30 Fails That Should Go In The Fail Hall Of Fame

Life can be quite tricky at times. Although, some individuals have a habit of making even the simplest of tasks needlessly difficult.

And so, from people who made eye test results impossible to read to individuals who forgot the supposedly unforgettable, here are 30 fails that should go in the fail hall of fame.

"This misprinted Patient Consent Form I got from my eye doctor."

I wonder if this is just a really cruel extra test? They'll definitely need glasses after staring at this!

"At least they tried..."

That is kind of impressive actually, you'd have thought that the smell of burning plastic would have given it away.

"And then he realised, he is not a cat."

I love the expression on his face, as though he's saying, "Well, I didn't think this through, but I'm not going to let it dampen my mood!"

"This chimney right in front of a window spotted in historic Yorktown, VA."

I always thought that views were overrated anyway, who needs to see the world or have natural light?

"Handicapped-accessible ramp in Germany."

They were so close to making this an effective ramp, and then they just couldn't resist putting some stairs right at the end.

"Wonder what the builders were thinking. Those are small balconies with NO DOORS."

I think the problem was that the builders weren't thinking anything at all. They look like they'd be terrifying to stand on even if you did get onto one.

"These gas pipes in my country are a perfect example of low effort job."

There has to be a rational explanation for this...or a completely irrational explanation at the very least?

"Exhibitionists galore."

"I thought we'd go for a more Art Deco approach to the stall doors!"

"You can try and mask it all you want, we all know you're just a creep Dave."

"It's art!!!"

"Found this in a university building."

"Can you explain why you didn't choose our university?"

*Gestures broadly towards this fan...

"Just hit the tree, cyclist, just hit it."

Maybe you will phase through it and find yourself at Platform 9¾. It's more than likely though that you'll just go careering into a tree.

"There was an attempt to make a chicken bucket themed cake."

The chips are actually pretty impressive, but those "chicken wings" really don't look like chicken!

"Peak irony..."

I think that someone might have seen this statement as more of a challenge than the rest of us.

"R.I.P. to my man Owen."

And it looks like that lock has been on there for a long time, I wonder if Owen ever managed to break free of the friend zone?

"Guys, we should put some railings here. Someone might fall in."

I wonder how long it took for them to install these railings? All of that time spent, completely wasted.

"Bought a $150 cat tree for this to happen."

Aha, yet another poor sucker who fell for the "Your cat will love playing with this" trick! Classic.

"My bank sent me 28 letters in the mail to inform me I have opted out of receiving paper statements."

"Do you think he got the message about not receiving any more letters?"

"I'm not sure, better send him another letter to check."

"This fly is sitting on one of my fly trap's closed traps."

You know that this Venus Fly Trap is absolutely furious, all while this fly whistles and taunts its predator.

Is That The Expression?

Maybe they mean that you should actually try and do something with your life as opposed to just listening to Ted Talks?

"Thinking of an 'I' animal was too hard."

I mean, they could have even just put "Insect"! It's right there on the page!

Is Someone Going To Tell Them...?

And this sort of thing is why you should always pay attention in Math class when you're at school!

"Really weird toy..."

The sign that calls him, "The Furniture Of Law Enforcement" is the part that I really love.

"Finger licking good!"

"Dave, I need to talk to you about the sign you put up on the nappy aisle."

"What about it?"

"I think you know..."

"Life's Goo!"

Wow, what a really creepy and unsettling company name they have got right there!

"Paper Straw, Plastic Wrapper… What Was The Point?"

Because they damn well want to, that's why, now stop asking questions!

"Went in our supply closet. Looks like we forgot to give these out."

Oh dear, that really isn't a very good sign. This is pretty damn ironic, in the worst possible way!

It Was Almost Inclusive!

One person added, "How hard is it to get a little 1/4" brass punch and tap the back of the paper in the spots to create a raised texture in the paper. It's not AR500 steel, it's paper. It's not that hard to create a raised surface on paper..."

"My friend spotted Kelsey Grammer in a bar and tried to sneak a pic, but totally got caught."

If you're going to fail at something, then make sure that you fail in a way that leaves you with a picture as cool as this!

"Another interesting combo from the great minds at Heinz."

This looks like it would not only taste horrendous, but would also do horrendous things to your insides.

That's Not Sending Out The Right Message If You Read It Wrong!

I can see what they want it to say, but it really doesn't come across like that — especially when they open that back door!


I actually really like this name, can we all start calling them dirbs now instead of birds?