20 Deceptive Things That Weren't Quite What They Seemed

As technologies of various kinds continue to improve, it feels easier than ever to be tricked, sometimes still by natural occurrences.

It can leave us feeling pretty silly when it happens, but every time fooled makes for a great learning opportunity. Let's learn together with this list of 15+ deceptive things that weren't quite what they seemed.

"This brick building looks like it has wood paneling."

This is such a creative and innovative way to use bricks. Certainly more exciting than another red-brick building!

"This McDonalds has a 'Fry Fountain.'"

I always thought McDonald's fries were kind of soggy, but this is a whole new level.

"A road on my work commute is eroding and starting to expose the old cobblestone street."

Bring back cobblestone streets! Sure they were more unsafe, more uncomfortable, and harder to fix, but they were also prettier!

"My dinner is stressing me out."

I'm usually a sauce on the side kind of guy, but this warrants pouring some sauce right on top.

"Light diffraction made my beans look like they were a picture of beans sitting in a dish."

There is nothing you could say to me that would convince me this isn't, in fact, a picture of beans in a dish. There's no way it isn't.

"This AirPod case has the same pattern as this box of tissues."

Are tissue boxes a good indicator of fashion trends, or are they a little late to the game? Only wondering so we can see how your case measures up.

"This razor thin camper trailer."

There was plenty of debate in the comments about what type of lenses and photography tricks could cause the rest of this trailer to disappear, with many giving up and accepting that it must have been magic.

I concur.

"This frozen branch that looks like a doe, laying down."

Probably startled a few hikers throughout the day. Sometimes mother nature just loves to give people a scare.

"A monitor likely used for Ghostwriting."

Yes it looks like it's floating, but I wanted to mention that it's not often you see a square monitor. Why restrict yourself like that?

"Angry hat in the sun."

He's probably mad because it's so dang hot out! Let him in, give him some water, then he'll calm down.

"Going up or going down?"

Every time I thought I had this figured out, I'd look at a different cat and be thrown for a loop all over again.

"The first *Borat* movie looked like a bootleg DVD."

Someone in the comments told a pretty good story related to this, "I rented the Borat movie from a Redbox. I actually called their support line because I thought I got a bootleg movie, and I didn’t want to get dinged for it. As soon as I said I got a bootleg movie, they asked if it was Borat. Apparently they got that call a lot."

"These limes look like they're floating."

They're hoping if they impress you enough with their magic, you'll decide not to slice them up and put them in drinks.

"Found a witch stuck in a tree while hiking!"

Hopefully, you didn't listen to anything she may have said to you! She looks nice, but she was put in that tree for a reason and is definitely not to be trusted.

"[Hutch] built by my grandfather with a VHS compartment."

Such a neat feature, and definitely still usable as a bookshelf or other sort of cabinet today! For something hand made, it's worth milking it as long as you can.

"This snow/hail looks like styrofoam balls."

You could fill a beanbag chair up with these things! It wouldn't last long, but it'd be pretty cool for a little while.

"Hamburger Macaron here in Kuala Lumpur."

It's pretty impressive that this is all made of cookie seeing as I got genuinely worried about the veggies on there for a moment.

"Icicles on our town's cougar statue made it a [Sabretooth] cat."

This spirit in this statue is calling back to its ancestors, tapping into that ancient power...which might be troublesome for your town if you don't know how to deal with a cat ghost.

"[The] guy on this ravioli package looks like Larry David."

The pandemic has been hard on everyone, without as many acting jobs he had to seek out alternative avenues for income.

"Tannins from the spruce and peaty soil looks like blood."

You should check. Just in case. One year that might just be blood, and you'd want to know that sooner rather than later.