'Eggcellent' Crochet Apron With Pockets Is Perfect For Anyone Who Raises Chickens

If you're a chicken owner or raiser, this is the apron for you.

Designed by Etsy shop HeartHookHome, this crocheted apron has a series of tiny pockets designed specifically to hold eggs. Trust me, you have to see it to believe it.

Two words: Egg. Apron.

How cute is this? The apron holds 19 eggs, which is perfect for those harvesting days. No more holding baskets and straining your back — this apron is going with you!

The pattern was created by Etsy shop HeartHookHome.

The side of the apron features one large pocket, which they describe as a catch-all pocket for your cell phone, notebook, or whatever your heart desires.

The pattern requires quite a bit of yarn.

If you know how to crochet, you could make yourself your own egg apron in no time! The pattern uses 725 yards of size 4 yarn, so you'll need to stock up.

You can get the pattern now!

If you want to try out making this yourself, pop over to Etsy and download this pattern for $4.00! What color would you do your apron in? I'd go for black!