20 Surprises We Were Lucky To Catch

Life can throw absolutely anything your way at any moment. No warning, no moment for you to prepare, just the wildest things when you least expect it, leaving you a little stunned and maybe even changed forever.

No one knows this better than the people featured on this list, who encountered some sudden surprises of their own and were lucky to catch them on camera.

"This group we came across in a forest casually hiking in medieval outfits."

The commitment up until the shoes is so funny to me. I don't blame them of course, they need comfortable footwear!

"L-shaped pool table."

I never considered playing field variations like this. Circular football fields. Spiral dartboards. Heart-shaped hockey rinks.

'My flight today has a dead person aboard."

The top comment on this post was someone ominously saying, "It is much more common than you think," which I will now think about every time I fly for the rest of my life.

"I saw them testing Amazon drones while walking in ATL."

Speaking of ominous, I feel like this would be a little startling to see. They're making their approach to the city, run!

"Saw a knight in the park the other day."

He's sad because the crew from the first picture didn't wait up for him. Armor is heavy and stiff, he couldn't walk as fast!

"Flies Swarming a Gas Station."

This one's a real doozey. The longer you look at it, the worse and worse it gets until it becomes nightmare-inducing.

"A rabbit photobombed my picture of the dessert I made."

This does look like a dessert a woodland fairy or cottage witch would make, so maybe he considered you a friend and wanted to snag a slice.

"The reflection makes it look like I'm transporting plants in my van."

More than that, it looks like you've got a whole forest in there, spooky lighting and everything!

"This ad for Dance Therapy I found while out on a date."

I was on the fence about it, but after seeing those before and after pics, I've got to try this out!

"Looks like his legs are in the cart."

He's just a kid at heart, nothing wrong with that! Well, there might be soon, if he has no one to push him he's just going to get stuck.

"This glitched out Mr clean bottle."

He'll clean your surfaces but corrupt your hard drive, you have to decide if that trade-off is worth it.

"These ducks look like a bride and groom."

I hear for their honeymoon they're visiting the marsh. A real upgrade from the local pond.

"My dog matches the dog on this box."

It's nice to see the media finally promoting some good role models for young dogs.

"There was a massive pirate ship driving around my neighborhood."

I hope you locked your doors, who knows what houses they were trying to plunder!

"I was sweeping and accidentally created a Bob Ross painting with trees and a mountain."

If you do it by accident without even using brushes, does that make you even more skilled? Or is it evidence that the talent lays dormant within you?

"My wife and I had plane snacks that matched our books on our way to our honeymoon."

Now, this is some serendipity if I've ever seen it. Everything perfectly aligned!

"Our cookout in Gatlinburg, TN was interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food."

Well, it was very nice of you to set out his dinner for him. Like a surprise party, but the surprise was on your end instead of his.

"My new sandal has a built in bottle opener."

This has to be one of the most convenient, efficient design ideas I've ever seen. We've peaked as a species.

"My cat’s paws make a heart when put together."

He wears his heart on his sleeves, but not in his face — he's looking a little angry.

"My dog’s toy has another toy inside it for when she tears apart the first one!"

Talk about getting a bang for your buck. They know you have a tiny, vicious dog and want to make that experience easier for you.

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