21 Genius Product Designs That Definitely Stood Out On The Shelf

Is it just me, or do you swoon over products that have both an attractive design and some kind of function? I tell you, the geniuses that come up with these ideas deserve an award or something like that.

So, I figured it would be awesome if I shared a few of these below. Let's take a look at these gems together. Shall we?

1. This Couch

If you're looking for a couch that's esthetically pleasing to the eye and comes with a function, look no further than this one. I can't believe it actually turns into a bunk bed. What a great idea, huh?

2. This Toilet Paper Holder

Why settle for just a regular toilet paper holder when you can create a cloud on your wall? I can get behind this idea. What do you think? It's definitely a unique way to display it, huh?

3. This Protein Powder Scoop

Isn't it so annoying whenever you have to reach for that protein powder scoop at the bottom of the container? Well, this spoon fits right at the top, so you won't have to get your hands dirty ever again.

4. This Wet Floor Sign

Sure, this business could have settled for a regular "Caution: Wet Floor" signage, but they seem like they're a lot more cheeky than that. I'm really digging this banana peel here. It gets right to the point, aha!

5. This Toothpaste

I don't know about you, but I like to get every single drop of my toothpaste. But squeezing it out can be such a pain in the you-know-what. So this one comes with a handy roller at the end to squeeze out every last drop. VoilĂ !

6. This Book

What do you know, there's a book out there all about chocolate. I can't wait to take a bite out of this one. Oh, wait, it looks like somebody already did that, ha, ha! Isn't this packaging quite brilliant?

7. This Trail Mix

How many people take trail mix when they go on a hike? That's what it's for, right? So it makes perfect sense that this brand of trail mix included a compass in their packaging. How absolutely clever is this?

8. This Tea

I'm already a huge fan of Ahmad Tea. They have delicious flavors. I never knew that some of their tea boxes come with dividers that you can reuse as bookmarks. OMG! I need this in my life.

9. This Hoodie

On a first look, this hoodie doesn't appear all that unusual. However, upon further investigation, you can clearly see that it has headphones threaded through the drawstring. What? I can honestly say that I've never seen that.

10. These Measuring Spoons

We're used to seeing measuring spoons with measurements such as a teaspoon or a tablespoon. Am I right? But I've never seen one that has drops, smidgens, dashes, and such. Oh my gosh. I need a pair of these ASAP.

11. This Bottle Opener

Did you know that the bottle opener can sometimes be called a "perroquet"? Perroquet means a "parrot" in French, so this makes the design quite fitting. Don't you think? I actually had no idea about this.

12. This Toilet Paper Roll

Who says you need to have a hole in the middle of the toilet paper roll? When you could just stick a mini travel packet in there? Isn't this such a better idea and way less wastefulness?

13. This Coffee Table

If you're a fan of retro designs, I bet you're going to get a kick out of this coffee table here. Oh my goodness, it looks just like a cassette, hehe. I need this in my life.

21. These Ceramics

Who here loves ceramics? I'm a big fan myself. So when I saw these, I thought they were the cutest thing I've seen in a while. I don't think I would actually use them, but I love them.

14. This Product Packaging Idea

Can you believe that this snack package has two notches on the bag? That way, you can open it at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking. Wow, that's cool.

15. This Pet Smart Feeder

If you ever need to be away from your pet for the whole day, this is the best gadget. You can synch this smart pet feeder to your phone, so you can dispense food for your furry friend while being away. Nice.

16. This Key Finder

Do you often misplace your keys or other items? Then this product is for you. You can attach this Tile bluetooth finder, and using the app, you can locate your lost item. I bet this will help a lot of forgetful folks.

17. This Help Button

Apparently, in France, some wine markets have a button in order to call a Sommelier. Oh, that's such a great feature. They should install these in all the stores. Don't you think? I'm tired of waiting, lol.

18. This Doorbell

Some people need a little help when they are trying to install something. So the fact that this video doorbell comes with a tiny level is pretty genius. I could definitely use something like that. How about you?

19. This Bookshelf

I'm always looking for a fun way to decorate our house. So I would love to get a bookshelf like this one. I bet this would be one of those conversation pieces whenever you have somebody over.

20. This Nail Polish Bottle

Wouldn't it be so helpful if you could know exactly how the nail polish would look on your nails before you buy the bottle? Well, that's what this company thought of when they added a swatch.

21. This Cake Knife

Get this: Somebody bought this plastic cake knife, and it has a little compartment with a few matches inside to light the candles. Wow! I absolutely love that. How many times did you realize that you forgot to buy matches for that birthday cake, huh?

I've got to tell you I'm super impressed by all these creative designs here.

Not only do they look great, but they come with all these fabulous hidden features too. What more can a person ask for, huh? I can't think of anything, hee-hee!

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