27 Problems That Can't Be Unseen After You Finally See Them

We've all overreacted before. Be it during an argument where we got too angry or got far too excited over something that ended up not being worth the hype.

The reactions you'll feel while looking at this list, though, are completely valid. Though they might be barely noticeable problems, there's no denying how grating they can be!

"The one smooth brick on this building."

It just has makeup on. Or maybe it got a facelift. Or it's Photoshop.

"No visual indication as to whether this top is open or closed. I’ve spilled coffee more times than I care to admit."

That's why I'll stick to doing the hipster thing of drinking my iced coffee out of mason jars. No debating whether or not it's open!

"Dead end sign at end of path."

Aw man, really? It is? I couldn't tell by the lack of sidewalk with just brush up ahead. If only someone had told me before I walked all this way!

"Good luck figuring out the rest of it."

I really thought this was for a food product at first and was absolutely baffled by this label.

Pesticide. It's a pesticide.

"This guy in a training video at my job has 2 moustaches."

He couldn't decide what style he wanted to go with so he said screw it, do both!

"I [don't] think [that's] 75%?"

If it is more than 75%, wouldn't they want to advertise that? It has to be a positive statement, right? Is this some kind of trick?

"Saw this at my local car dealer."

Why does the raised face look like a totally different person? Is this some sort of attempted Frankenstein's monster moment?

'The placement of these recessed lights."

Oof, this one's rough. Good luck to whoever lives here, I know I couldn't.

"A moment of silence for all the lost correspondence and keys."

Whatever troll lives in that sewer probably loves reading everyone's bills that they 'accidentally' lose down there.

"What is the flavor of that second cough syrup??"

If you thought you had issues getting kids to take their medicine before, it's about to be a lot harder.

"Who at the PR team forgot how to space out text in Word. I don't want your colon."

For all you know, this is a very informative magazine about digestive health. Well, for all I know. I can't read that language.

"Badly designed box on a package."

Such a simple design, foolproof almost, and still failed. This is so disappointing.

"But, how?"

Holding your hand out, whispering your wish to the universe, and hoping it hears you by delivering some sanitizer into your palm.

"They really couldn’t find a high res police emblem to put in my English book?"

Writing a textbook seems like a bore, I don't blame them for not wanting to put a ton of effort into the extra fluff.

"I get mad every time I walk past this."

If you think you get mad, imagine the homeowners. They have to live like that!

"I guess they ran out of bricks."

This one took me a while to spot, but once I did, the quick rise in angry confusion I felt truly shocked me. Why must it be like that?

"Measurements are hard."

They are hard. But they shouldn't be this hard. Not when they designed the boxset like this.

"This fire sprinkler on the ceiling of a movie theater."

Incredible how such a small detail ruins an otherwise cool as hell ceiling.

"Poorly-designed Spiderman balloon..."

"I don't see what is wrong with this balloon!"

"That's because you're a creep, Dave."

"Umm...I don't think that means what you think that means."

As publicly endorsed by Hannibal Lecter! No one knows meat better than him!

"Uhhhh... Jesus?"

All they wanted to do was get a light-switch to honor our lord and saviour...but instead they got this!

"Is it just me, or is Timothy tiger being crucified on these alphabet cards?"

Well, as the good book says, Timothy Tiger died for our sins. That's why Timothy Tiger is such a holy figure.

"Drake, where's the door?"

Either one of those walls is but a mirage, or a porch the size of one chair is a real selling feature.

"This solar-powered parking meter."

Sure, having sunlight makes solar-power a bit better, but it's not like it is essential!

"We're pet friendly, No pets allowed..."

Contradicting yourself is one of the main cornerstones of a successful business, that's just a fact!

"What now?"

If you can work out what this is meant to say then you win a prize...that prize being a headache.

"This apartment complex with one extended balcony."

And for that balcony, you can expect to pay an extra $500 for rent, buddy.

"They're the hares' feet and they're stomping, apparently..."

Someone needs to look into the person who designed these, as that has to be at least partially intentional!

"That's not the top."

Looks like no one ever told this poor guy what the word "vice" means. Still, he looks happy though, so why ruin it for him?

"My book order arrived."

What a beautifully simple way to completely ruin the aesthetic of any bookshelf!

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