40 Times People’s Bad Day Got So Much Worse

We all have bad days...however, some of us can have much worse days than others, the sort of day that only a bottle of wine can help with.

So, from people who machine washed their AirPods to individuals who had to suffer people sleeping on their heads, here are 30 times people's day day got so much worse.

"Tis but a splash."

At this point you may as well just drive home with it like this, you're not exactly going to make it any better!

"Groundskeeper accidentally sprayed weed killer instead of fertilizer on a schools football field."

This is one of those messes that you look at, sigh, and then head home for a glass of wine with your phone switched off.

"The Ssssssecurity ssssytem, striking at crime, one lock at a time!"

I quite like the idea of getting one of these! It's just like a normal burglar alarm except you feed it mice as opposed to replacing its batteries.

"Sensual balloon animal making for couples, not sure what to make of this."

The sound of someone squeaking a balloon has never been a "sensual" sound! Dear God it's the worst sound of all time!

"Pickle flavored toothpaste."

I thought that nothing could ever taste worse than Corsodyl's toothpaste...and yet here we are!

"My car this morning..."

Well, at least you have an alternative mode of transport that you can use instead of your car?

"Rose patterned bed sheet they said."

This is the perfect bedsheet for the couple who really like to imagine that they are sleeping through a horrifically violent event.

Trapped Apart!

The unfortunate person who posted this explained, "At my apartments, you need a key fob for entry. Only problem is I forgot the key inside. I walked out and let the door shut behind me before realising he wasn’t outside yet. Now we wait."

"And you may ask yourself, 'Well... How did I get here?'"

He was eventually safely rescued, but something tells me that he will be getting himself in this same predicament in the future!

"I like crust but come on…"

I'd still eat it, but I would be very disgruntled the entire time that I did eat it!

"Bike trail in Romania."

As if it wasn't bad enough that you had to be riding a bike in the first place, then you're suddenly hurtling head-first into a tree!

"Went to a barber for a neck shave two days before my wedding..."

"Mr. Scissorhands, are you sure that you know what you're doing?"


"My mom thought she'd ordered a carton of cigarettes online."

Nothing beats having a much-needed cigarette quite like reading some dry political anaylsis.

"My shorts ripped while cycling to work. I live 15km/10miles away."

At least this quick fix isn't noticeable by any means! Maybe they should have covered their entire trousers in this tape so that it was less noticeable!

"My fancy Oreo donut I was so excited for..."

Once again, I like to think that I would head back and get my money back, but I know that really I would just eat it and be sad.

"Open 24 hours."

Those 24 hours that they are open just don't all come in one day. They're spread out across a week.

"My neighbor is doing some laundry..."

"Looks like you'll be listening to Aqua for a while, eh?!"


"Get it, cause you've ruined your headphones with water?"


"Having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, then my dog had to come home to the cat."

"Is this my new bed?"

"Please get off my head."

"I think this is my new bed."

"Why is this even a thing?"

I think that this is a fairly acceptable request! No one wants your underwear money, people!


Sometimes the world just hands you a day that makes you want to walk off into the sunset forever. This was clearly one of those days.

"Some traditional British pettiness on display."

British people love nothing more than a passive-aggressive war of attrition with their neighbors!

That's Not Toothpaste!

This unfortunate person explained, "Travelled to London. Forgot toothpaste. Bought some in a store. Felt really weird in the mouth. Turned out I bought glue for false teeth!"

"The ATM only gave me $10."

Someone did point out that so long as you have over half the bill it is still legal currency.

"My sister toasted bread with jelly in my brand new toaster. She's 31."

I would dread to think what would happen if you left this person's sister in charge of a pet.

One Funny-Looking Pizza!

"Red Robin has pizza now, but when you customize the order it defaults to no cheese and no sauce. I didn't notice it until I got home from curbside pickup," one disgruntled customer wrote.

"Is that where the gluten was?"

This must be religious bread, hence why it is so holy.

I'll show myself out.

"Decided to go sit on the beach for an hour a few days ago, managed to get sun poisoning so bad that my elbow doubled in size."

I hate the beach as it is, never mind getting sun poisoning at the beach! They're gonna need all of the aloe vera in the state for that!

"One of my kids brought poison ivy into the house, now my hands look like this. Every bump is a blister."

Just don't touch anything...which is probably much easier said than done, actually.

"A huntsman spider ran across my dash while I was driving. I threw a litre water bottle at it…"

It is frankly amazing that they didn't crash their car amongst all of this excitement!

"Someone at USPS tried to fold my package with a rare record inside it, $100 gone and now one less of them in the world."

Nothing like finally treating yourself to something you've wanted for years, only for it to be destroyed right on your doorstep!

"Son decided to swallow a nickel and turn $.05 into $4400.00."

Someone else asked if this person was at least allowed to keep the nickel, however they responded: "No, was disappointed. Nurse said they have to send off for testing to confirm nothing toxic. Idk, Dr. probably kept for his own collection."

"Some poor kid's croc and sock jammed in the escalator."

Well, this is the most terrifying thing that I have seen for ages. I can imagine that the kid who owns these will not be getting on an escalator for a long time!

Courtesy Of An Angry Ex?

I wonder if the person who did this got the satisfaction that they were after from this act of mindless vandalism? A petty email would probably have gotten the same emotional result, or it would for me at least.

"You know that you are in a rough neighborhood when..."

The people who committed this crime must have had one hell of a jack with them to get these tyres off. The tyres on these things are bigger than my entire body!

"BBQ's in the UK!"

This is bloody marvellous BBQing weather considering the normal climate in the UK! Unless the wind is actually blowing your soaked burgers off the grill then it is good BBQing weather for the people in Britain!

"Girlfriend ordered a cheese and turkey sandwich. Removing the top showed almost no cheese."

This is a crime against sandwiches everywhere. One very disgruntled person did also point out, "Ok but like are you guys just eating your food right off the table, no plates or paper or anything?"

"Flew 13 hours to Hawaii to see Volcanoes National Park."

At least he still looks happy about the view! I think that I would be a little more miffed if I had ended up with this vacant expanse in front of me.

"Spent 6€ trying to make these things fall. Only got a pic of this postmodern sculpture (and no food or drink)."

The temptation is always there to try another item, but all that ever happens is they stack higher, and higher, and higher!

"My 6 year old told me that he got poop on my office chair."

As if working from home with your kids around wasn't hard enough, now you have a bunch of jokesters in the house to be contending with as well!

"My dad has decided to grow tomatoes this year, here is the harvest."

To be fair to him, that is a much more plentiful harvest than I have ever managed to grow! The fact that I have never planted a single thing in my life is probably a contributing factor to that though.