14 Times People Made Discoveries From A Different Era Right In Their Own Homes

Isn't it amazing when people discover hidden treasures in their houses? Has that ever happened to you? I honestly wish it would happen to me.

Perhaps when we buy our house, we might stumble upon a rare find. But for now, I'm going to admire stuff other people have found.

Check out these awesome gems from another era. I think you're going to love them.

1. This Old Monopoly Set

Who here loved playing Monopoly as a kid? We had marathon sessions with my family. So, if I found this Monopoly set from the past I would be quite thrilled. I don't even own any sets right now.

2. This Sewing Machine

This family moved into an old 1950s house, and after a thorough cleaning job, they found this vintage stitch machine from the same era. I bet they made these machines really sturdy back then.

3. This Little Toy Gem

Who here loves vintage toys? Well, how would you feel if you found this little gem here? I absolutely adore it. I wish I have found it myself. It looks like it really stood the test of time, huh?

4. This Old Picture

If you're as fascinated by old black-and-white pictures, I bet you'll get a kick out of this one. I wonder what the guy on the right was saying to that lady. She doesn't look too impressed, ha, ha!

5. These Old Coins

Were you into collecting when you were younger? I was an avid stamp collector. But somehow, I never got into collecting coins. I do, however, have a few from my travels that I've kept around. I think old coins are definitely really cool.

6. This Coin Collection

Speaking of coins, if you thought those were impressive, I'm curious what you think of this find? Somebody found these gold coins from the 1940s. I bet they must be worth a lot, huh? What do you think?

7. These Pictures

The contractors were renovating this person's kitchen cabinets when they stumbled upon something there. As it turns out, these pictures must've fallen behind the cabinets and remained there until this day. Aww, I bet these two were once looking for them.

8. This Retro Wallpaper

This wallpaper style might not be everyone's taste these days, but I would be so excited to make a discovery like this in my home. They really don't make wallpaper like this anymore these days.

9. These Old Cans

I bet the folks who once lived in this house loved their pop. At least judging by the loot the person who lives here found. Well, they didn't fare all too well by the looks of them.

10. This Dress

This lady found a dress in a walled-off secret closet in the bathroom her father is renovating. It must be from the '60s since the house was built in 1965. She actually tried it on then put it back in the wall, ha, ha!

11. This Old Newspaper

This person found an old newspaper from 1934 under the floorboards of their London house. That's such a rare find. Am I right? Wouldn't it be so cool to read the stories featured here? I would love to read this.

12. This Purple Heart

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a real purple heart looks like here. Isn't it so neat? I wonder how it got left behind in a house. It's a great piece of history, that's for sure.

13. This Mother Load

Can you believe somebody actually found a stash of uncashed checks dating all the way back to 1910? Wow! I guess it's not just part of the history of the building where this person lives.

14. This Hidden Shower

Imagine renovating your home and discovering a secret room (or in this case, a shower?). One Reddit user was quite surprised to find this behind their drywall while renovating their 101-year-old home.

How interesting are these house finds here, huh?

Which one surprised you the most? And on that note, have you ever found anything interesting in your home? I would love to know, so feel free to share with all of us below.