People Share The Stupidest Ways They've Injured Themselves

Everyone has an injury story, and practically everyone also has an injury story that involves some level of stupidity.

C'mon, be honest. We've all injured ourselves in a dumb way.

Well, if you don't want to share publicly, you can check out a recent r/AskReddit thread with the title, "What is the stupidest injury you've ever gotten?"

"I once broke my thumb trying to give someone a hug."

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

"Awkwardly caught it on their body and the ligament of my stretched thumb popped off and took some bone with it!"


"In high school as I was leaving I saw a high jump (pad and bar) on the field so I decided to give it a try."

Unsplash | Randy Fath

"When I landed on my back, my knee came down and I gave myself a black eye."


"Leaned forward to look at my face closely in the bathroom mirror."

Unsplash | Михаил Секацкий

"Vertebrae in my lower back slipped out of position. Nine weeks on disability. Then got laid off."


"I once injured my leg by jumping off the back of a moving truck..."

"...so that I wouldn’t be in trouble from riding on the back of a moving truck."


"There's a tool called a hay hook."

Unsplash | Jakob Creutz

"It looks like a big Captain Hook hand, except it's welded to a metal bar. You stab it into small bales of hay to make them easier to drag around.

One day I missed the hay and hit my knee."


"I sneezed."

Unsplash | Zohre Nemati

"It dislodged a herniated disc causing me to collapse and rupturing my vertebrae, crippling me permanently. So yeah, I got crippled with a sneeze."


"A while ago I was riding my bike and saw a rabbit."

"I wasn't watching where I was going and rode off a retaining wall. I got a concussion from that."


"When I was five, I was stepped on by a llama."

Unsplash | Sébastien Goldberg

"My mom said I had a llama foot-shaped bruise on my back for a couple weeks.

They closed the petting zoo after that. When it reopened, they no longer allowed people inside the animal pens."


"As a kid who just learnt how to ride a cycle, I saw my aunty visiting us with a cake in her hand."

"I was so excited I rode hard and fast towards her and forgot to brake. I rode my bike into a wall and broke my hand. On a positive note I got the biggest piece of cake."


"I broke my foot whilst practicing the finishing move in Karate Kid. I was 20."

"I have laughed at my idiot 20-year-old self all day, along with my husband and children. Apparently, I had never told them HOW I broke my foot long ago. They have been highly amused."


"When I was 6 my forehead was really itchy but it was one of those deep itches that you couldn’t really scratch out."

"So my bright six-year-old brain told me to get into an all fours position and try rubbing my forehead into the carpet… well I did that and ended up taking a small layer of skin off that took ages to heal completely."


"Watching American football as a kid."

"My dad missed the play where one of the wide receivers injured his ankle. 'Oh dad, he did this!'. I ended up with the same injury."


"My horse kneed me on my temple by accident, while I was kneeling down, bandaging his leg."

Unsplash | Pieter van Noorden

"He knocked me out cold for a few seconds and I ended up with a very swollen black eye, for about 10 days. He was actually just getting a better footing - not being difficult at all - and it was just a tap, but I looked like I had been KO'ed by Lennox Lewis in Round one."


"Woke up again, looked at the clock, felt a pop and heard a sound in my neck."

Unsplash | Mike Von

"Tortícolis. I had to call my dad to come to the college, help me down three flights of stairs, and take me to the ER. Ruined my whole two-week Christmas break."


"I was playing basketball with some friends one day and the topic of Derrick Rose's ACL tear came up."

"Friend of mine was confused how he could have gotten hurt on that play, so he tried to mimic exactly what Rose did to see if he could feel any pressure in his knee.

...he tore his meniscus."


"I think this time I'll go with the time I broke my arm because I was running and my feet got tangled in my parachute pants."

"I'm adding this because of a lot of the replies I'm getting: this was well before M.C. Hammer was famous. I was wearing a costume -- think Disney's version of Aladdin. Except this was before that, too."


"Well, one time when I was a kid, I was running around the yard, pushing the wheelbarrow."

Unsplash | Ēriks Irmejs

"I hit a big root, went flying forward into the wheelbarrow, and ended up crashing into a tree like 40 feet down hill."


"My sister said, 'Hey! I wanna shoot your BB gun!'"

"So I give it 10 pumps, hand it to her, walk over to the tire and as I'm setting the pop can on the tire, she shoots me in the ass. Took a doctor ten minutes to dig it out."


"Fell through drop ceiling thinking it wasn’t drop ceiling."

"It did NOT hold my weight. In my defense, there WAS a thick layer of dust. However, I did fall 10ft, landed on a cement floor, my back hit first and then my head, I did go to the hospital, I did get all kinds of scans, and I got out of there with no injuries aside from a fractured vertebrae."


"Severed three tendons in my left hand while slicing a bagel."

Unsplash | Florencia Viadana

"Basic tendon repair went over well, but my middle finger got infected. They had to put a tendon from my leg into my hand. Three surgeries over a [expletive] bagel."


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