30 People Who Are A Bit Confused

I will never claim to be an expert or master at anything, but I like to think I've got a decent head on my shoulders and a good sense of what's goin' on. Most of the time, anyway.

None of us are immune from the odd slip-up or mistake, it's just that some of us are unfortunate enough to have those slips-ups caught on camera, like the people in this list!

"Two teams of builders building a bike lane 'on the right hand side' [...]."

I love the mental image of neither team looking up at one another until they met in the middle and realized what they had done.

"Nothing to see here, just some of the most confusing signs in existence."

So this door is okay to smoke beside, but wherever the mysterious real entrance is, that one you have to stay away from.

"Technically correct….after ordering 5m of garden hose online for pickup…"

People don't actually use long pieces of hose for anything, right? There's definitely more functionality to be had out of multiple, short pieces.

"My Dad lost his glasses but couldn't miss the game!"

He was probably able to catch more details than the refs did like this, a whole new level of eagle eyes.

"Recently got a kitten, I think her and our dog are finally getting along!"

I can't tell if the dog likes her or not, for they look chill and malicious at the same time. I can definitely tell she doesn't like the dog, though.

"I turned 35 this month and I'm beyond excited."

I know it's a joke and all, but the fact that you could even pretend to be sad in front of a cake that nice is heinous.

"Somethings up in northern Sweden."

Don't act like you don't know exactly what's going on. Now, go put on your Yoshi costume and get in the car.

"How not to secure a door…"

Why not hang the key right on the front just in case the pad malfunctions and you still want people to break in?

"This sticker someone put on the gas pump."

You say 'someone' as if it wasn't the employee at the counter wanting some free entertainment.

"Just hit the tree, cyclist, just hit it."

How far are you willing to go to obey the rules of the road, huh? Willing to risk injury? Death, even?

"My friend sent me a picture of a pizza to show me what kind of crust he likes. I tried to 'play' the video he sent me."

And before I read the title, I, too, fell for the same illusion. We are all of the same mind.

"And then he [realized], he is not a cat."

The window it walked out of is still open... but if this is how you want to do it then hey, go for it.

"[A] gentle NY reminder..."

Theoretically we should all know this but it's worth bringing up every so often, just in case. It can get pretty tense out there.

"I buy my husband a nice new toy, he just wants to play with the box."

We're all familiar with the trope of werewolves doing dog things even in human form, right? Well...all I'm saying is you might want to see what your husband gets up to on full moons, check for any faint meowing sounds.

"My wife’s idea of saving money."

And it's a good idea. These things last a while so you might as well wring all the use out of them that you can.

"Apparently only Service Dogs are allowed to vape at my optometrists office."

Being a service dog can be a stressful gig, they're allowed to have their vices.

"I was taking photos of my friend and the guy in the background decided it was his photoshoot."

He's living his main character fantasy, as he should. That type of confidence deserves the spotlight.

"Amazing advice."

Who knew cornbread would be the new sign of rebellion in this day and age? That's a trend I can get with.

"A Bumblebee got into our house and stung our kitten. Ended up turning her into Thanos."

Thank goodness cats can't snap, but I'd keep an eye on her anyway.

"Was at the Costco earlier todaaay..."

Premium beef is good unless you were under the impression you weren't buying beef, then it's a worrisome surprise.

"Took some work, but he got it."

You can see in his face that now that he has it, he doesn't know what to do next. He never planned for his life beyond this.

"Digital traffic information sign on the freeway today in the PNW."

Have you considered the answer might be 'nowhere'? I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, but I do in my car, it's a nice cool break.

"This is exactly what I needed."

I've seen some gnarly hands, but none that would need a makeshift chisel.

"The last straw."

See, this is the appropriate response. I've seen so many of these where people ask 'oh how do I talk to them about it' and the answer is you don't. You make them face consequences for their heinous, heinous actions.

"I got an empty hot pocket [...]."

Does this make it all hot and no pocket, or all pocket and no hot?

"[My] three year old son found my hair clippers."

I know male pattern baldness can be hereditary, but this seems like some really early onset.

"Gf picking berries and the dog wondering why the bush has legs."

To be fair, if I walked outside to see my mom morphed into a half-tree being, I'd also be pretty concerned.

"I think it is supposed to be a bull, but all I see is a diagram of the female reproductive system."

Either no one caught it, or they caught it far too late, and I can't decide which is funnier.

"My friend had a family emergency so I agreed to watch his dog (who looks like mine). Mine was extremely unimpressed by her doppleganger."

This is some red-flag behavior. You should talk to your dog about her obvious jealousy issues and how they make you feel uncomfortable.

"My four year old hasn't passed human training yet."

That, or they're a demon sent specifically to sow chaos and torment across the land. So far, it's working.