20 Pics That Gave Us The Heebie-Jeebies

The terrors in the world range greatly from deadly beasts and destructive disasters to small happenings that leave us unsettled. There's no shortage of creepy content out there, ready to rustle our feathers.

In fact, this list is full of them. 'Them' being pics that straight up creeped us out, of course.

"All the brown you can see is spiders."

What do you mean? I can't see anything. I've already turned around and begun my walk straight into the ocean.

"The shear number of Hi’s written on the sidewalk outside a school in my neighborhood."

The only thing that would make this creepier is if the school was abandoned. That would just guarantee a haunting.

"Sandwich board advertising seniors day - unfortunate fastener placement."

Unfortunate until you start looking at it less like a shotgun shell and more like a cyborg eye, then he's the coolest grandpa in the world.

"Saw an interesting van coming home from school."

From every angle, she's definitely watching you.

"Packed pomelos kinda look like gums and teeth."

Who needs dentures when you can pop a set of these in?

"Random find on a FB group."

Oh, the things you can find on Facebook. At least they're expressing their creativity!

"Passed by this random house in the mountains. What the hell is happening here?"

Passed by? As in you don't go there often? Then don't worry about it. Just forget you ever saw it.

"This Kermit crying black tears that my niece painted in her bedroom is really creepy to me."

Not wrong of you to think, but it could be worse. I think if she had painted his mouth too, this would be way, way more upsetting.

"Empty houses give me the chills."

Same, which is exactly why when I was left home alone as a youngster, I would leave every light on. Much to the annoyance of my mother.

'Went camping with my girlfriend. I woke up to pee and she took this photo of me."

Forget hunting Bigfoot or trying to find out if Mothman is real, just become your own cryptid!


I don't know. Don't think I want to know either.

"Toothpaste drip became eyes peeking through my floor tiles..."

Finally. something to get me to stop putting off cleaning.

"She looks like she’s going to eat my soul."

Dairy Queen, do you mind bringing down the lighting a bit? It's kind of harsh. Yes, that's the only reason, I promise.

"I found a labyrinth spider web/tunnel."

I don't even dislike spiders but being made to see anything like this just gives me the shivers.

"My girlfriend got this picture of her blind cat resting on my head while I was sleeping."

I can't decide if he's placing a curse, or acting as some sort of divine protector against evil influences.

"This thing in an abandoned gas station near my house."

It looks like a baby owl and that's not a compliment. Have you ever seen a baby owl? They're genuinely terrifying.

"Kid doesn't want to play in the park anymore, I don't blame her."

What exactly is this and who in their right mind thought it would make a good park feature?

"Benjamin Franklin mannequin in the back of an archive."

What're the odds that thing comes alive at night and wanders the halls? My bet's on very high.

"My daughter created a hellhound of hair after she gave her brother a haircut."

That definitely invited some sort of spirit into your house. If you sweep it up quickly, though, it might run away.

"This root system of my calathea plant. These root nodules mean it's very healthy, but it's unnerving to look at."

That means it's healthy? Not taken over by some alien parasite hellbent on taking over the world? Alright, if you're sure, but when that thing eats your hand, don't say I didn't warn you.

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