29 Problems That Almost Could Have Been Overlooked

There are a ton of small details that we notice in our daily lives that can drive us absolutely insane and make us want to tear our hear out as we question everything.

Well, toning down the drama a trifle now, please enjoy these 29 problems that almost could have been overlooked!

"Anyone wanna take a picture with their face as a bird's chest?"

This is such an obvious blunder, it is amazing that no one picked up on it! Also, that owl has both a beak and a mouth?!

"Two teams of builders building a bike lane 'on the right hand side.'"

It is absolutely insane that they managed to get this far along before they realised what the mistake was.

"The spelling on my neighbour's car I constantly have to look at."

It took me a worrying amount of time to actually notice what the mistake was here. I need to get my eyes tested.

"Don't have hep c? Get some!"

Yeah they really shouldn't have gone with such a faint font for the "ured" of "cured."

"This maritime inspired decoration at my aunt's house."

Something tells me that this was fashioned by a somewhat drunken sailor. It's making me seasick just looking at it.

"The socks are supposed to say 'Stitch' but when you put them on they look like this."

I can think of a few people who I will have to buy these socks for. Nothing like being perpetually insulted by your socks when you look down!

"Two of the capital S's are upside down."

But, how could they not notice when compared with the one that is the right way up?! Unacceptable!

"This building..."

Apparently this design was deliberately chosen in order to highlight the imperfection of humanity...which is pretty deep.

"I have no words..."

It is so close to being a lovely bit of decoration, and yet it is more irritating than James Corden's faux-enthusiasm for absolutely everything.

"Whenever I walk by this sign I always have to double take to check it's not promoting childhood obesity."

One person who looked far too deeply into this posited, "Weird that we all read it as 'fat.' My guess is that it's because 'fat' is a much more common word than 'fit'; thusly, after seeing the 'f-t,' our brains made the split-second decision to designate the cartoon figure as an 'a' rather than an 'i.'"

"The marketing for the local newspaper doesn't quite understand the idiom."

I do not know how anyone can get the meaning of this idiom so wrong? It's not that hard!

"Do as the teacher says, not as the teacher does."

Someone with a similar tale added, "This reminds me of the time my phd supervisor wrote in my margin notes 'avoid unnec. abbreviations'."

"I guess it doesn't count."

That is what I have always said, "You are vote counts!" People always look at me strangely but I finally have vindication!

"Wanted to buy a sandwich at this bakery. At first I thought it was sesame bread... It's not."

Mmmm, nothing like adding some protein to your sandwich in the form of a handful of flies!

"Big one from the $0.50 machine. Small one from the $0.25 machine. Exact same item."

Yes, but with the larger one you get all of that spacious extra packaging! Look at all of that amazing space!

"So close."

I wonder how many people this sink has managed to inspire a torrent of swear words out of?

This 3/4 Electrical Outlet...

Maybe try shaving down the prongs on one of your plugs to make it fit?

(Don't really try this, please God don't!)

"But how?"

You can just hear the voice in the person who did this's head saying, "Just go over it one more time, you'll nail it next time for sure!"

"At a Burger King drive-through in Ohio."

What a truly minuscule mistake...and yet looking at it makes me want to pull my hair out.

"What's even the point?"

The fact that no one saw the problem with this is genuinely worrying. I wonder how long it was before someone pointed out their idiocy?


Some products just aren't Superdry enough, meaning some people have to try and find an even Supererdry-er product!

"This collection of Harry Potter films..."

Maybe the designer behind this actually hates Harry Potter and this is how he wants to punish the fans?

Fridge Shui...

I would love to know what the inspiration was behind this design choice, if there even was one?

"The chairs waiting for you in the LASER EYE CLINIC's reception."

Oh these chairs will be overlooked alright, they'll be overlooked by everyone who comes in here to get their eyes fixed!

"Cinnabo sign at our local mall."

It seems like making this design choice would have been much more work than simply moving the sign! But, there you have it.

Plumbing 101!

I guess that this feature kind of means that this tap is self-cleaning at least? If that is a feature you would ever want...

"Women's jeans, I want the rest of my pocket..."

I didn't realise that they were actually hiding extra pocket-space inside women's jeans!?

"The '8's' on this building are upside down…"

Nothing worse than a top-heavy "8". I mean, there are lots of worse things but that's beside the point.

"Using Roman numerals for the phone number."

What an amazingly easy and convenient way to get your phone number out there to the masses!

"There's got to be a circle in hell for the person who thought of this."

If only avocados already had a protective outer layer which would render this idea redundant!

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