19 Times People Made Weird Discoveries While Shopping

Shopping is an activity that people either love or hate, and for the people on this list it is an activity that provided very weird encounters.

So, from animals lurking in the strangest places that shops had on offer to individuals who made shockingly weird purchases, here are 20 times people made weird discoveries while shopping!

"My girlfriend's cat sleeping on top of the brooms in her family's shop."

Someone else pointed out that they should probably wake this cat up as she has "over-swept," and they could be my new hero.

"They've got the medicine!"

I mean, with one extra "a" before "wrecked" would have made it infinitely better! How did they not see that?

"Apparently only Service Dogs are allowed to vape at my optometrist's office."

You know that your dog is pretty damn cool when they vape. I wonder if they have dog-food flavored oils?

"Welp, I'm sold."

As far as endorsements go, this one is pretty resounding! This looks even more comfortable than a load of upended brooms!

"Tap tap tap..."

They are the most easily startled of all of the baked goods in fairness. Incredibly skittish snacks.

"There's no need for that kind of language."

I have never tried sake before, but if I ever do try it then it will have to be this brand that's for sure!

"Little bird doing his essential shopping."

I think that this little fella is actually waiting for some free samples before making his decision.

*Cacophonous Rattling...*

I am a big fan of this message, but I'm slightly perplexed by how the person who wrote this draws their "Y's".

The Best In The World!

Something tells me that this would have sold out very quickly! Perfect for farter's day.

"Turns out I'm not very good at online shopping."

"Before you buy anything online, make sure you properly measure!"

"Measure? I hardly know her!"

"Dave, seriously, just take the God damn measurements."

Take Note!

This cafe should also put another surcharge in place for people who are talking on the phone while ordering.

"Kids these days!"

One person who was particularly affected by this added, "I have always feared a drunk first-grader driving a bulldozer while breastfeeding."

"Local convenience store tip jar..."

As far as threats go, that one is pretty intense! Frankly, there are some things that you shouldn't joke about and this is one of them!

"My boyfriend went Grocery shopping at Aldi and sent me this pic..."

You can do all sorts of things with a penny, such a penny sweet, if they're still a thing?

"Classic Allen Tire Co."

"Hey, so I'm here for you to fix my..."


"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Well, the fact that you smashed right through the front window gave it away."

How Shocking!

I don't think that there is any law against giving random people in the street electric shocks, why would there be?

"Local doughnut shop has some jokes."

Abs? What are they? Are they a different type of donut or pastry? I need to try them if so!

"Kid walks out the aisle sucking on his finger."

Apparently, this sort of thing happens more often than you may think, with one person adding, "I'm a grocery store stocker, stuff like this happens all the time. Like several times a day at least. We just throw it in damages and move on."

"At my local bagel shop."

Those invisible bagels are perfect for when you are on a diet, you can't see the effects of eating them!