19 People Who Probably Went ‘Why Did I Even Bother?’

Some people put an incredible amount of time and effort into something, only to have one thing go completely wrong when they least expect it.

With this in mind, from people who spent $16,000 on a Pac-man drawing to an individual who ruined the perfect pie, here are 19 moments that made us go, "Why did I even bother?"

"Kids will be kids."

"Look, we're out of rollers, so if you just jump in there then we'll find an alternative."

"You're going to use me to paint the walls, aren't you, Mom?"


"Someone created a huge Pac-man in a canola field, causing over $16,000 in damage to the owner."

They didn't even do a particularly good job of drawing Pac-man, it's a little wonky to say the least!

"Someone stole my Professor's birthday cupcakes that he left in his room for today."

I reckon that this was a rival professor, not a student. This seems like the sort of thing that a geography professor would do, and I don't know why I think that.

"Actual clock my math teacher has..."

"Well now I can't tell what time it is!"

"Dave, the equations are still in the same places as the numbers on a normal..."

"Spare me your mathematical mumbo jumbo!"

"My daughter says I ruined the game Guess Who."

I never liked Guess Who anyway, I was always more of a Frustration person myself. All about them Pop-O-Matic dice!

That's One Hell Of A Tan Line!

Apparently, in order to end up with this tan, this guy sells trees and shrubs — and I can only assume that he does this on the surface of the sun.

"This is not vitamin D, it's an emoji on a bottle of magnesium.'

Those aren't two things that you really want to be mixing up either. This mix-up could lead to some weird bathroom visits.

"Bought a house last year and wondered why this light never worked. Finally took it off to have a look at the wiring..."

Ah, that's one of those decorative lights! They look great, but they don't give out much actual light though, which is a bit annoying.

"Well, you shouldn't have bothered."

Christ alive, you'd really be taking your life in your hands by trying to go up or down that ramp!

"Just labelled recycling — all goes in trash."

"It's the thought that counts!"

"I am sure that the planet will be thrilled to hear that, Dave."

"My Humpty Dumpty bath bomb arrived shattered."

Now they'll need to order the bath-bomb-king's-horses-and-king's-men range to put him back together again.

"My mom thought she'd ordered a carton of cigarettes online."

Maybe this is a sign from above that she needs to quit smoking...or maybe start a career in politics?

"A huntsman spider ran across my dash while I was driving. I threw a litre water bottle at it…"

One individual did point out, "I’m going to interpret this as the spider survived and broke your dashboard as revenge," which I can only assume is exactly what happened.

"Are you kidding me?"

I am sure that they would have taken it off if asked, but I am amazed that they would even think that leaving it on was an option!

"Made a pie today. Dropped a pie today."

Wow, as far as pies go that was absolutely perfect as well...before they smashed it to smithereens that is.

"First day of reopened outdoor restaurants in the UK."

"Can I get another pint, this one tastes a bit watered down!"

"I wonder why that might be...?

"Someone decided to play tic-tac-toe on my car."

And it seems like one of them was absolutely terrible at it as well, not that that will be much consolation to this car's owner though.

"Beard trimmer guard clicked down from a 10 to a 1 while trimming my beard today."

I hope that this guy likes the mutton chops look, as that is looking like the best way to salvage this!

"Those days when you just can't be bothered to fly."

Just because we can run doesn't mean we sprint everywhere, leave that damn pigeon alone, it's had a hard day of pigeon business!