13 Creative Embroidery Designs That Deserve To Be Seen

There is one art form I've always admired, and that's embroidery. When done right, it can look so good. I honestly wish I had the patience to devote my time to something like that.

But for now, I'm going to admire those who have mastered it. And I think you're going to really dig these ideas here, too. So check them out.

1. This Incredible Scene

Oh my goodness, how beautiful is this work here? I can't get over all the pretty colors, too. And don't even get me started on all the details. I would so hang this up on one of my walls.

2. This Bowl Of Ramen

"My girlfriend just passed away but this was the last thing she embroidered. It's a bowl of ramen, our favorite thing to eat together. This was her favorite subreddit, I hope you all enjoy it" this Redditor shared. Awe, how amazing is this?

3. This Embroidery Lesson

I don't know about you, but I would find something like this very useful. This person made a little reference piece for their future embroidery projects. No more guessing how many strands they should use and regretting it later.

4. This 'Simpsons' Homage

If you're a fan of The Simpsons, I bet you'll get such a kick out of this fun piece. The talented person who did it never realized how much time it would take. But as you can see, the result was totally worth it.

5. This Koi Pond

If your sister was a huge fan of koi fish, would you make her something like this? Well, that's exactly what this lady did here, and I bet her sister is going to be pretty blown away by it.

6. These Figures In A Pool

Isn't it so cool how this person interpreted two people swimming in a pool? I love the technique they used to make them look as if they were submerged in water. Apparently, their inspiration was the Sims game.

7. This Farewell Gift

"My best friend eloped AND moved to a new city! Very happy to give them this gift to remember some wonderful things that happened during this otherwise difficult year." Awe, what a thoughtful friend, huh?

8. This Sweater

I would absolutely love it if somebody could embroider a sweater for me like this since I can't do it myself. What a lovely addition. Am I right? It makes the sweater so much prettier, and I adore it.

9. This Colorful Fish

If you were looking for a bold embroidery design, I think you have found it here. The colors of this gorgeous piece are absolutely mesmerizing. Aren't they? I can't get over what people can accomplish with some thread.

10. This Amazing Piece

I honestly don't know how people do this, but this is absolutely stunning. Isn't it? I really wish somebody could make a likeness of me so I can hang it up somewhere. Would that be too vain? Hee-hee!

11. This Cute Ducky

I have to admit this little diving duck has stolen my heart. It literally looks like it just hit the water. The emerald fabric was such a beautiful choice, and it adds amazing contrast. And the bubbles are a great touch, of course.

12. This Cat's Cradle Design

If you remember playing Cat's Cradle as a kid, this will bring a smile to your face. It was such a long time ago, but I think I have a vague recollection of it too, hee-hee.

13. This Beautiful Landscape

Reddit | u/Lov3sther

It's quite amazing how people can capture the changing colors of a landscape such as this one. I have to say I love everything about this beautiful piece here. When I look at this work, I feel like I'm already there.

Oh wow, are you in awe of these embroidery designs as much as I am?

Unsplash | Nathana Rebou├žas

It's pretty incredible what talented folks can do with just a needle and thread. I so wish I had skills like these. It might be a lost art, but I certainly do appreciate it.