20 Surprising Pics That Showed Us Things We Didn't Know Were Possible

The human experience is something that's so unique and vast that it can't possibly be contained in one person. Everyone has their own special story, experiences, and discoveries that make their lives entirely their own.

Because of that, some people experience things that others didn't even know were possible! This list contains some of those unexpected yet amazing things.

"I saw the end of the rainbow today."

So less 'pot of gold' and more 'pot hole'? Disappointing, but that's less on the leprechauns and more on the municipal government.

"Motorcycle hearse I saw in Florida."

Perfect for when you want to take one last joyride before your body is put to rest.

"This shiny grass cake that came out of my weed whacker."

Don't call this cake, that implies a lot of things about this that simply aren't true, like it being tasty. Or edible at all.

"I added butterfly pea flowers to a mead I'm brewing and this is the colour it went."

This is a potion. This is fully a potion. If it really isn't, it would sure feel like one while drinking it.

"Light diffraction made my beans look like they were a picture of beans sitting in a dish."

How can something be so comical and also so mind-bendingly confusing all at once?

"This free sample apple in a box that arrived with my groceries."

Genuinely never thought that people would feel the need to breed a new apple, but it's pretty cool that they did!

"My Micro Machines bus still lights up with original battery from 1990."

From big appliances to small toys, things really were built to last back then compared to today.

"This National Geographic from January of 1979 has a very thin record of whale sounds you can play."

These types of records are called flexis, and they're incredible! The process behind them and the fact that they work at all is an amazing feat, and super cool for limited pressings like this.

"This tree with a crutch."

Like people, even trees need support sometimes, especially as time goes on. Also like people, hugs are generally always appreciated.

"Clouds today."

This looks like some sort of literal space race. Like Mario Kart, but in the sky.

"Molten sugar from the Domino Sugar storage fire looks like a lava flow."

And much like lava, I do want to touch this despite knowing it would end badly.

"Feathers from my Amazon parrot."

Beautiful works of natural art in their own right, let alone how gorgeous they are when they're still on the bird!

"This dude casually taking his tortoise for a walk."

Making sure your pet gets enough exercise is the responsible thing to do! He's being a good tortoise owner and seems to be enjoying their stroll.

"Workmate used this knife to cut oranges for lunch every day for 30 years, occasionally sharpening with workshop grinder (dinner knife for scale)."

Yeah, the knife is cool, but the dedication to eat an orange at lunch every day for 30 years is impressive in its own right.

"My pencil broke in a cool way."

Apparently, pencils breaking like this is super common due to the way they're manufactured. This joint is called a finger joint, used when splicing two pieces of wood together!

"My city has public defibrillation stations and the sign for it looks like a video game health bar."

It's a well-designed sign, something you're sure to recognize if you ever need it. Bold and easy to spot!

"Hamburger Macaron here in Kuala Lumpur."

I know it's a macaron and it would be sweet, but I can't stop thinking this would taste like a slider.

"A local law firm was having a sale and we ended up buying their Lady Justice statue off of them."

I didn't get just how big this was until I saw the cat at the bottom. Certainly a unique decor piece!

"My neighbor preferred to paint the tree and use it as part of the fence instead of cutting it down."

I appreciate them not wanting to cut the tree down, but painting it certainly wasn't the answer either.

"This warning at Table Mountain National Park."

Check under your signs too, you never know where they could be hiding!