30 People Who Didn’t Think Things Through

Not everyone is blessed with the desire to think through a situation before diving in head-first, and I sadly count myself in this demographic as well.

Anyway, from individuals who used very ill-advised slogans to people who accidentally turned their children into Doctor Who villains, here are 18+ people who didn't think things through!

"Cat got your gloves?"

But if you hang them out like that then the cat is just going to steal them right back surely?!

"Ken and barbie are gonna look a lot less nice when they land on their faces."

"Was the wedding how you imagined?"

"All except for the broken noses, yes!"

"Just when you thought you were reaching 1 kcal!"

Christ, so you're telling me that going up this staircase will cause my weight to rapidly fluctuate up and down? Doesn't sound very healthy!

"Teacher names images of molecules on organic chem naming test as their actual names, easy 100."

But what if the teacher anticipated this and put the wrong file names for the chemical compounds? That would be truly diabolical!

"This one was a real brain teaser!"

Oh Kevin, I really don't fancy your chances if you get caught in a burning building mate!

Before And After Having Children, A Cautionary Tale!

This person explained, "Thinking of having a baby? On the left is a picture of my Nonna enjoying Venice before she had kids. On the right is a picture in the same location a few years later where she is desperately trying to stop my toddler-aged father from publicly executing a pigeon."

"That's dedication."

"I cannot believe you just clamped a wheel!"

"Jesus, Dave, there was clearly a car attached when I put the clamp on you idiot!"

"Please stop..."

The person who put this sign up must surely have known that this would just antagonise the googly-eyed criminal at-large!

"My wife leaves me notes in the morning. I hope this one's not finished."

"Hey, I don't think you finished your note for me this morning!"


"Oh, so that's why there's a suitcase by the door then?"

"Seems that way doesn't it?"

"If only there was some indication that this door shouldn't be blocked!"

"Well, it doesn't say that this is the fire door, it simply says not to block the fire door! The fire door could be somewhere else!"

"Is this really the rock you're going to die on?"

"My sister: 'You can do the half-marathon with me! Trust me, it's not that bad.'"

I am very impressed that they managed to finish it in fairness! Also, how unnecessarily photogenic is their sister having just finished a bloody half-marathon?!

"I got a pic of my bf falling off a float and just realized there was a guy falling off a boat at the same time."

If camera phones weren't invented to capture embarrassing pictures of our partners, then what were they invented for?

"Eye exam during a pandemic."

Oh great, now you have just managed to turn your child into a Doctor Who villain! I hope you're proud of yourself.

I Think He Looks Pretty Dashing Actually!

This person explained, "I told my sister if she graduated with honors I would wear a matching dress to her graduation. She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit. Worth it to me."

"'No middleman,' said the middleman."

I kind of love the audacity of this sign. I mean, it's just so on the nose it hurts to look at!

"Not sure what the thinking is here."

"But, what if people just..."

"For the last time Dave, no one is going to close over the lower fence! They're criminals, not animals."

"My oven uses a touchscreen, so whenever I open it, steam gets on the touchscreen and messes with the settings."

You would have thought that steam and general heat would have been a factor when designing an oven!

That's Really The Slogan They're Going With?

"Hey, Dave, are you sure that this is what you want to go with?"

"Of course, what else could it possibly mean?"

"I... I really don't want to have this conversation with you so I'm just going to give this the green light."

"Today I learned I am fluent in Spanish."

They filled the brief and they did it probably in half the time that it should have taken them! Great work!

"This driver is just asking for a cop to pull him over."

This is just asking for trouble! They'll be pulling this guy over before he can say pink frosting!

"This sign at the Bison enclosure in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco."

This sounds like they are talking from experience, and I only wish that I had been there on the day when they felt the need to put this sign up!

"The irony."

"So, everything is for rent?"

"Well everything except me."

" that something that people have assumed before?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

You Don't Need To Tell Me Twice!

This establishment doesn't mess around with its threats! They've gone straight for the jugular with this one.

"My daughter thought this set of Sherlock Holmes book spines looked like a koala wearing earrings playing maracas."

Right, well now I cannot see anything else, and I do not think that I want to see anything else for that matter!

"Let's be careful, guys!"

Once again this one sounds like the voice of experience. However, I'm glad that I am not that voice of experience!

"Client bought paper clips shaped like dog bones."

"I told you to make them look like bones!"

"Well, if you think about it..."

"Finish that joke at your own peril, Dave!"

"Our niece wasn't thrilled about the first kiss."

They should probably have warned her what was going to happen. Although, the "first kiss" is pretty self-explanatory I guess.

"This ramp in front of a bank office."

It actually took me a while to spot the ramp, as it was being tactfully blocked by that damn door! Wonderful stuff!

"LA: Where Dreams Go To Die (5 Years Later)."

Jesus Christ, what did LA do to this poor guy? It is like the lights have died in his eyes!

"Spotted at local gas station. 'It's for my lawn mower. I swear.'"

As someone else also pointed out, if he's only filling the one little container up then he isn't panic hoarding...or, if he is, then he's not very good at it.