30 People Who Are Clearly Going Through Some Stuff

We all have periods of time where the world can get on top of us, for whatever seemingly asinine or ridiculous reason it may be!

So, from knights who were experiencing an existential crisis to cowardly lions who were feeling even more cowardly than usual, here are 30 people who are clearly going through some stuff!

"My friend had a family emergency so I agreed to watch his dog (who looks like mine). Mine was extremely unimpressed by her doppleganger."

I don't think that I have ever seen a dog look more unimpressed...or look more like Pennywise!

"When you are from Arizona and think 70 degrees on the beach in Cali doesn't require sunscreen. I hurt."

This guy is so red that it looks like he should be sat in a tank at a high-end seafood restaurant waiting for someone to boil him alive.

"Some awful things must have went down at this car wash..."

What in God's name could possible go so wrong at a car wash that they have such strong emotions at it closing down?!

"The cowardly lion has seen some things…"

That face and the fact that he is actually chained up paint a somewhat unsettling scene here!

"There was a massive pirate ship driving around my neighborhood."

Some people buy convertibles or motorbikes when they go through a mid-life crisis, but I want to buy a pirate ship.

"Our cookout in Gatlinburg, TN was interrupted by a bear who sat just like a human at the picnic table while he finished off our food."

This is heartbreaking. He looks like he is just waiting for friends to turn up and eat with him!

Dear God, Pikachu! What Happened?

Those eyes are unforgettable, eyes that will absorb your very soul if you stare into them.

"Seattle right now."

At temperatures like that, all you should be doing is lying in a cold bath with a gin and tonic.

"Never stick your head in a hole on a tree to 'just see what's in it.'"

So...what was inside? This guy is also incredibly lucky that none of those hit him in the eyes!

"Boyfriend decided to try out a new hairdresser."

It looks as though this guys is now ready to do one hell of a good Stranger Things cosplay.

"When the Tiger Shark you're photographing swims off with your camera rig."

This shark just wants to take a few selfies! Sharks have social media profiles too guys!

"When you order Spongebob on wish."

Well, I know what I'll be talking to my therapist about next week...all of the nightmares that this monstrosity will doubtlessly inspire!

"Ordered the cake on the left and received the cake on the right...Elmo has seen better days."

Elmo looks like he's had a rough night out! Actually, he looks like he's had a hundred rough nights out on the trot!

"This cat has seen some stuff..."

This cat looks like he is completely sick of having his photo taken. I wonder what it is that makes his fur like that?

"This barber has some strong opinions!"

This looks kind of like the haircut that the sister in Fleabag gets. It's very French!

"Saw a knight in the park the other day."

I feel like this guy has just finished all of the side-quests he had available and now has nothing left to do.

"This cart is a little shocked!"

I feel as though I can hear the screams coming from this cart just by looking at this picture!

Feline Flashbacks...

Someone who had a similar experience added, "My bf walked in on his cat in this exact scenario, and his cat just looked up at him like 'whelp! guess we have to move now...'"

"One of my garden gnomes sadly passed away this year. So with the help of my crafty neighbour, we are holding a funeral service in his honour for the rest of summer."

Pour out a cold bottle of weed killer for the little guy, I guess? This is certainly one way to deal with the loss of a member of the garden family.

"Haha Classic Forklift Operators"

I really don't get this shirt. Is being a forklift operator really so controversial? Is somebody pressuring this guy to, I don't know, lift things with a spoon instead?

"Making kids smile is my passion."

This can only go two ways: either the kid is going to love that makeup and freaking out the other kids, or there will be tears. But either way, you have to respect the artistry.

"Wendy's crushing souls before their first day."

Holy smokes, somebody get Wendy a frosty so she can chill out. At least hire some folks so they can figure out on their own how awful customer service is. No reason to destroy anybody's spirits any faster than that!

"This game is easier than I remember"

Well sure it's easier, Waldo has completely given up. Can you blame him, though? Everybody's always asking "Where's Waldo?" but never "How's Waldo?"

"My cat usually showers with me but decided to hop in with my fiancé this morning instead. Some things can't be unseen."

I am frankly floored that there is a cat out there who willingly gets into a shower!

"Funny gym advert in London"

Looks like the good folks at Gym Box are done sugarcoating things — which, in terms of nutrition, is a good thing, but for advertising, might be a bit too existential. But I guess it got some attention, so the ad worked!

"I’m not even mad I guess I had a complicated order"

If anything is certain, it's that they didn't go to Burger King, because they would have been able to get their meal their way, right away. At least, that's what we've all been led to believe.

"That is certainly one use for them."

Hey, whoever made that label at least knows their priorities. They don't want their blood sucked, and neither do I, so good on them for pointing out that garlic is good for more than just date-ruining breath.

"This should be interesting"

Reddit | MadderHatter32

So, uh, maybe this place should just go with one of those funny signs to attract business instead of this. I mean, sure, it would attract a certain sort of brave clientele, I suppose, but there are a lot of implements in there designed to clip and trim, you know?

"The pool really hates David for, well…"

Okay, what exactly did David do to shut the pool down? No, wait, I don't think I want an honest answer to that. It's never anything fun.


Based upon my experience with being towed, this note would do nothing but fuel their desire to make my day worse in any way possible!

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