20 Hilarious Ideas We Wish We’d Thought Of First

Every now and again we will see someone else's creation and think, "Damn, I wish that I had thought of that."

With this in mind, from the most fantastically and unnecessarily savage fish and chip shop name to creating an imaginary twin to blame everything bad on, here are 16+ hilarious ideas we wish we'd thought of first.

"We found him, but..."

This version of Finding Nemo really didn't have the positive ending that the original one did. Although, it's a much tastier experience.

"Saw this odd sandwich choice a while back. Who even thought that this was a good idea?"

I could maybe see this being okay if it had butter on, but no butter? That's just barbaric! What were they thinking?

"NO such thing as bad publicity."

It is always an excellent idea to turn one of your weaknesses into your greatest asset! Unless your weakness is actually just bad food, then you should probably just work on that.

"My friend was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He thought it would be funny to send this as his Christmas letter. His wife, horrified, added the sticker."

It is absolutely amazing that Norm has managed to keep his sense of humor in the face of this diagnosis! It's crucial to be able to laugh at hard times such as these.

What Topping Is This Classed As?

"Hey, so can I get a laptop toppings with a...laptop base?"

"Sir, this is a pizzeria, are you trying to buy a laptop?"

"Err, yeah."

"Maybe try PC World instead?"

"This car drove passed us. Deadass thought it's just the skin. It's cars. Tiny cars. Frickin' tiny cars."

"Hello, there's been an incident, I've crashed into another car."

"Okay, we'll send someone out immediately, is it only the two cars involved in the incident?"

"Err, sort of, there's actually over a hundred but that's beside the point..."

Meanwhile In Canada...

If you want to make a real killing in this way, put a jar in any English pub or bar and write on it, "Saying 'scuse mate can I just squeeze past there' when trying to get past someone." You'd make a killing.

That's An Interesting Take...

I suppose that how much you drink affects how much reality is warped, which is kind of like photoshop. Well, it's not, but it's certainly more fun than just using photoshop!

"Saw someone famous. IDK who he is, but he's got a lot of fans."

God, if I'd have known that it was that easy to be famous in this day and age I'd have been off to Homebase ages ago!

"In eighth grade, I didn't like my initial yearbook picture. My handwriting was terrible, so they just stuck me in the yearbook twice, as Haley and Helen. I still blame everything on Helen."

I wish that I had a mysterious twin that I could blame everything on. Then every time someone reminds me of something terribly embarrassing I did when I was drunk I could just say, "Ah, that must have been Craig. Classic Craig."

"I graduate from my master's program next Sunday so I thought this would be appropriate."

It doesn't matter what university program you are graduating from, this perfectly reflects pretty much every graduates thoughts on graduation day.

"The perfect license plate for the perfect car!"

I wish that I had gotten that license plate and started an extermination business. Although, I can't go near a spider without breaking out in a sweat so that probably wouldn't help me out much.

"I asked my mother-in-law to make this for me, she has no idea what it means."

You never know, your mother-in-law might actually be a massive Silence Of The Lambs fan! That can be a good thing or a bad thing though.

"We got this box delivered at work, someone obviously had a marker pen handy!"

Although, if I had done this then I would have at least spelt Kenobi right, not like this goober!

"$100 in singles individually wrapped for my brother."

Jesus, never mind the wrapping a hundred notes individually, who has a hundred elastic bands lying around?

"My boyfriend thought it would be funny to bring our cat into the pool. This picture is the result. Please enjoy."

Frankly, I am most floored by the fact that this cat isn't tearing all of the skin off his back! If my cat gets anywhere near water, the claws come out.

"The city wouldn't fix a large pothole in my town so a local woman took matters into her own hands."

"So, how's the pothole vendetta going?"

"Well, not great. I've now been tending to that tiny garden for the better half of a decade to no avail."

"Fiancé is a mailman and found this on his route."

I am quite worried about how much of myself I see in this now. It's just reminding me how much I really need a haircut.

"Was only planning on doing this for a few months until we returned to the office yet here we are."

I mean, just look at that face! Who else is really going to win over that adorable face? I also love that the picture for March 2020 is just him asleep in bed. Work goals.

"I've got just the thing!"

It's cheap, it's effective, and it sure looks...comfortable! Yeah, I can imagine that being a really good texture.