People Share The Things They Secretly Judge Others For

In society, there are things that people do that we all judge each other for. But, we usually judge them in absolute secrecy and we keep it to ourselves. However, once we talk about it, it turns out we all kind of judge others on pretty similar things and situations.

People on Reddit have shared the things they "secretly" judge others for and it's pretty relatable.

The way people react to other's situations.

Unsplash | Adam Winger

One person said they judge people on how they react to other people's situations.

If they act snobbish or stuck up about other people's salary, living conditions, and things they are going through, it's something to judge them on.

People who gossip.

Unsplash | Ben White

Gossiping seems harmless, but you never know how other people will see it and take it.

"People that gossip to me about other people. I always wonder what they say about me behind my back," one person said.

How they talk about their kids online.

Unsplash | Alexander Dummer

"What they say about their kids in social media. I get that being a parent is hard and it’s okay to talk/vent/be real about that online, but sometimes people cross the line and talk about their kids as if they’re not real people, just because they’re not grown and don’t have a Facebook account," another added.

If they flaunt their relationship too much.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Some people agree when you post and talk too much about your relationship online, it can be toxic.

"I hit a rocky point in my relationship about a year and a half in. We were having a really hard time communicating. I felt like I had to post online about how great my partner was because I was trying to convince myself too," one person said.

How they react to different opinions.

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"How open they are to differing opinions. There are certain people who immediately jump to the defensive or shut down the whole discussion when they disagree with something, instead of having an actual conversation on it," someone added onto the Reddit thread.

How they treat servers.

Unsplash | Sasha • Stories

Someone said that judging someone on how they treat people in customer service is a good reason to judge them.

Essentially many people can be rude and disrespectful to the staff and other employees in the customer service industry, especially when they do not deserve it.

The way they treat animals.

Unsplash | Marko Blažević

"The way people treat animals. I'm an Indian I have seen my fair share of abuse of street dogs and other domestic animals. The way people care for their pets or in general any animal. If I have a pack of biscuits and I see a stray puppy that's looking at me, I'll always empty out the packet for it to eat," another said.

People who don't wash their hands.

Unsplash | Mélissa Jeanty

People say that if you use the bathroom in a public place and you don't wash your hands, they want to tell the entire world about it.

They feel like it's their job to let other people know that you are full of germs.

Parents who don't seem to care.

Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

"How some parents let their kids crawl around on the floor of a restaurant. The floor is disgusting and this is also extremely dangerous.

Also, parents who let their 2-year-old have three big cups of coke or sweet tea. That is an enormous amount of sugar and caffeine for a teeny child," someone said.

How their dogs act.

Unsplash | James Barker

"The behavior of their dog. There are of course allowances for dogs that were adopted/rescued that weren’t trained for a period of their lives, and some dogs have reactive behavior that’s difficult to overcome even with diligent work.

However, if the only reason your dog is a little shit is because you don’t care enough to train them right, I’m sitting here in judgment," one person added.

How much attention someone needs.

Unsplash | Gabe Pierce

Many agree that if people are doing too much to grab the attention of others, it comes off as weird. Especially if they are in a small group or room, it can be toxic and too much.

"I’m always thinking ‘there are more people in this world than you."

FaceTiming in public places.

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"Taking video/FaceTime calls walking around the grocery store. Generally any public speaker phone/broadcast of their private [explicit] like conversations and music. What the [explicit] have we come to with the combo of disregard for others and the narcissism," someone said.

Cheating on others.

Unsplash | Deon Black

A lot of people think that it's a no-brainer to judge others for cheating in relationships.

Many say they lose respect for someone else if they find out that they have cheated on their significant other in a relationship.

How you acknowledge your mistakes.

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"Inability to acknowledge your mistake. Everyone is a human, everyone makes them, but some people would rather go down a wormhole than accept it. It is the type of people i cant trust as they are not honest even with themselves," one person said.

The wallpaper on your cell phone.

Unsplash | Eugene Chystiakov

"One of my friends straight up had a picture of themself as their phone wallpaper. In the moment I saw it, it was the funniest and most narcissistic thing at the time. Looking back, it's so conceited," one person said on Reddit.