20 Times People Made Ridiculous Mistakes

No one likes to think of themselves as the kind of person who is prone to making mistakes, and yet the world is full of such individuals.

And so, from people who stabbed holes where there shouldn't be holes in things to individuals who didn't think their signs through, here are 20 people who made ridiculous mistakes!

"I mean, really!?"

That glass is nowhere near frosted enough! It's pretty much transparent, what kind of creep installed this?

A Statement Piece!

Look, I'm not knocking Scooby Doo by any means, but this is not something that I would ever want to get on my body!

I Really Don't Think That Is What They Meant...

"Okay Mr. Jones your eyes appear to be... Oh, Christ, put your trousers back on!"

"'Oh, sorry, I thought this was part of the service."

"Quality dones take attention to detail though."

I like to think that they meant this as a deliberate joke, but flooring companies aren't really known for their sense of humor are they?

Is This Really Necessary?

Obviously people need hand sanitizer, but does one man really need to perform this task?!

"Installed the stove, boss."

Do you like to cook while also giving yourself a headache? Then look no further than this appliance!

"This misprinted Patient Consent Form I got from my eye doctor."

At the eye doctors of all places as well! I wonder if they circled "yes"for double vision?

"The and the fast furious."

I suppose that they were always going to run out of ways of slightly altering the title eventually!

"Was it that hard to make the 'e' black."

I don't know, I kind of think that, "he's ok because he lid," has a pretty nice ring to it.

"Installed the sign, boss!"

I hope that this is a mistake, otherwise I dread to think what is going on in that bathroom!

"Found in a thrift shop, you are what?"

I've been reading this over and over again and I cannot work out what it is trying to say.

Great Idea!

In fairness, hippies have been waiting patiently for the "system" to fail for a long time now, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

"Anyone wanna buy some forniture?"

They probably decided to keep this blunder up as they got it at a discounted rate due to the abysmal spelling mistake.

"Construction sign designed to kill the stupid."

"Dave, this sign is the wrong way around."

"Err...yeah, I was just testing you! You passed!"

"You're sweating an awful lot there, Dave..."

Is That Sending The Right Message?

Seems kind of like the people who put this banner up are big into drugs actually. Always remember to say no to saying no to drugs!

"Found this in a university building."

I can't say that I am a fan of this design choice...

See what I did there? It's funny because "fan" means two things! Well, it's not really funny but there we go.

"The Latest Double Mustache Trend."

Sometimes just the one moustache just isn't enough...for some unknowable reason.

"Jimmy neutron head tattoo..."

Wow, the call for people to get massive tattoos commemorating '90s cartoons is much more popular than I'd have thought!

"Installed Anti-Theft tags on collectibles!"

Nothing increases the value of a collectible card quite like having it be stabbed through with a spike!

"Please move your emergency!"

"Help, I've been shot!"

"Well, you really should have waited in the designated emergency area as opposed to coming over here to tell me!"

" an ambulance."

"Sure thing. Just as soon as you get into the designated emergency area!"