13 Times People Found Something They Couldn't Quite Identify

I haven't moved enough times to have stumbled upon unusual finds in my home left by the previous owners. But I'm always amazed when I see other people trying to identify certain objects.

Be it something you encountered in your home or some other place, it's always an interesting mystery to unveil. That's exactly what these folks tried to do here.

1. This Tubular Thing

So, what would you think if you found this tubular object in your garden? Would you guess it was some kind of an old bomb? Gee, I hope not. As it turns out, it's only a sprinkler head, ha, ha!

2. This Weird Plate

This person lives in a house built in the '70s, and they found these plates in pretty much every room. What the heck is it for, huh? Apparently, the three-prong ones were for TV and FM antennas. And the center one was for an antenna rotator to get better reception.

3. This Funky Object

This small, triangular metal shovel/scoop is attached perpendicularly to a wooden handle. Do you know what its purpose is? You can actually use it to open, and/or ream a hole in a barrel (like a wine barrel). Interesting!

4. This Object Found On A Hike

Oh my goodness, is this a buried robot? Ha, ha! It looks like a robotic arm or something like that. Nope, it's only an avalanche breaker installed in mountainous areas for the hikers' safety. Mind blown!

5. This Metal Thing

This small metal box with two lids that flip up and more metal underneath baffled whoever found it. What is it, you ask? It's an ink stamp. You can fold it up and pull it out to see the stamp. Aha!

6. This Strange Apparatus

Somebody found this odd-looking object in a production kitchen, and they were pretty baffled by it. Well, it's actually a blade and handle from a parsley grinder. People do say cooks use many tools in the kitchen. Am I right?

7. This Wooden Clamp

I get that this must be some sort of a clamp, but what's its purpose? As it turns out, this is an antique primitive stitching horse clamp. You use it to clamp down a piece (e.g. a wallet, strap, bag) for saddle stitching. Nice!

8. This Wooden Instrument

Yes, we can all agree that this is some kind of instrument, but what kind? The smart folks at Reddit identified it pretty fast. It's a balalaika, a Russian stringed instrument. I would love to hear it played.

9. These Scissors

No, these aren't some ordinary scissors. After all, they have a spoon on one side. So what could you use them for, huh? Well, do you like to eat pineapples? You can use them to remove the eyes of pineapples.

10. This Glass Orb With Liquid Inside

Somebody found this glass orb with liquid inside, but they had no idea what it was. As it turns out, it's a "firebomb," an old fire extinguisher. It needs to be disposed of as hazardous waste, by the way.

11. This Object That Resembles A Kettle

Somebody thought this object looked like a kettle, and boy were they wrong. Do you know what this could be used for, huh? Well, it's a portable men’s urinal for bedbound patients. I hope they didn't use it as a kettle, ha, ha!

12. This Odd Object That Beeps

So, this object beeps when the two outer prongs are connected. What do you know, it’s a liquid level sensor for people with vision problems. It tells them when their cup/glass is full. That's pretty amazing, huh?

13. This Tool

If you think this object might've been used in some kind of sewing capacity you wouldn't be far off. It's actually a plastic version of the old Speedy Stitcher. It helps you sew through heavy materials like leather and such.

Oh man, how strange were all these objects, huh?

I don't think I would have been able to guess their purpose without the help of trusted Reddit ha, ha! How about you? Are you great at identifying odd objects like these?

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