29 Messed Up Pictures That Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

Do you ever look at a picture that fills you with nothing but terror? For some, the instinct may be to look a way. But for a lot of us, we can never stop staring.

There's just something so fascinating about the truly nightmarish images out there. We have to hand it to the people who are brave enough to go out and snap those shots. I know for sure I never could.

"Donald Duck and his nephews fused into a toilet."

It's not so much the fact that this bathroom has a clear theme it's going for. It's the fact that it's trying to accomplish that theme in the most terrifying way possible.

Donald Duck and his nephews shouldn't be on toilets in the first place, but the fact that they look like, well, this, is just wrong.

SpongeBob barbecue.

Whoever made this clearly didn't think it through. I'm actually unsure what the creepiest part of this image is: is it the freakishly long limbs, the vacant stare, or the fact that SpongeBob looks like he's been burned to a crisp?

Either way, that's gonna be a no from me.

"Michelin Men in the 1920s."

Sometimes, it just feels like mascots from a hundred years ago were intentionally made to give kids (and adults) nightmares for months. If I saw one of these Michelin Men standing in front of me, I'd probably run for my life. They're so weird in a way that I can't really describe.

"Looking through my deceased grandma's photos when I found this."

It looks like grandma had some rather... interesting tastes. Seriously, though. What is that? Some kind of life-sized vampire doll?

The way it's sitting among all that furniture in that darkly-lit room, all while being captured in what looks like an old-ish photograph is triggering my fight or flight response.

Forbidden hot dog shop.

Oh yeah, this seems like a perfectly normal establishment. And it definitely doesn't look like the kind of place where, if you entered, you wouldn't be able to come back out. Yep. Totally legit store. I believe it.

(Seriously though, if I came across this, I'd probably run the other way.)

"Coconut crabs are the largest land-living arthropod in the world."

I won't lie, I feel kind of bad for all the ugly animals out there. Most insects, centipedes, arthropods... including these creepy crabs. It's not their fault they're so frightening to look at.

I feel like if I saw anything like this near my home, I'd never go outside again.

"A cougar asleep in a kitchen sink."

This is probably the last thing anyone would ever want to come home to. Nothing says, "pack your things and stay at a hotel for the rest of your life," quite like finding a large cat invading your kitchen. I feel kind of bad for whoever has to get it out of there.

"An octopus with 32 tentacles."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "octo" part in octopus is supposed to mean eight, right? As in, eight legs? So how did this one end up with four times as many? Is that even allowed? As if the ocean isn't scary enough without these things crawling around in it.

"This snake was wrapped around my door handle as I tried to leave for the day."

Now that's one way to make sure you're awake in the morning. I wonder how the snake would react if you tried to open the door while it's perched on the handle? Hopefully it isn't venomous or anything, but I would still be keeping my distance if I were them.

A true nightmare.

I understand that kid's pain all too well. In all honesty, there's something kind of creepy about the Teletubbies in general. But this costume takes that creepiness and ups it by like a million.

Definitely not the kind of mascot you'd want your kids to take a picture with.

Okay, I'm just confused...

This one is less nightmare fuel and more stressful. No human being should ever try to sit or lay down on the bottom shelf of a shopping cart. That's an accident waiting to happen. And yet, it's kind of hard to look away from it all.

"Big pile of caterpillars."

This doesn't really look like much. That is, until you look closer and realize that there are hundreds of caterpillars perched on that tree trunk. I know that caterpillars aren't usually a huge danger to people, but it's still so creepy. Why are there so many of them!?

"Spiderwebs after a flood. Victoria, Australia."

Considering this is in Australia, you just know that the spiders that made these webs are massive. Bigger than any spider has any right being. That in itself is enough to send shivers down my spine.

There are so many webs, too. Is this, like, what happens after any flood? Creepy.

Fountain of the frog children.

I have a lot of questions, but I just know there are no legitimate answers that can explain this. Why do the kids in this fountain all have frog heads? And are they... okay? The one laying down in the middle doesn't seem like they're doing too well.

"I have been losing my mind over how my work shoes are always spotless in the morning after being out on my porch overnight."

"I wore different shoes to work last night and I found out why when I came home. There were about 50 and they only exist because of flour on my shoes"

Apparently, the best way to clean your shoes is to leave them outside overnight. If you're lucky, a hoard of slugs will clean them off for you. And it totally isn't creepy at all!

This toilet.

I don't know what it is about this toilet, but it's probably going to appear in my nightmares tonight. Why is it wavy like that? Would that even be comfortable to sit on? It just feels so wrong in a way that's a little hard to articulate.

"Doll eating spaghetti."

Old dolls are creepy. Every single one of them. There are literally no exceptions to this.

And just when I thought they couldn't get any worse, someone decided to make a doll look like it's eating spaghetti. Creepy, and just plain gross.

"This colorful Charger."

When I was a kid, my parents would always tell me to never get into a stranger's car (which is still very solid advice). As an adult, I'm somehow even more scared of strangers' cars. Or maybe I'm just scared of this one. It's like a nightmare on wheels.

"That is a live baby goat, there's also a bunny on the roof too."

I'm going to assume that this vehicle is no longer driven anywhere. The roof rack has been on there long enough that the green paint was actually just put right on top.

"Safety first!"

The sheer stupidity of using stacked crates instead of a ladder is bad enough, but then you realize that he's climbing up to a power line and you just really hope that his shoes have rubber soles.

Not that they'd help much with that kind of voltage.

"Huge Wasp nest inside my bathroom wall."

Nope nope nope.

I know that if you leave them alone, wasps will mostly ignore you, but I draw the line at having them in the walls of my home. That's just plain wrong.

"*Cosmoderus femoralis* is a type of armored cricket found in Cameroon."

I have no idea how to feel about this bug. On one hand, those shiny, spiky legs are going to be a no from me.

And yet, the face is kind of cute...

"My university is burning 20 minutes into New Year."

Well...happy new year? I suppose it depends on how this person's school year was going.

If it's been a rough one, then maybe the is a blessing in disguise.

"Cabin in Alaska for rent, lovely view."

What a thing to wake up to. Just seeing a polar bear wandering outside your cabin would be cool, but kind of scary.

This is just plain terrifying.

"Random piece of metal flew through my windshield on the interstate yesterday."

It looks like a drawer glide from a filing cabinet or something. Maybe someone was moving offices and it fell off the truck?

Whatever the reason, I am of the generation where I see anything like this and my first thought is of Final Destination 2.

"Found this clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied like this to a grate."

We've all probably seen that one horror movie about the clown that hides in sewers (if you know, you know). That was pretty scary on its own. So we absolutely do not need clowns in *actual sewers. At least this one is just a mannequin (hopefully).

"A guy comes back from work to find this in his living room."

It looks like one of those optical illusion paintings, but that is actually a three meter (9.8 feet) hole that opened up in a person's living room.

That's more than enough to merit breaking one's lease, right?

"Remember the video of the bear encounter in Mexico? The girl actually took a selfie."

Lest you think that maybe there's a zoo enclosure or something out of frame, there isn't. This bear really did wander up to a group of people on the road, and one of the women really did pause to take a selfie.

Here's the video.

"Coconut crabs are attracted to the smell of food."

The worst part about this image isn't even the crab hoard itself. It's the fact that several people are sitting around this table seemingly unfazed.

How can you exist anywhere near these large, creepy crabs, and not feel frightened for your life? I'll never understand some people.