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12+ Incredible Tattoos That Transform Birthmarks And Scars Into Stunning Art

Society tends to make us feel as though anything that makes us different is a weakness or disadvantage. In a world with picture-perfect beauty standards, scars and birthmarks are seen as imperfections rather than unique aspects of a person's history.

Cover-up tattoos are a popular choice for those who feel as though they need to hide marks on their body, but there are also people who merely want to use a tattoo as a way of accentuating their marks, turning them from something they may have thought was shameful to something beautiful.


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This is an incredibly clever way to turn a scar into a dynamic piece of art on one's body. Bravo.


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This one is part of a really cool trend in which people get tattoos that pull focus away from their scars. Smart and gorgeous!

Berry Nice

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Color tattoos tend to blend really nicely with skin discoloration or birth marks with darkness in them. A simple idea with amazing results.

Zip It Up

Instagram | @herr_lehman_tarr

Not only does this one make the original scar look like a zipper track, but the zipper itself is so detailed and gorgeous that it pulls focus.


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Nothing like an interesting and dynamic illustration to show off part of your personal history.

Apparition Aspirations

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If it's already ghost shaped, why wouldn't you go this route?

I Mustash You A Question

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This is the only mustache on earth that actually works well.

The Past Is In The Past

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Self harm scars can be extremely difficult to walk around with, so having a wicked piece of art in order to change their meaning has the ability to change someone's entire attitude regarding their self worth.


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This piece is so well done that it almost looks as if the red was put their purposefully.

Wine Stain

Instagram | @alexanviltatattoo

This one is not only well drawn and applied, but wonderfully clever.

Nothing Fishy Here

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Once again, if you have a scar or birthmark that really resembles something cool on it's own, you almost have to go for it.

I Walk The Line

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You can't even tell that this one is a cover-up. I'm obsessed.

Frame It

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Another awesome piece of art that honors and matches the original mark. Holy moly.

Personal Growth

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What better way to show how you've grown and change than to plant your own little birthmark homage garden?

Absolutely Breathtaking

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I can't stop looking into that flower. Honestly. It's so darn cool.

Birds Of A Feather

Instagram | @sasa_tattoo1014

Perfect use of negative space here. So awesome.

Remember Who You Are

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A touching tribute piece and a wicked way to turn something painful into something beautiful.

Two Halves Make A Whole

Instagram | @97_lives_tattoo

Simple, but elegant in every way.

Fish Out Of Water

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Something about the lines and straight angles of fish and tails make them perfect for scar cover-ups.

Lady In Waiting

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How are people THIS GOOD AT ART???


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Association is everything, and if a beautiful art piece helps someone have a more positive association to being in their own skin, the money to get the tattoo is worth it 100x over.

Phone Home

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How do these people have such cool imaginations? And how do I hire them?

Under The Sea

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Again, sea creatures are a no-brainer. They always look good.

Hard At Work

Instagram | @fmx_tattoo

These people's bodies are like illustrated history books.

If There Be Thornes

Instagram | @bablownia

Striking and powerful, which is hopefully how this person feels after getting this tattoo.


Instagram | @gerald_kings_tattoo

Did anyone else book their next tattoo halfway through this list? I sure did.

A Splash Of Color

Instagram | @klomkarn

This is one of those ones that looks like the design was purposefully supposed to be like that, no matter where the scar was.

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Instagram | @rosiemalonetattoo

A gorgeous frame to someone's lived history.

The Whole Bouquet

Instagram | @saragenerini

You could even add more flowers as you get older to represent your growth! Such a cool idea.

Need A Hand?

Instagram | @schneider_vitya

Such good use of color here. Absolutely beautiful.

The Whole Truth

Instagram | @kristenwilsonart

That's definitely one way to go about your healing journey!

Use Your Imagination

Instagram | @gil.sinner

A line could just be a line...or it could be a ray of energy pulling a T-Rex up to a flying saucer. It's all up to you.

The Ultimate Seamstress

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This is one repair that you'll never have to touch up.

Half The Battle

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You know that these people are all sitting in cool coffee shops looking cool with their cool tattoos. You just know.

Fly Away

Instagram | @eratattoo

This kind of cover-up takes some serious skill.

A Scar For A Scar

Instagram | @3kings.collective

Is there a better way to pay homage to your history than with some art of Scar himself? I don't think so.

Perfect Fit

Instagram | @robertzel_tattoo

You can tell that the artist drew the flower in a way that perfectly matches the scar. I'm awestruck.

All Out In The Open

Instagram | @brain_sena_tattoo

The detail on this one is absolutely incredible, and really does justice to the original scars by turning them into a piece rather than covering them up with one.

A fixer-upper.

Reddit | SloDilf1493

Great placement, great artwork, and such a neat addition! Deep-sea divers always make for cool tattoos.

New art nouveau!

Reddit | bluecatbazaar

I've always thought these art nouveau style tattoos were gorgeous, and this one proves me right yet again!

Full of life.

Reddit | bloodlust62

This person the tattoo is of Mother Nature, which makes perfect sense! Nothing like the embodiment of color, life, and beauty to honor your past.

Less can be more.

Reddit | theanswerplus

An almost minimalist piece, this tattoo brings out an old faded scar, perfect for highlighting that which makes you stronger!

1, 2, time to get a tattoo.

Reddit | groovyman156

I may be biased because I love A Nightmare On Elm Street, but come on, this is so cool.

Safety first!

Reddit | Chief_Roast_Beef

Small, cute, and even funny! A smart accent that gets the message across.

Out and around.

Reddit | speedlimits65

The way the birthmark is centered in this piece and becomes part of the art around it is stunning!

Stronger together.

Reddit | jasonvictorious

Heartwarming and touching, this dad got a tattoo that copies his daughter's birthmark so they can both be confident about it together! Grade-A parenting right here.

Where flowers grow.

Reddit | Practical_Appearance

The color on this piece is amazing, letting the scar blend in perfectly!

The Milky Way

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What do you do when a birthmark isn't in a particularly usable shape? Make it a beautiful backdrop.