"My wife is a monster and takes pills from blister packs completely at random."

But...why? Surely it is more effort to seek out the one that you have used previously, which will doubtlessly be on the top?!

"How my boyfriend eats burgers."

I have never seen anyone try and skin a burger before, and I really don't want to ever see it again.

"Ended up putting pepper in my pasta... WHY IS THE PEPPER WHITE AND THE SALT BLACK?!"

In fairness, pepper isn't too bad on pasta. It would have been worse if you'd somehow put pepper in a brew while thinking it was sugar.

"My husband eats apples with a spoon."

Similarly, someone added, "My Peculiar Sister eats corn on the cob with a fork. She pries each kernel out. Everyone at the table stops eating to watch this operation."

"Baby must feed."

I know what they were trying to get across with this, but this is coming off very threatening!

"Oranges individually wrapped in plastic."

If only oranges already had a sort of protective layer to keep them safe from the world.

"Someone cut the cake that was for me today at work without telling anyone in the break room."

What kind of person sees someone else's birthday cake and just wades this?!

"The way my sister stacks her books, with the title facing the wall."

One individual posited that their sister must be a massive fan of mystery novels.

"Our new milkman doesn't put the milk bottles in the container after taking the empty ones out. Absolutely barbaric behaviour."

Sure, this is one hell of a first world problem, but I can see why it would drive you insane.

"Is that regulation?"

I guess that they now have two useable half-courts, which is a better option than the alternative?

"Some asshole in my office: 'Damn, that was close. If I took that last ice cube I might have to refill the tray.'"

One disgruntled parent added, "My kids do this ALL THE TIME. Apparently, eating an entire punnet of grapes and leaving one tiny lonely grape in there is easier than finishing the pack and throwing the damn thing away. They also put entirely empty boxes of things back, eg. empty box of ice lollies left in freezer. A really nice surprise on a hot day."

"I wouldn't want to wake up to see this."

That would push anyone to the edge of insanity if that was the first thing that you saw every morning.

*Heavy Breathing...

The person who did this clearly saw the above diagrams as more of a challenge than they were intended to be.

"My wife never fully screws the lids back onto anything..."

How could a person leave a lid like that? Hanging off, half-abandoned like a bathtub in a field.

"Always read the copy very carefully."

Is this the menu for the wedding of Hannibal Lecter? I wonder why they don't want to eat humans over the age of 12?

"This Math teacher's reason to cut marks."

I wonder why this math teacher hates children quite this much? Who hurt you, teacher?

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