30 Weird Pics Where The Perspective Is Downright Confusing

Sometimes, our eyes play tricks on us. We might look at a picture that seems to depict one thing, only to realize that it's really showing us something different, possibly because of an optical illusion. And those can get pretty out there.

Even if you pride yourself on being perceptive, you may fall for some of these photos. They go to show that sometimes the strangest image can be explained away as a matter of unusual perspective.

"Visitors guide to heating your whiskey and wine over a cozy fire (2021 edition)."

If you look closely, you may spot what looks like a tray of whiskey burning on an open flame. But, if you look even closer, you'll be able to see that the table is behind the fire pit, it just looks like it's set on top.

Don't worry, though, they seem to be enjoying their trip safely.

The infamous double dog.

It's pretty simple math; two dogs are better than one. But does it still count as two dogs if they're conjoined together? I would argue yes, and they'd both be good boys (or girls), too.

Luckily, this is just two separate dogs that almost look attached to one another, so we don't really have to worry about it.

"Little baby, big arm."

Man, what are they putting in baby formula these days? That kid's arm is huge! I wouldn't want to take them on in an arm wrestling match.

In all seriousness, though, it's always so funny when something like this happens. It really goes to show how perspective can drastically change a scene.

"Napping centaur style."

Obviously, we know that this sleeping dude's body isn't that of a four-legged animal. But it's still so funny to look at. Imagine having a blanket with an image of an animal on it that's just big enough that you could make it look like it was your body. I'd probably take that picture, too.

"Stepping on your own dog to boost your height."

No dogs were harmed in the taking of this photo. It's wild how this girl is standing behind her dog, but the angle makes it look like she's on top of her furry friend. Luckily, though, no actual foot is on top of this very good dog.

"Introducing new, giant cats."

Look at this cat, so large and menacing. Even the second cat in the background looks a little intimidated. It's probably hard enough taking care of a regular-sized cat, so having a big one would probably be even harder.

Oh wait, it's just on a table. Well, that's one less problem we have to worry about.

"Marrying an owl."

How inconsiderate of that owl to fly down at the exact time a wedding photographer was taking a picture of the ceremony!

Now everyone's going to think this poor bride is going to spend the rest of her life in wedded bliss with a nocturnal bird of prey. What a shame.

"My dog’s arms are more forward than they seem in this, making him look ripped."

If a dog gets a good amount of exercise and has a normal diet, you'll probably see a bit of muscle definition on its legs. But dogs aren't usually, like, totally jacked the way this one here seems to be.

Seriously, what a funny perspective. Poor puppy looks like a gym bro.

"My brother and I (both in blue) are the same height! All of our feet are kinda aligned and I’m touching my mums shoulder… "

As unbelievable as it may seem, the two men in the blue shirts in this picture are roughly the same height. And yet, the couple on the right towers over the couple on the left.

If you look closely, though, you can sort of see that the man and woman on the right are a bit elevated, like they're on a slope. They're probably also a bit close to the camera.

"She has her mother’s hands."

Though it may look like this baby has extra long, adult arms, she most likely has regular baby arms. The arms in the picture are those of her mom, who's carrying her on her chest (but you probably didn't need me to tell you that).

I'm sure she'll grow into her arms sooner or later, though.

"Painting of an old basement."

Okay, this one is really cool. If I didn't know it was a painting, I would've figured someone was just holding up a mirror at ground level. If you look closely at the edges of the painting, it even does that border effect some mirrors do where it reflects at a slight angle.

Of course, this is because it is probably, actually, a mirror.

"Way to go down."

This is a pretty clever camera trick. The way the photo was taken makes you think that we're looking at this staircase from the bottom. In reality, that's the top of the stairs looking straight down. What's a little more interesting to me, though, is the fact that those stairs are tiled. How odd.

"Me and my big mouth."

The really funny thing about this photo is the fact that, if you look closely, the woman's mouth is actually open. And then, thanks to the angle, it looks like the woman has an unnaturally large mouth. The timing on this photo is so cool!

