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30 Solutions That Look Stupid But Work

Not everybody is a born innovator, some of us have to rely on the ingenuity of others to get through life. However, some individuals never give up on their dreams of being a world-class inventor, no matter how unlikely the odds.

So, from people who used garage doors for bizarre things to individuals who "fixed" their laptops themselves, here are 30 solutions that look stupid but work.

"Matched paint and everything."

It's pretty good, but I don't know if they really have enough space. Maybe they might need a matching trailer as well?

That's No Ordinary Exhaust...

The individual who posted this wrote, "That my fellow Delawareans is a mailbox exhaust tip… I first thought he had backed over a mailbox but it's actually bolted on."

Quick Mirror Fix!

It is a lot better than not being able to see behind you at all though. The hot pink is a nice color choice as well!

"I made a Watermelon Boat!"

So, if you're ever stuck on an island with only a watermelon and small boat parts, this is how you send for help!

"Guess what this does?"

The person who posted this went on to add, "If you said starts the car you would be correct."

"Given lumber prices, that repair might be worth more than the car."

"Can we buy a galleon now that the car is ruined?"

"For the last time, Dave, no galleons!"

"Fine, I guess I'll just turn this into half a galleon then!"

"How to fix a collapsing balcony."

Yep, those are tree stumps it would appear. I have a lot of faith in the power of nature, but not this much faith!

"Does anybody else do this or am I the only crazy one?"

I am both aghast at the idea of this and also annoyed that I never thought of doing it first!

"No air conditioning? Easy fix!"

Who needs your car to look good when you're cooler than anyone a temperature sense that is.

"Forgot to get a fork for my salad while on the job. Only took a few zip-ties and tape."

I would probably have just used my hands, but whatever floats your boat! Some people just like that extra zip-tie flavor on their food!

"How to cool your A/C..."

Or just buy a bigger a/c unit to cool these a/c units. But then what will cool the bigger a/c unit, an even larger a/c unit perhaps? I think I'm stuck in a loop.

The Manual Chainsaw!

Okay so I know that this would never work, but by God I would love to see someone give it a go!

"Yup. One even has a filling."

Are you sick and tired of chewing your food in your mouth like some kind of loser? Then here is the solution to your problem!

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved peak engineering."

Look, I am sure that this thing works absolutely perfectly...but at what cost to your car's interior?!

"I built this monstrosity of an air purifier out of 2 filters, a box fan, and boredom."

It sure as hell isn't the prettiest thing I've seen someone build, but I can't see why it wouldn't work?

"I upgraded my 14 inch laptop to a 17 inch!"

I kind of love this, and I love how mad it would drive the local nerds...he said, ill-advisedly discounting himself from the bracket of "local nerds."

"Years ago I made this little creature thing by melting soda bottle labels with a lighter and fusing them all together."

This is genuinely horrific. I cannot help but think that it has walked right out of a '70s Doctor Who episode.

"Garage Door..."

It is pretty lucky that this garage door fitted this truck so perfectly! They must have just had a spare lying around as everyone does.

"This is how I mowed my lawn in 100 degree heat."

I would much rather sit under this weird creation than sit in the baking sunlight!

"The chicken stroller..."

Look, sometimes you just want to take your chicken for a walk in the safest way possible!

"I can't even..."

One thing is absolutely for sure, they managed to get all of the toner out of it! Which I am guessing was their aim?

"Didn't have a car jack so I dug a hole."

I think that parking a car over a hole that I was lying in would feel a little too much like being buried alive for my liking.

"User spilt coffee on his laptop — so he put it in the oven to dry it out..."

They accomplished what they set out to achieve, there's no water left in it that's for sure. Not sure if it'll still work though.

"'But I like it this way, it's convenient.' — my tech savvy aunt.'

One horrified person added, "I was about to say 'are phones really [that] thin these days' until I realized what they actually did. Jesus I feel sorry for that phone."

"Had to shave my back hair yesterday."

I am sure that they managed to do a very neat job with this precise-looking contraption! Although, this person did add, "I'll probably invest in something a little less stabby next time."

"Taking a picture of the Mona Lisa..."

Everyone has a picture of the Mona Lisa, but not everyone has a picture of someone taking a picture of someone taking a picture of the Mona Lisa!

Nice Doorstop!

Better to find a use for something than just letting it go to waste I suppose?!


There is nothing worse than waiting for a train when your phone is dead! Well, there are some worse things...but not many!

"I call these my 'summer decorations'."

Again, nothing is a stupid solution if it helps to keep you cool during a heat wave!

"That's one way to support pride month..."

It is the thought that counts! Also, at least when it is hanging out the window no one will be subjected to playing Twister inside, what a weird game.

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