30 People Who Failed In Ways That Baffle Us

No matter how many times we find ourselves thinking that we have just witnessed the densest thing that we will ever see, humanity never ceases to amaze us.

And so, from people who confused tea-towels with food to individuals who thought that giraffes were merely a state of mind, here are 30 people who failed in ways that baffle us!

The Tragedy Of The Home-Tattooing Kit...

"I ordered a tattoo machine from China like 8 years ago and thought I could do a tattoo. Long story short, I did something and didn't like it so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to just tattoo over it and cover it up. This was the final outcome," this person explained.

"Kids' learning chart done..."

I quite like the idea of spelling Giraffe with a "Z," it gives the animal itself a bit more pizazz!

"Sad food for sad people!"

"What's a 'pain apple'?"

"It's where you point out that I made a mistake in typing out my sign so I punch you in the face."


"No regrats, live four today!"

This is a work of art in its own right, just not in the way that the artist initially intended for it to be.

"It is always useful to have a small terrace."

You'd need to be one hell of a climber to get onto one of these terraces. The people who built them should have at least put some mannequins on them to make them look in use!

"Labelled the tarsh can!"

"I don't know why people keep putting rubbish in here, I specifically labelled this for tarsh only!"

"The distribution of letters in this bead kit I got is abysmal."

Mother of God, who would ever need that many "Q's"? And, if someone did need that many, you'd need a lot more "U's" as well!

"The person making the sign was probably smoking something..."

Unless they only ever smoke while they are swimming...which would make it really difficult actually.

"Gotta go to the memale bathroom real quick..."

They were so close, and yet so far with this translation. Is a memale like the male equivalent of a mermaid?

"Don't know how but I turned this cable's LED on."

This person was certainly brave to take a picture before killing the power! Well, brave or stupid.

"Turn Lelt!"

I absolutely love Lelt, it is my favourite soft drink by far. You can't beat that tropical goodness!

"This unfortunate placement of a handle."

Wow, God in Heaven that is really not a tone that you want your company trucks to be sending out!

"Spotted in a department store in Japan..."

Just what on Earth were they thinking with this design? And who are their target audience?

"I don't understand the thought process..."

"Just peel that little sticker off and no one will be the wiser!"

"I think you're missing the point Dave..."

"Are you sure about that?"

I suppose that they put the majority of their brainpower into graduating rather than this message!

"I can't see my brother's graduation."

I mean, I suppose that they tried to be accommodating by using a transparent umbrella, but it's still a bit out of line!

"Put the manhole back in, boss."

In fairness, those things are pretty damn heavy, so I'm sure that they didn't care much about lining it up perfectly.

"Neighbor's kid decided to decorate my car with a rock to make it look 'cute.'"

Apparently the child responsible was very apologetic and did help them buff it out as penance.

"At a Burger King drive-through in Ohio."

One disgruntled local even added, "I live in this area and that is literally my local Burger King, and I die a little every time I see it."

"Wife helped me put sunscreen on."

Looks like she somewhat half-assed this job, and it's not a job that you ever want someone half-assing!

"Someone created a huge Pac-man in a canola field, causing over 16 thousand dollars in damage to the owner."

It's not even a particularly straight Pac-Man drawing either...but I'm sure that isn't what the land's owner was particularly preoccupied with.

"Remember Action Park? Their water slide just caught on fire."

A water slide...caught fire? I mean, you'd have thought that this was somewhat unlikely, right?!


You know for a fact that the person in that cubicle is currently pondering every one of their life's decisions.

"Unusable drawer in my sister's bathroom."

I wonder what they keep in there? Maybe their hopes and dreams, out of reach and unattainable?

"Don't drop your card!"

This would add a level of anxiety to using an ATM that I really don't need in my life...any more so than normal!

"I had to get into my car from the passenger seat bc this person doesn't know what the white lines are for."

This one makes me feel physically ill. How much of an ass do you have to be to park like that?

"AirPods went missing... turns out my kid buried them in the back yard."

These AirPods are actually seeds from which to grow a Mac-Tree, this kid was pretty smart in hindsight!

"A woman in the Philippines ordered fried chicken, got a deep-fried towel instead."

Facebook | Alique Perez

Mmmm, nothing like the meaty taste of a fat-soaked tea-towel to slake your hunger! Good for your digestion as well apparently.

"Trained everyone up on the security system, boss."

I wonder what the code might be? If only there was some sort of hint right above the keypad!

"Potatoes are good."

I mean, they're not wrong. You don't really need to sell potatoes, people will always buy potatoes!