"Giant smoking on the beach."

What happens when you take a picture on a cliff that's almost the exact color of the ground below? You get someone who looks like a giant towering over a beach full of tiny patrons.

It must feel powerful, being so large, and watching over all the little people like that.

"At the salon, no head in sight."

This is probably the most trippy photo I've come across so far. It looks like this woman is upright without a head! What's actually happening, apparently, is that she's actually leaning to the side, and her head is just out of view.

Though, a part of me still believes she's some kind of salon ghost.

"Dad being attacked by her daughter for wearing her skirt."

Either this dad is sporting some unusually small legs and a skirt, or his daughter is just standing in such a weird position that it makes it look like her legs are his.

And even though I know in my heart that the latter is true, the former is kind of funny to think about.

"The mythical Anubis."

Perspective is a fickle thing. It can make your dog look funny, or it can make you look headless. Apparently, it can make both happen at once.

I guess the owner of the dog slumped over in their sleep, all while the pup is wide awake and alert. No dog-headed people here.

"Hood of my car."

I... did not know that this was possible. Who knew you could shine your car so well, that it would perfectly reflect whatever's in front of it? It's probably also a really sunny day for the reflection to look that good.

But it really makes you worry for oncoming traffic. Light reflection off this car is probably blinding.

"Yarn on the table or giant yarn on a hardwood floor?"

Also possible: a plethora of trendy knitted pouffes.

Obviously, it's just that the table top looks like hardwood floor and the angle is perfect, but honestly? I'd buy a yarn skein-themed pouffe. It would be adorable in my craft room.

"My daughter, where's the rest of her?! Ohh I see, do you?"

It really looks like half of her is missing. Like she's sunk into quicksand.

What's actually happening is that she's walking on a path and the photographer is on a raised plateau. The edge has a stone wall that's the same color as the brick path.

"Is that dude wearing clothes?"

The tell in this photo is how short the man's thighs would have to be for those to belong to him. The proportions would be all wrong.

He's wearing jeans, but his passenger is wearing shorts, so those are their legs we're seeing.

"It’s actually the road that’s slanted."

We all know that some San Francisco streets are ridiculously steep, but it's only by twisting the camera to be level with the road that you get the full extent of the slant.

I imagine you get used to parking on a road like that, but it makes me slightly nauseated to think about it right now.

"Grinch remake."

Obviously the cat is inside and the tree is reflecting on the window, but all I see is a feline I would not want to mess with.

"I thought the sidewalk was her body."

This isn't just about the placement of the path in relation to where they are standing, but the couple's pose enhances the effect too.

I know it's a classic, romantic wedding pic, but my back hurts just imagining how unbalanced she must be feeling as she's bent back so far.

"Girl scratches her back and it looks like a horror movie."

While this is mildly creepy, can we just appreciate how much reach she's getting? This is clearly a girl who never needs to ask a friend to scratch her back for her.

"Dog on bear blanket."

I hope this doggo's name is Bear, or their nickname at the very least. Otherwise, this is clearly a missed opportunity.

"Dog on a beach."

This dog is less, "Look at the cute bear!" and more, "OMG it's a sea monster!"

Still cute, though. Because all dogs are cute, good boys.

"The sky is missing some pixels."

I once had a phone where the screen began to have dead pixels on it and they slowly spread until I couldn't put off buying a new phone any longer. That's what this makes me think of.

It's actually a stealth bomber being not-so-stealthy.

"I swear there’s four of us."

We always joke about not being able to see people wearing camo. But I legitimately could not tell that there was a fourth arm on the left side of this photo at first.

You'll be able to see it better the more you look at the photo. I guess camouflage really does work.

"Woman or Muppet?"

As silly as this one is, I did see a Muppet face on this woman's head at first. She has her sunglasses on the top of her head, and a headband closer to her forehead.

So of course as she turns to look straight down, the top of her head looks like it has a face. Incredible.