20 People We Can Learn Something From

It's never too late to start learning. Whether it be a new hobby or enrolling in a career-changing program, learning new things is always a positive.

This trickles right down to small tips, tricks, and facts. They're enriching and often fun, teaching you something useful that you never knew before. This list is full of people showing us something new, things we can really learn from!

"This Korean snack has two notches on the bag, so you can open at the second notch for easier access in the later stages of snacking."

Only two more notches to greatly improve the quality and novelty of the snacking experience provided? We should be taking notes.

"They’re using old chunks of the Cologne Cathedral as bollards."

That's one way to recycle. It really fills the whole space with history.

"Can has indent behind tab to allow easier finger access."

Finally, some help for pudgy-fingered folks like me. The amount of cans I've had to pry open with a spoon is truly embarrassing.

"Local pizzeria's gluten free pie comes uncut and with a little plastic slicer to avoid cross contamination."

Fun fact, I've used one of those plastic pizza cutters and they're no joke. You may think it's dull because it's not metal, but I can assure you they are sharp. Yes, I cut myself with one by accident, thank you for asking.

"Someone used a PC side panel as a sign on a farm, we’re living in the future."

Sturdier than cardboard and will withstand the rain for a while at least, this is just smart.

"My wife bought me this ring for our anniversary. It's made from old computer chips."

A fun and fashionable way to recycle things that would otherwise be pretty tough to strip down and reuse (I'm assuming). Not to mention it's one of a kind!

"All of the tables in this restaurant are made out of reclaimed bowling alley lanes."

Another super innovative recycling initiative. This one adds a fun little edge and touch of uniqueness to the place. Lots of ways to reuse!

"[This] nail polish comes with a swatch built into the cap."

This is smart as long as it's accurate. Those test swatches for hair dye have burned me before, and these could too.

"These ants figured out that this is poison so they are building a rock barrier around it. It's happening on four other sites on my patio where I applied it."

This reminds me of those underground nuclear waste storage bunkers. If you look close, you can see a tiny sign that reads, "This is not a place of honor."

"The ceiling fan/light at my hotel has cool pulls to indicate which is which."

At last, those seconds spent standing trying to figure out which is which before finally pulling the wrong one will no longer be wasted.

"The hand-written thank you calligraphy on our UberEats order bag."

Not only is this gorgeous, but you'll certainly remember that restaurant for a long time thanks to this gesture!

"This house in Los Angeles just hit the market with two reel to reel players built into the fireplace."

I think I'd be more into this idea if the fireplace didn't look like it was made out of papier maché.

"Coconut water sold in the coconut itself with an eco-friendly ring-pull."

This doesn't just cut out the middle man, it cuts out about five different middle men at least.

"Apparently you can bring your Argentine Black & White Tegu to Home Depot; this dude let me hold his like a baby."

Only Argentine Black & White Tegus, though. If you have a Blue Tegu or a Columbian Gold then forget it.

"The trash bins in Prague metro are designed to withstand a blast in case someone put there an explosive device."

I'm not exactly stoked that we felt this was necessary to make, but I'm also glad it exists!

"We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work."

"Normally Hulk smash, but Hulk has learned to be gentle, handle delicate pointy plants with care."

"My bike lock has symbols instead of numbers."

Write a little story instead of remembering a word! Like here, there's a dog with many toys, and two mice...exploding.

"The phone in my hotel room has both Pizza Hut and Domino's on speed dial."

You know what you must do. Call one right after the other. Schedule delivery at the same time. Take both pizzas, one in each hand, and feel like a king with his riches.

"Candy with things to start conversations about."

Assuming you're stopping to read them and not just popping handful after handful into your mouth.

"This LEGO set has loose change in the couch."

The amount of details in some Lego sets is truly amazing. This also confirms that people in Lego society are just as prone to losing loose change as we are.

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