20 People Who Took Makeovers To A Weird Place

In a world where more and more people are vying for attention on social media, some people have pushed their looks to the extreme!

So, from people who took their influence from jellyfish to individuals who got tattoos that they came up with when they were too young, here are 20 people who took makeovers to a weird place.

It's A Look!

What really is there to say about this one? It's a pretty impressive amount of dedication, that's for sure!

"I'll never understand why some people do this with their hair."

For some people being a Goofy Goober is simply a pastime, but for other people it is a way of life.

The Squid Aesthetic...

Few people have managed the whole Davy Jones-esque look aside from Bill Nighy, but this guy has nailed it!

"A goofy horse tattoo?!"

It is as though they had this idea when they were in primary school only to stick with it for far too long.

*Rule, Britannia! Intensifies...*

I think that doing this is a pretty surefire way to get yourself a one-way ticket to the Tower of London for crimes against the nation.

"These pizza nails..."

This is actually very impressive, especially the ones on their right hand. However, would they not just make you hungry all the time?

"This guy had Conor McGregor's face tattooed to the back of his head."

Such fantastic artwork, I just don't know why anyone would want this on their body at all, never mind their head.

"Cicada Fingernail!"

I don't know anyone who is this passionate about their love for cicadas, and that's because...well, it's a weird thing for people to get passionate about!

"technically very sound tattoo, but..."

Well, who wouldn't want a tough-looking Smurf on their arm forever? It's a look that sure everyone would go for, right?

"You've heard of Jorts now get ready for the Jong."

This looks like not only the worst fashion choice that a person could own, but also the most uncomfortable item of clothing of all time.

That Beard!

I don't even take this much care of my actual hair, never mind my beard hair. How much product must be on that beard?!

"This 'Supreme' pizza hat."

First pizza nails and now pizza hats! What on Earth will be next? And what's wrong with normal pizza?

"This car covered in pennies."

I wonder how long it took them to do this, did they stick every single one on by hand? I mean, I don't know how else they'd do it.

"Predator Beard."

If the previous bearded man was the hero of an action film, this guy would be the villain!

"Formula 1 hat."

I wonder how stiff this person's neck was the next day after balancing this on their head all day.

"Bulbasaur haircut."

It would really have taken the franchise in a different direction if Professor Quirrell would have unveiled that this was what was on the back of his head in the first Harry Potter film.

"This real life barbie jeep."

I actually quite like this design, I could really see myself razzing around in this pastel nightmare!

"Jellyfish Hair!"

This is the most "art school" thing that I have perhaps ever seen in my life. I kind of love it though, not going to lie.

"When you're not into big announcements."

"Oh nice nails, is it one of those sticky toy alien eggs you used to get?!"

"'s my new baby."


"I'm at a loss for words..."

They must have been sat there for an incredible amount of time for...well, a very weird payoff!