Chris Meloni Responds After Pic Of His Backside Goes Viral

Taylor Sakellis

Look, I'm not going to sit here and tell you why Chris Meloni is the best. You clicked on this article, didn't you? You know exactly what you're here for, and I admire that.

There are few things not to absolutely love and adore about Mr. Meloni. His charisma, talent, and star power have made him a fan favorite on shows like Law & Order: SVU, Oz and Happy!.

Now, it's time to talk about another important part of Chris' power — his behind.

Chris Meloni is having a renaissance in 2021.

And yes, I am comparing the infamous period in European history that marked the transition from the Middle Ages to modernity over the 15th and 16th centuries, to actor Chris Meloni.

Many may say it's a bold move, but I say it's not bold enough.

He has been having a career resurgence with his highly anticipated *SVU* spin-off, "Law & Order: Organized Crime.*

Naturally, the show started with a crossover event with SVU.

Seeing Chris and Mariska Hargitay on-screen together once again is enough to warm my icy, black heart.

The show premiered last week and is already making major waves in TV history as people could not be happier to see Elliot Stabler back again, baby!

Lord knows fans waited long enough to see this bloody show, amirite?!

Now, Chris is going viral for a completely different reason. One that may make you blush.

Giphy | Golden Globes

That's right, we're talking about Mr. Meloni's derrière.

To be fair, after the pics went viral, how could I be expected to talk about anything else?

On Wednesday, a fan snapped a pic of Chris on set for his *Organized Crime* spin-off series.

"SVU is filming in park slope this week and someone in the neighborhood facebook group posted this photo of chris meloni," tweeted user @PeterNHess.

Of course, the optical illusion is creating some wild dimensions, but there's no denying Chris has been blessed with a lovely booty.

Giphy | SYFY

I hope everyone's husband's age like a fine wine — just like Mr. Meloni!

Naturally, we all needed a closer look...

Twitter has been having an absolute riot over this picture because, well, it's Twitter.

Is his backside responsible for the intro "DUN DUN" sound? We may never know!

For some people, this was their first introduction to Chris Meloni.

It's hard to believe there are people out there who didn't watch the magic of Law & Order: SVU back in the day.

Now, Chris is replying to all the love his *cheeks* have received online.

Giphy | Golden Globes

When asked how he has so much "cake" (I'm so sorry) the 60-year-old old gave the best response.

Only Mr. Meloni can reply to such an outrageous question with such serious hilarity.

"Sure - big birthday (60)" he replied, in reference to his age, "big boy (200lbs), big cake."


I love how he knows everyone is in love with him, but who can blame us?

To get even more TMI, Chris replied to a fan who asked if his backside was... hairy.

"It's not Vicki, it's not," he replied to a curious fan.

Now excuse me, I'm going to go watch old episodes of SVU.